“You Have Some Weed?”: Felon Arrested After Texting Probation Officer In Search of Pot

1414105385489_Image_galleryImage_A_criminal_in_Georgia_is_Alvin Cross Junior is the poster child for the perils of texting. Junior was on probation for possession of cocaine when he decided that he wanted to buy some pot. However, he inexplicably texted his probation officer to ask to sell him marijuana. He is now serving an additional year for violating his probation.

The text read “You have some weed?” The answer came with a raid on his house, which yielded a bag of cocaine.

This is an example of a case with no workable angle for defense counsel.

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  1. on 1, October 27, 2014 at 11:40 amPogo Hears a Who
    Nick, I am unsure.
    It appears to wreck thinking in the young (makes them stupider, unambitious, and emotionally flat), and may also do so in adults. Possibly dementia, in the same way benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium) are thought to do.

    Especially in some folks. Pogo is soooo right.

  2. This poor man has a grim future. You can see it coming. Does he have a high school diploma? If not, he should work on it in jail and his parole should include getting it. I wish we had reform schools to guarantee the education. How can we get everyone through high school? Education is so important. We seem to be going backwards, with more and more quitting early. Close the Dept. Of Ed and leave money in the states. It’s just overhead we don’t need. Anyone getting public aid must have completed high school,or actively working on it. Why not a pay to go to school?

  3. Mr. Smith went to Washington – or was he already there? More arrests = larger Frank Rizzo force = bigger budgets, more union clout in negotiations for wages, benefits, pensions etc.

    “Hey! We just enforce the laws – theoretically all of them.. You say they’re victimless crimes, but tell that to the parents down at the Church of The Presumptuous Assumption of The Blinding Light, Amen.

    Next time you’re mugged, call a pothead”.

    Police, n. an armed force for protection and participation

  4. Pogo – please explain to me the mechanism by which Marijuana acting on endogenous cannibinoid receptors and Benzos and their ilk acting on the GABA systems create any form of Dementia or even Alzheimer’s via the same mechanisms?
    Are these linkages causational or simply correlative?

    I am not saying they can’t, this is simply a linkage I have not been aware of and am simply curious.

  5. Pogo, It’s great to have a doc among us, particularly one w/ good ol’ common sense. Thanks for the good info.

  6. I favor decriminalization.

    That said:
    “In conclusion, this prospective study found decreased white matter integrity for teens that initiated heavy alcohol and marijuana use three years after a baseline assessment. Limited findings were identified for those that initiated alcohol use only in late adolescence/early adulthood. The data suggests a deleterious effect of marijuana use on white matter health in the context of heavy alcohol use. While previous studies from our laboratory also find poorer white matter integrity in teens who report alcohol use during earlier adolescence (prior to age 17), this study finds a lesser impact of alcohol use on white matter tissue integrity for those that initiate alcohol use only at a later age (over 18 vs. prior to age 17). We also observed positive associations between increased white matter health and better neurocognitive functioning in the combined sample.

    Brain Sci. 2013, 3(1), 396-414
    White Matter Integrity Pre- and Post Marijuana and Alcohol Initiation in Adolescence

  7. And by “PotHeads” Rio I take it you mean those who are tired of having uncounted BILLIONS of our tax dollars thrown away on a useless and arbitrary “good drug/bad drug” dichotomy and so called “War on Drugs” that in the 40 plus years since its inception has done Zero to Reduce Drug Use, Zero to Reduce Demand, and Zero to Reduce Supply (DHS Statistics show only a 0.01% interdiction rate). While the war has created crime and violence on our streets, incarcerated an immensely high percentage of our population, ruined lives (including innocent lives), and worst of all destroyed and reduced personal liberties of every single American. While preventing many of those in need from seeking help.

    All while we have a perfectly functional system : Doctors/Prescription/Pharmacy for managing and allowing doctors and patients to choose the best medicines to treat them without criminalization.

    Sure – if believing after 40plus years and billions of dollars in failure we need to do something different makes me a pothead, sign me up.

    1. wrxdave “War on Drugs”…… I can’t stand it. Well said. Alchohol hurts kids brains too. It stunts their heads also. It’s a well known fact that Fetal Alchohol syndrome causes multiple birth defects……….. 🙂

    1. Wrxdave

      You might not have been aware of this but wordpress is configured to only allow two links per comment and will send those having more into moderation. If you have more than two links you would like the readership to view, it can be accomplished through the use of additional comments. Something to keep in mind for the next time.

      I have edited your comment at 3:22 to make this work for you and it is now restored.

  8. Pogo, Studies are CLEAR that young people under age 18 should not smoke cannabis. It stunts the brain during a critical growth phase. I totally agree w/ that. In a perfect world, people would get high on life. But, going back to people living in caves, their drawings show they altered their reality. As I said, virtually nothing in this world is harmless. That’s why attorneys live in mansions.

  9. Nick, I am unsure.
    It appears to wreck thinking in the young (makes them stupider, unambitious, and emotionally flat), and may also do so in adults. Possibly dementia, in the same way benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium) are thought to do.

  10. Virtually nothing is harmless. But, on the 1-10 scale cannabis is pretty low. People have always sought an escape, a way to alter their reality. Cannabis is more harmless than most ways. Certainly better than booze.

  11. “We provide evidence that regular cannabis use is associated with gray matter volume reduction in the medial temporal cortex, temporal pole, parahippocampal gyrus, insula, and orbitofrontal cortex; these regions are rich in cannabinoid CB1 receptors and functionally associated with motivational, emotional, and affective processing. Furthermore, these changes correlate with the frequency of cannabis use in the 3 months before inclusion in the study. The age of onset of drug use also influences the magnitude of these changes. Significant gray matter volume reduction could result either from heavy consumption unrelated to the age of onset or instead from recreational cannabis use initiated at an adolescent age. In contrast, the larger gray matter volume detected in the cerebellum of regular smokers without any correlation with the monthly consumption of cannabis may be related to developmental (ontogenic) processes that occur in adolescence.

    Long-Term Effects of Cannabis on Brain Structure
    Giovanni Battistella1,8, Eleonora Fornari, et al.
    Neuropsychopharmacology (2014) 39, 2041–2048

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