Poll: Support For Congressional Democrats To Record Low

220px-nancy_pelosi225px-harry_reid_official_portraitThere is an interesting poll out by the Washington Post and ABC News showing support for Democrats in Congress failing to a record low. Given the even more unpopular GOP, that is not necessarily surprising. The parties have long given up being popular and have focused on simply being less unpopular than the other party in our duopoly. However, what was particularly surprising was that some 47 percent of blacks now oppose the Democrats.

It is no love fest with either party. Democrats in Congress has an incredible 67 percent unpopularity level with voters. However, some 72 percent disapprove of the Republicans. Yet, the Democrats appear to be falling significantly at a time when they could lose both houses of Congress.

Some 50 percent of blacks approve of the Democrats but 47 percent disapprove.

While Democrats have contested reported polls showing women leaving the Democrats in droves, it is clear that women are not a lock in this election despite being the most carefully cultivated voting block by the White House for years.

This election is shaping up in very unexpected ways given the perceived movement of these groups. The fear is that Democrats would be devastated by large numbers of disaffected blacks staying home on election day.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. Didn’t unions reach the highest member ship under Ford and Nixon? Why blame Obama for failed republican ideology? Wasn’t DDE republican? I don’t understand your logic, please explain.

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