With The News, Sometimes Timing Is Everything

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

congratulations-rock-islandSometimes, timing is everything–whether it be gambling, investing, or even news publishing. Often in the latter case it is mostly automatically generated ad content that can be funny, or even inappropriate when combined with the subject of an online news story.

But a screenshot of The Wenatchee World news, a publication in Central Washington State, put the small 1.7 square mile town of Rock Island in a interesting contrast of news headlines.

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By Darren Smith


Wenatchee World: Screen Shot

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7 thoughts on “With The News, Sometimes Timing Is Everything”

  1. I get it. “Those singing appear crazy to those who can’t hear the music.” Any government crimes should be given wide publicity. Some states have stiffer criminal penalties for government officials who rob the public.

  2. Don’t see any people in common between these two items- unless you’re just suggesting all developers are thieves? Sometimes maybe, but not often enough to justify this farfetched stretch.

  3. Two opposing worlds collide on the same front page…
    … Orwellian doublethink, doubleplusgood of you Darren!


  4. I saw this inversely. the houses where already there when he was found to embezzle the money (in less than an hour) duh

  5. I know that I do not have the same sense of humor as you, but I see nothing funny in the connection that you have made.

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