New Jersey Man Killed By Falling Tape Measure At Construction Site

479px-Construction_WorkersA bizarre tragedy has struck at a construction site in New Jersey where Gary Anderson, 58, was hit and killed by a falling tape measure from 50 stories above. The one-pound tape measure came off a construction worker and hit Anderson who had just stopped to speak with another worker in a pick up truck.

The implausibility of the accident was magnified by the fact that the tape measure first dislodged from the belt of the worker and then hit construction equipment some 10 feet off the ground — only to ricochet and hit Gary Anderson.

There were so many factors in the chain of events that had to occur precisely to produce this result from a brief chat to the angle of the ricochet.

Obviously, there was negligence in the loss of the tape measure but the danger of falling objects is a long-standing danger for construction sites. Moreover, Anderson was not wearing a hard hat — a basic safety requirement at all such sites. Anderson worked for an independent trucking company delivering product for Charlotte, N.C. based National Gypsum. He was delivering sheet rock.

The absence of the hard hat would make a lawsuit difficult, though there can be recovery under worker’s compensation for the family.

Source: NJ

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  1. “Obviously, there was negligence in the loss of the tape measure….”

    You are kidding me JT right? That must be your attorney brain doing the talking.
    Not the one that lives in the real world.

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  6. Sad case; a man died. I doubt that wearing a hard hat would have saved his life. That tape measure held a lot of kinetic energy after dropping five hundred feet, even after it ricocheted off of another surface. Al parties will be sued. The manufacturer of the tape measure probably has the deepest pockets and will pay the highest price. Plaintiff’s attorneys will argue that said tape measure was negligently manufactured, as it lacked a system to hold it in place in a user’s pocket or on a user’s belt. A jury will agree. Damages will be assessed. The employer of the worker from whom the tape measure slipped away will be turned inside out by OSHA, whose biggest enterprise is the income stream derived by taking large penalties from employers.

    And the dead guy will still be dead, and his family will get but a fraction of the damages awarded by a jury.

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