Not So Fast: Obama Administration Waits Until Election Eve To Dump Over 64,000 Pages In Fast and Furious Operation

holdereric260px-capitol_building_full_viewThe Justice Department has previously been held in contempt by Congress and hit with increasingly tough court orders from a federal judge over its obstruction of efforts to secure evidence in the notorious Fast and Furious operation. Many have accused Attorney General Eric Holder of acting blatantly political in withholding documents to protect Democrats from backlash before the elections. As if to prove that view, the Justice Department waited until late on election eve to finally dump more than 64,000 pages of documents congressional lawmakers have been seeking for years. The timing was almost taunting in its impact. Guaranteeing that the content could not be viewed before people voted, the Obama Administration’s long obstruction resulted in this troubling image of a politically timed release. The Administration previously admitted that it would not discuss its plans for unilateral immigration action until after voters had gone home from the polls.

The election eve dump to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee involved 64,280 pages withheld for years by the Obama Administration.

The Justice Department has made a series of statements about the operation that proved false and Holder has been personally accused of false statements.

The document dump contains heavily redacted copies which will likely continue the fight over the right of the oversight committee to review the evidence in the operation.

Source: CNN

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  8. Read the civility rules. If you don’t understand them ask JT to explain them to you. My private offline life is none of you business.

  9. The book Saboteurs is a fascinating read. It was luck and good investigation that arrested the German saboteurs dropped odd to wreak havoc. They really weren’t very bright, or that committed really. But, FDR dealt w/ them SWIFTLY. Saboteurs must be dealt w/ forcefully and swiftly.

    1. Nick – the first one was caught by accident. The rest were either careless or narced on. I give FDR no credit in this. He was part of their execution, not of their capture.
      The British spies are more interesting. They had a choice, turn or die. Most turned and sent false info back to Germany. They were a big help in confirming Patton’s phantom army.
      Pick up Washington’s Six Spies. It is about the Culpepper Ring which discovered that Major Andre was getting info from a high ranking American officer at West Point.

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