“Release The Beast”: Monster Energy Drink Exposed As Tool Of Satan

150px-Monster_energy_drink_feature10641737-devil-mascot-profile-with-hornsI just saw this video on YouTube of how Monster energy drink is a tool of Satan. I had previously thought it was just a really lousy drink but it turns out to be much much worse. The company’s slogan “Unleash the beast” appears more than a catchy tagline.

This just shows how gullible I am. I would have thought that Satan would have chosen Red Bull as a classic graven image for its energy drink of choice.

She does not even mention that the company used to play music by the Beastie Boys (before it was sued by the band members), a clear reference to the Biblical Beast.

42 thoughts on ““Release The Beast”: Monster Energy Drink Exposed As Tool Of Satan”

  1. Squeeks – did you ever notice too many people – and I did it myself until I figured out the lay of the land – take themselves way too serious on this website? “Like unto God” or something?

  2. @happypappies

    I ate at a Golden Triangle Chinese restaurant once. IIRC it was in Dallas??? Anyway, they had these little fried triangle thingies with cream cheese or something inside.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Well, all kinds of symbolic stuff is going on. There is a great big huge giant “dick” right in the middle of Washington DC! Most people just don’t know the symbolism behind it, sooo they just call it the Washington Monument.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. Sure, mock the conspiracy theories.
    Monster’s logo has been linked to the number 666 for years.

    Have a look at some of the good satanic conspiracy videos on youtube, it should only take a few of them before you stop laughing and start wondering what on earth is really going on.

    After 9/11 and so many other instances, conspiracy theories deserve better than this.

  5. Is it that religion poisons everything, or is it that the inability to think (aka lack of common sense) poisons everything??? For example, there are people on this website who exhibit the same absurd reasoning as this woman when it comes to Trayvon Martin. They are out there reading tea leaves trying to figure out how to make George Zimmerman guilty and Trayvon innocent.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky – “Religion poisons everything” is by Mao. People on here either think everyone knows the attribution or forget to attribute.

      1. Paul C. Schulte lately I am not sure if people on here can be attributed to think or have a thinking attributes. as in – attributes that our tools address are those mental disciplines, personal attributes, dispositions or habits of mind associated with the conssitent internal motivation to engage problems and to make decisions using one’s reasoning skills 🙂

          1. Wellllll, we are at the point of double talk that I am getting confused again and sticking my foot in my mouth. Oh well, I shall have to forgive myself and write it up to the overabundance of trollish activity.

  6. When I was around 13 years old there was a widespread rumor about the Satanic meaning in the P&G logo. The church we attended immediately began a boycott of all P&G products. I went to our public library, researched it, and quickly learned it was all bullshit. As a result, I gave a presentation at the church that ended the boycott. I’m glad they listened, but it is sad that 200 adults had to be led to reason by a child.

    Looking back, I think that was the earliest moment of my enlightenment, which took another 30-plus years.

    Religion poisons everything.

    1. Charlie, you are correct. “Religion” is not such a good thing. I am glad Yeshua Messiah [aka, Jesus Christ] didn’t come to establish a new religion. The extra stuff groups & individuals add to His teachings are not needed.

      “Religious” groups forget that He only brought two commandments, not a long list of do’s & don’ts, ceremonies, modes of dress & so on. All the Savior said we must do as a follower of The Way is to love our Father in heaven & love our neighbor as our selves.


  7. Oh hell, Paul, I didn’t even notice the Disney art..and I’m pretty sure we had that video when the kids were little. Funny. And…Professor Turley..thanks for the chuckle. Your entire piece had me grinning. Darren…great remark on the markets! And there’s some pastor in NY claiming Starbucks enhances its flavor because it uses semen…. yep. He said that.

  8. Satan’s multinational corporation has been substituting communion wafers with Soylent Green. Charon’s ferry is registered in Liberia. Beelzebub’s venture capital corporation just bought coal electrical plants in China and converted acid rain into fire and brimstone.

    Until we get the corrupting influences of money out of eternal damnation, these types of abuses will continue.

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