Memphis Man Reportedly Fathered 26 Children But Reportedly Remains At Large With Child Support Violations In Multiple States

terryturnageThere continues to be a national debate over how to handle “deadbeat dads” with some questioning whether jail time is useful as a punishment for non-payment since it often makes it harder for the fathers to hold jobs. Others say that deadbeat dads are often do not take civil penalties seriously and that only jail will motivate compliance to shoulder their responsibilities. There may be no greater case study to support criminal sanctions than Terry Turnage, who has fathered 26 children by 15-20 different women, though the precise number seems difficult to confirm. He has reportedly failed to pay virtually any support to any of the women while driving expensive cars and throwing lavish parties.

Turnage supposedly works at a McDonald’s and earns $247.28 weekly. However, he is reportedly also a co-owner with one of his sons, Terry Jr., of an Arkansas nightclub called Club Envy. He lists the club as his residence address on some papers and recently threw a two-day party for his birthday. One article says that he threw a champagne party for 700 people.

1415909951210_wps_26_deadbeat_dadWhat is interesting is that women have said that they had no idea that Turnage was “famous” until they spoke with child support officials, who would probably call him “infamous.” He reportedly goes by the nickname TYB, which reportedly stands for “Take Your B*****.” One girlfriend spent almost eight years with Turnage but said that she had no idea and that her “knees buckled” when a prosecutor at family court told her that the father of her child had 20 other children two years ago.

What is particularly bizarre is that two of the women seeking child support went to the huge birthday bash for Turnage who boasted spending hundreds of dollars on champagne and other drinks. Miesha Davis was asked why she would go to such a party with the deadbeat dad she reportedly said “To have fun. Just to have a good time.”

Notably, the best chance to put Turnage in jail may have nothing to do with child support. He is facing a felony charge of making terroristic threats against a Forrest City businessman who sold him a 2005 Corvette that he said did not run. He notably gave the man $10,000 in cash while avoiding child support to two dozen women.

The case suggests that huge differences remain in the level of enforcement of child support among the states. Turnage does not appear hard to find. He is throwing lavish parties as a club that he reportedly owns and uses as a residence.


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  1. @NickS

    It ties in with the black females wanting to have a baby to get a check. It is how too many of them are brought up. Finally though, white people and conservative black people are calling them out on it.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. I’m starting to think that maybe this black/male fathering numerous children and not supporting them might be a problem.

    1. I think the women are reading that book and closing their eyes and thinking of another era while reading the Golden Stud Book that Squeaky posted on the other thread 🙂

  3. Hey leave this poor guy alone. He is getting his life together and is about to apply to college. All the girls call him the “Gentle Giant.” Dick.

  4. What a selfish git. He is a walking billboard to women to respect their bodies and use protection. Lord knows how many STDs he has, because he clearly isn’t using prophylactics.

    Irresponsible people do present a legal challenge. You can’t force him to stop having sex, and you can’t force the women he dupes into protecting themselves. Jailing him for failure to pay seems like a slippery slope to debtors prison. I wonder if there is some way to attach his earnings from the club. Maybe the IRS should investigate him, because he clearly has money. Is he reporting it?

    It boggles my mind that he found up to 20 women willing to have unprotected sex with such a womanizer. This is one of those people who would surprise no one if he contracted HIV one day. He cares so little for the children he produces that he just deposits them at Uncle Sam’s to father.

    Government makes a poor father.

    Every pastor for 500 miles around should make him the subject of their sermons. They could preach personal responsibility, while warning their female congregants of a public menace.

  5. Snip?!? What a gift! That would remove the potential for liability while allowing increased irresponsible behavior. He’s already demonstrated he won’t pay for the children he caused. He ignores the rules of your society and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s just trouble on the hoof. Now, if you cut the whole thing off . . .

  6. I know!! Send all his kids to college. THEN he will be forced to pay for their tuition. /sarcasm

    This post and the one about the little b*tch who wants to force her parent and step parent to pay for college have confirmed my suspicion that the world is upside down and we are spinning completely out of control.

    We support scum balls like this guy and his dozens of children and force the working class into bankruptcy to do it.

  7. “Miesha Davis was asked why she would go to such a party with the deadbeat dad she reportedly said “To have fun. Just to have a good time.”

    And that’s how he fathered 26 kids without taking responsibility.

    A degraded culture promoted by government support (SNAP, welfare, Medicaid, etc.).

    This despite black women accounting for 36% of US abortions (but representing 13% of the female population).

  8. I have seen a black studies theory that posits that black men cannot stay with one woman because of the history of slavery. So it is not this man’s fault, it is the fault of slavery.

  9. “…26 children by 15-20 different women…”
    Wow. Which professional sports team does he play for?

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