GWU Law Grad Selected As New Head Of State For Mongolia

391892_124917004289214_1486500588_n150px-GWUlogoIt appears our outside placement comes to excel at placement for our graduates. Last week, Chimed Saikhanbileg, a law school graduate from 2002 was named Prime Minister of Mongolia. That is going to make reunions for the Class of 2002 a bit more competitive so all you 2002 graduates get busy.

Saikhanbileg graduated with a LL.M degree. The degree was in General Law though he took a number of courses in the Government Procurement Law program.

He replaces Norov Altankhuyag, who was removed from his post on Nov. 5 due to the difficult economic times in the country, which depends heavily on foreign mining investment and commodity prices.

It was a fortunate thing that he checked off “head of state” on the CDO form in his last year otherwise he may have just been placed in the cabinet.

Source: Daily Mail

4 thoughts on “GWU Law Grad Selected As New Head Of State For Mongolia”

  1. I followed a bike tour on another site, and the photos were astounding. Went on to do some more reading on it. It would be a fantastic trip to go there.

  2. I wish him well. This past summer I spent 2 weeks on a bicycle tour in Mongolia. It was a fantastic trip and i’d gladly go back for another visit. A beautiful country, with difficult economic times. Also a fractured country as Inner Mongolia remains part of China.

  3. An attorney friend of mine is a hiker/climber. His last sojourn was in 2013 when he hiked Mongolia. He put it up there w/ Patagonia as one of his favorites. He brought back great photos. The kid photos are always my favorites. Congrats to Chimed and the faculty of GWU.

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