Can You Guess What This Woman Is Charged With?

412692_630x354This cheerful mug shot is of Denise Nagrodski, 52, of Easton, New Jersey is a bit deceiving given the charges brought against her.

If you guessed a charge of contracting for the murder of three people, you are a criminal docket savant.

Nagrodski is charged with arranging for the murder of her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, his sister and the sister’s boyfriend. She met the contract killer at the local mall. However, the killer at the Phillipsburg Mall was really an undercover police detective who accepted $500 and photos of the intended victims, according to the indictment. The killer was truly budget basement. This was the balance of a $1000 contract — that is $333.33 per hit.

With two alleged payments, Nagrodski is facing a crushing case. The entire case is quite sad. Nagrodski reportedly said that the boyfriend was abusive and caused her daughter to miscarry when she was pregnant with twins. Indeed, she is quoted as saying that she wanted the sister and her boyfriend shot twice in the forehead “for each twin.” However, since she could not supply a gun, she allegedly agreed that they could have their heads bashed in and then their home set on fire.

However, police say that her plans for the ex-boyfriend were less flexible. He was to be burned alive.

Nagrodski is now charged with three counts of first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, three counts of first-degree attempted murder, one count of second-degree conspiracy to commit aggravated arson, and one count of fourth-degree attempt to tamper with or fabricate physical evidence.

The court set the bail at $2 million.

Source: ABC

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  1. Take some time to check your geography. Easton is in Pennsylvania. The crime was committed across the Delaware river in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Neither town is all that great, though Easton apparently has a casino now. This isn’t the first time you’ve mixed up New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  2. The daughter was informed that one of the twins would be born with a chromosome deficiency..or may not survive birth. The relationship between the daughter and bf at the time was equally abusive..The crazy part is ..this all occurred over seven years ago….

  3. @Bill McWilliams ~ That’s your logic, not mine. Hire another hit man while the LEO is biding their time. . . yeah okay!

    Assuming the LEO isn’t having them watched, phone tapped or followed. That would make a dumb LEO. I know what our guys do and your logic doesn’t play.

  4. She met the contract killer at the local mall.

    I’ve often wondered how those guys playing music in the organ stores make ends meet.

  5. Msjettexas,

    If you had comprehended what I wrote, you would have understood the well-known fact that in many, if not most of the cases where someone hires a hit-man, the hitman turns out to be an undercover LEO, – and rather than arrest the person who contacts them for a contract killing, they string the person along in order to sustain a more serious charge.

    Additionaly, using your logic (sic), by not immediately putting an end to the matter, LEO run the risk that the hiring person might find someone who agrees to do the job for peanuts – and gets hired and does the killing while LEO are just biding their time, stringing the suspect along.

    THINK, Msjettexas. It might be a new experience.

  6. @Bill McWilliams ~ Cops don’t set up people looking to murder someone! What planet are you from, Ferguson?

    “people like this lovely lady” ~ Is this what you think of a would be killer is lovely?

    Cops held responsible for someone asking them to kill another person?

    If it had not been that encouraging, manipulating trickster cop, those 3 people might be dead! Your one scary guy.

  7. Most “hitpersons” are cops who are very good at setting up/entrapping people. THEY should be held responsible for encouraging, manipulating, and taking advantage of desperate people like this lovely lady.

    In a more enlightened society, these tricksters would not participate in arrest-inflating activities.

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