Can You Guess What This Woman Is Charged With?

412692_630x354This cheerful mug shot is of Denise Nagrodski, 52, of Easton, New Jersey is a bit deceiving given the charges brought against her.

If you guessed a charge of contracting for the murder of three people, you are a criminal docket savant.

Nagrodski is charged with arranging for the murder of her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, his sister and the sister’s boyfriend. She met the contract killer at the local mall. However, the killer at the Phillipsburg Mall was really an undercover police detective who accepted $500 and photos of the intended victims, according to the indictment. The killer was truly budget basement. This was the balance of a $1000 contract — that is $333.33 per hit.

With two alleged payments, Nagrodski is facing a crushing case. The entire case is quite sad. Nagrodski reportedly said that the boyfriend was abusive and caused her daughter to miscarry when she was pregnant with twins. Indeed, she is quoted as saying that she wanted the sister and her boyfriend shot twice in the forehead “for each twin.” However, since she could not supply a gun, she allegedly agreed that they could have their heads bashed in and then their home set on fire.

However, police say that her plans for the ex-boyfriend were less flexible. He was to be burned alive.

Nagrodski is now charged with three counts of first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, three counts of first-degree attempted murder, one count of second-degree conspiracy to commit aggravated arson, and one count of fourth-degree attempt to tamper with or fabricate physical evidence.

The court set the bail at $2 million.

Source: ABC

34 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Woman Is Charged With?”

  1. She would’ve been better off to pay the three of them a two hundred dollars each and buy each a ticket to Ferguson last Monday. Death by riot!

  2. My guess would have been the ironic one, that she shoplifted a bunch of makeup. Well anyway, this person deserves an Irish Poem!

    Po Po Polacktic???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    A New Jersey mom named Denise,
    Tried to hire a clean hit in caprice.
    Sooo, who did she call?
    But some guy at the mall—
    Who, naturlich, worked for the police!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. issac – I think a crime of passion does not allow for hunting down a hit man for three.

  3. There’s a TV show called Snapped about women who murder, usually their husband/lover.

    But they never really “snapped,” rather, they seem bent along those lines to begin with, then decide to cross line after line, until murder doesn’t seem at all wrong.

    So I’m betting there’s the usual litany of a bad life leading up to this.

  4. $333 is all a life was worth to her. Wanting to protect her daughter does not hold water with me, because she wanted to punish him by also killing his sister and her boyfriend. There is no excuse on Earth that excuses the deliberate killing of innocent people. It would have been real simple to pick up the phone and call the police about physical abuse, since she was clearly motivated to do something about it.

    I’ve expanded my lists of things to be thankful for. I am thankful she’s in jail and will hopefully never get out. Well, unless this happened in CA.

    Thank God it was an undercover cop she approached.

  5. We celebrate the violent dismemberment and decapitation of preborn children in this country every day. The father was simply exercising his reproductive freedom to abort his preborn children. Why is this woman upset?

  6. The sad part is probably that the boyfriend was abusive and got away with it, she was taking maters in her own hands. Wrong way to do it but think of her frustration at how her daughter was treated and the abuser walks away with no charges or punishment.

    1. Nick – if you watch the movies their are hit women. Although they don’t seem to appear in real life a lot.

  7. Black widows usually go for the $ million dollar life insurance policy pay out. 10% of that should have been included in the contract.

  8. How does this take place anyway?

    Craig’s list?
    Did she put posters up on telephone poles?
    Did she go to bars and ask strangers to murder her sister?
    Put fliers on windshields after the high school basketball game?

    And how do the cops become involved?
    Do they advertise online as ‘wet work’?
    Have car signs that say ‘murder for hire, cheap’?
    Go up to random people at bars?

    How do the twain meet?
    Hell, it took me two months to find a carpenter for a $20k job.

    1. Pogo – I have contacts from a former job but I have no idea where I would start if I were a novice looking for a hitman/arsonist. Especially one that would work so cheap. Damn the economy is worse than we thought.

  9. Growing up in a Polish neighborhood, it’s “ski.” the “sky” suffix is Russian. I have a million Polish jokes but in deference to JT on Thanksgiving I will defer.

  10. Wow. She got bail?
    I have seen so many non-violent drug defendants simply denied bail altogether.
    Priorities count you know in our court system.

  11. I forget. Is the last name ending with “ski” Polish or Russian? One is ski and the other sky. This one skyeed out of the sky.

  12. I could have hooked her up with some former students who would have done it for less.

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