Town Mistakingly Posts Signs Threatening $250 Fines For Uncollected Poop And Then Told That The Fine Is Only $25 . . . So Town Moves To Change Law To Fit The Signs

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.31.46 AMGiven the pig poop story this morning, we might as well continue the scatilogical theme. The Town of North Hempstead has made a rather interesting decision that seems to confirm the view of many that some laws are solutions in search of a problem. The government put up new signs around the town threatening $250 fines for dog waste violations, but received complaints that the law actually sets the fine at $25. A typo had increased the fine 10 fold. No problem, the town said, we will change the law to match the signs.

Town officials said it would be cheaper to raise the fine than replace the erroneous signs.

The town board is holding a public hearing on the matter Dec. 9.

Notably, the signs chastise citizens that all of this “IS REQUIRED BY LAW” but it appears that is now meant to be expressed in the future tense in Hempstead’s new approach of posting and then passing laws.

Source: CBS

60 thoughts on “Town Mistakingly Posts Signs Threatening $250 Fines For Uncollected Poop And Then Told That The Fine Is Only $25 . . . So Town Moves To Change Law To Fit The Signs”

  1. Some additional reporting and information would be enlightening… Things like:

    Who “designed” the sign?
    Who “proofed” the sign?
    Who “approved” the sign?

    Given this is a government sign, these are likely three different people. At least one of them, and possibly all three… messed up. And if they didn’t, the sign shop did:

    Was the sign order processed correctly?
    Was it sent back to the town for final approval?
    Was it fabricated per specifications sent by North Hempstead?

    This is a small microcosm aptly demonstrating two things at the same time…

    Government incompetence and a lack of governmental accountability.

    Next week we’ll read a story about the city council setting up a “Sign Committee” at taxpayer expense to properly study the issue.

    1. USN 420 – I was thinking they could save money by firing those responsible for proofing the signs. That would probably be enough to print new signs.

  2. Those that were Grubered were the ones supporting the ACA. Like that pig toting nut job (we all know the type). Not all Americans are disengaged or stupid. Some are paying attention AND are stupid. People like Pelosi and the morons that keep her in office.

  3. “Town officials said it would be cheaper to raise the fine than replace the erroneous signs.”

    That should never be the basis of a law, but rather protecting or serving the public.

    I don’t want to be the one to tell an elderly lady that she has to pay $250 because her Shitzu went potty and she forgot a bag. It’s annoying when people don’t clean up after their dogs, but $250 is unreasonable.

    This is another example of when a regulation went awry with the best of intentions.

  4. If the community doesn’t show up to protest or make their wishes clear, the town council can do whatever they want.

    I used to sit on a Board of Directors for a Water and Sewer District. When it came time to raise rates and assessments, as they hadn’t been adjusted in many years, we sent out notices to the rate payers, to the property owners. Sent out studies as per Prop 218 in California. Notices in the papers. Notices at the post offices and community bulletin boards. Did everything short of setting our hair on fire and running through town naked to get people to pay attention.

    The process to raise rates in a public utility in California is very strict. The people can show up the the many pre-meetings for public input and to view the presentation from the engineering firm. To see the detailed data and analysis justifying the rate changes. They can vote to say no to the rates either via absentee ballot or in person at the final meeting. Given enough “NO” votes, we can’t proceed.

    The public just sat there with their thumbs up their posteriors. Didn’t show up for any meetings. Didn’t respond to any of the fliers or the ballots included in their monthly bills. Crickets. SO …..absent any negative input, we raised the rates. The screaming and moaning was incredible. How DARE we raise rates and how DARE we sneak around behind their backs. /facepalm.

    If they don’t care in THIS town then the council will act. Too bad. Too sad. You get the government you deserve.

    BTW: I have to agree with Gruber. The American people are dumber than a giant bag of hammers when it comes to anything economic and a bunch of lazy unengaged twits when it comes to politics.

  5. DBQ,
    The $25 fine has been the law since 1994. Unless the community elected the town council to make this change, I doubt they will be motivated to change the law to match the signs.

  6. Interesting that the sign depicts an obedient owner collecting only “air biscuits” instead of the offending potential coprolite.

  7. DBQ, If I lived there, I might organize dog owners. I would have them all collect poop from their dogs, and other non responsible dog owners, and present all the bags as evidence @ the hearing. That would be a way to get the govt. attention.

  8. So, this is not a done deal then. Since the town council is going to discuss it on December 9th and decide whether to change the law and raise the fine or change the signs to conform with existing law.

    This would be a good opportunity for the people in the town to show up in mass and express their opinion and sway their town council. Of course the people probably won’t and the law will be changed.

    You get the government you deserve. When you don’t bother to show up, vote or participate, you don’t have a right to complain. That won’t stop people from complaining though.

    1. DBQ – you would be surprised what can rose a town to action. A little political overreach like this can get them out of their homes.

  9. Expected the replies would attack the messenger, but not dispute the point? Thus, appreciate the agreement on the comparison. Would have hoped one might post the differences of the modern day Koch funded Tea party from the Koch funded John Birch society.

    1. Bill W – do you have a problem with the First Amendment or just where conservatives use the First Amendment. I do not see you taking pot-shots at Soros and his many organizations, which fund various blogs, etc.

  10. Wow Bill, well done! It’s that kind of incendiary rhetoric that motivates rational people to give conservatism another chance. Thank you. đŸ˜€

  11. ROFL! The reason there is a Tea Party is that the John Birchers needed to rebrand their greedy, racist, fundie, anti equal rights, etc…… intolerant policies. And as George Bush said, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on”

  12. Why waste time and money on hearings and meetings and votes? Emperor Obama can simply change the law.

  13. Of course breaking out a can of green paint to cover over one character on the sign was too expensive to consider and too outside the box to imagine.

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