Florida Man Allegedly Fakes Heart Attack To Allow Second Man To Steal Barbie Items

bildeMeet Genard Trey Dupree, 27, and Tarus Bernard Scott, 30. These two men are accused of not just stealing almost $400 worth of items from a Wal-Mart in Lake Wales, Florida but using a fake heart attack to distract customers. I am not sure what is more depressing, these two thieves preying on decent people who want to help a stricken man or the fact that very few people actually stopped in the video below. The men stole a motorized Barbie Power Wheels, a Barbie vacation house, and a LeapFrog tablet

The video below shows the men walking around the store putting toys into a shopping cart. Dupree then approaches the door and feigns a heart attack in grabbing his chest. One man shows concern while half a dozen people just walk by. Scott then slips out and Dupree recovers and walks out. They both then leave in a silver SUV.

Dupree’s probation officer quickly identified him. Dupree has 24 prior arrests since 1998-starting when he was 11. He is the definition of a habitual felon. So is Scott. He has eight arrests on his record and was just released in 2013 from Everglades Correctional Institution after serving a 10-year state prison sentence on armed robbery charges. Dupree was on probation for theft when he was arrested in this caper. Reports include this line “The Sheriff’s Office said neither man was cooperative.” Given the evidence, I imagine not.

Of course, they could use the Barbie defense: “Forgiveness lets you fly.” It is worth a try.

Source: The Ledger

14 thoughts on “Florida Man Allegedly Fakes Heart Attack To Allow Second Man To Steal Barbie Items”

  1. Don’t worry, honey … Daddy might not have a job, is not even able to find one with being a habitual felon, doesn’t even have a decent haircut BUT I’ll get you just what you’re asking Santa for …

  2. Get ready to blow a gasket, but it seems a lot of black people do these things. Is this the “looting” gets what I can’t buy myself? They seem clever, put that into a job and use your brains for positive things.

  3. What is the nature of the hairdo on the guy on the right? Is that some sort of pavlovian defense? I showed the article and photo to the human rights lawyers here in Den Haag and they say there must be something to the hairdo and quantum merit. Maybe they are spoofing me.

  4. This surely won’t bode well when they return to prison. Being arrested for shoplifting a Barbie Doll doesn’t help their street cred any.

  5. JAG, I was a Vista volunteer right out of college. My job was working @ a Federal Prison halfway house helping recently released inmates get jobs. You would be surprised how many employers are willing to give ex cons jobs. They range from mom and pop businesses to large corporations. What too often happens is the employer gets burned and then they will never hire an ex con again. But, what reinforced my belief that people are basically good were the employers who would continue hiring after getting burned. I would be very straight w/ them. This guy has drug/alcohol problems. This guy is a thief by trade. This guy is a rapist. And, I really drilled into the ex that they needed to be forthcoming as well. I encouraged to the employer to be straight and honest. There was/is no room for niceties, euphemisms, etc.

    So JAG, I have a different perspective than most. But, to answer your question. If the guy had a daughter @ the age for Barbie, and stole JUST Barbie stuff, and if he didn’t have any money in his wallet. Well, I would not be OK w/ it. There is the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, etc. But, I might make him pay for it on time, or work it off. I would not let him walk. Stealing is wrong. I don’t have an ounce of rationalization in me. Some people here are obese rationalization wise.

  6. These dudes are smart, like super computer alien cyborg smart. Everyone feel sorry for their bad genes all at once.

  7. Nick… That is entirely possible….

    If you found out it was for his daughter, how would
    you feel??

    Part of the problem is that once somebody is out of prison and served
    their time, they have to disclose this on a resume…

    How many people are going to hire an Ex-Con?

    The USA has to get better about rehabilitating and
    has to do something about having to put this on a Resume…

    How can they start their lives over, if they can’t get a decent job???

  8. Look, this is good stuff. If you saw it in a movie with the Waylan brothers, you would laugh and call it talent. These guys are OK. It was Walmart, not a mom and pop toy store. Compare these guys to the clowns in Washington and Wall Street.

  9. JAG, If they are stealing $400 worth of stuff, it’s most likely it’s to sell for drugs, not for their kids. Combine the dollar amount, w/ their prior record, and I say 85% chance this was theft for profit.

  10. It could be that fake heart attacks are very common in this area. 😉 Do you think they steal to spec? My wife collects Barbies and has a few holes in her collections that she would like filled.

  11. Why don’t we have video cameras on the bankers and politicians who steal and pretend on a much larger scale ?

  12. That is pretty sad that people just walked on by, not even paying attention ….

    OK… I would be more inclined to hate on these guys if they were
    stealing adult items….
    Of course I am NOT excusing this at all….
    there is NO excuse….

    But… I do find it very sad that this man felt he had to go to such lengths
    just to get a child some nice Christmas gifts…

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