Mexican Psychologist Accused Of Killing and Dismembering Husband and Then Faking Mental Illiness

Mexico Killer WifeMexico is fixated on an extraordinary murder case involving psychologist María Alejandra Lafuente Caso, 40. Lafuente Caso is accused of drugging, murdering, and chopping up the body of her husband Allan Carrera Cuellar, 41. She has claimed spousal abuse as a defense.

The actual facts of the case undermine a claim of a spontaneous act of self-defense or even a delayed response as an abuse spouse. Police say that not only did Lafuente Caso cut up her husband with a chain saw but then distributed his body parts around Mexico City, including his head which was found by children in a park. She then allegedly sent text messages from his phone to pretend that he was still alive. She then pretending to be a grieving widow.

When accused, she claimed to be an abuse spouse. Police say that she then tried to claim mental illness. Given the elaborate measures taken in the murder and its aftermath, both defenses would be difficult to establish. The mental illness defense was particularly interesting since she is a trained psychologist familiar with the protocols and conditions for such illness. Yet, another doctor concluded that she was faking the symptoms and responses.

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  1. Not real. They look like balloons.many woman with large breasts can see what the differences are. Skin is way too tight. Chopping him up and spreading him all over seems a great deal of work. It wouldn’t be my choice. Since I’m happy with the man I ‘m married to it doesn’t matter if there’s a better way.

  2. Wise up people. Domestic abuse and endangerment by females against males is more prevalent ignored and overlooked than folks care to recognize or culturally accept. At 45 I was told by officers after three injunction denials, two life endangering assaults and being in hiding and repeatedly stalked for more than a year, “Gee you’re a 45 year old guy (with a clean history), it seems ridiculous to me that you would be afraid of an almost 60 year old woman (out on bond on 1st degree felony charges). Case in point- a great part of succumbing to a dangerous abusive relation ship is ever gradually escalating psychological manipulation. This woman IS a shrink. Knowledge of strategic button pushing and ruthless coersion and manipulation could be built in to that degree. WHAT was his profession? I’d like to know that. Like mine she may be a true sociopath who not getting her way may attack, then intentionally do self harm and say “call the police you worthless fxxk I’ll say it was self defense that you did this to me and have you thrown in the slam”! Yeah- for real! And when cops respond to proof of stalking a year later with “do you have an injunction? This seems silly.” Hell yes as someone with no prior a and a passive nature I was terrified and had no faith in the system for protection. Since leaving I’ve been proven right time and again. My point is we need to increase awareness that a large percentage of domestic abuse is female to male. It’s like a secret shame. It’s discounted, disbelieved and distorted often into the reverse by the abusers. I am not discounting violence against women which is equally wrong, simply pointing out that it is not equally assessed, evaluated or responded to. Consider this on the blurbs that state she was abused rather than allegedly abused or simply claimed abuse because I’ve noticed many bits doing that which define her as a victim and worthy of sympathy- when in fact most facts point to a manipulation to evade justice. It’s time folks were more aware and take the time to recognize that these types of scenarios can be anyone. Anyone can be an aggressor. Anyone can be a victim. Gender is NOT a factor in this.

    1. Survivor – almost every woman out there has been an abuser but refuses to acknowledge it. If they didn’t abuse physically, they abused emotionally or psychologically. It is in the nature of the beast.

      1. Paul:

        It’s funny, ’cause it’s true.
        There are certain innate stops built-in to men (because we can kill with our bare hands) that women lack.
        When women are given complete power over people who cannot fight back, the rate of abuse (and murder) is much greater than with men caring for other people.

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    Chuck Stanley … I also run back up only periodically…I do not use the real time features available. I’ve considered your other method of cross backing the PC’s in this house…mine and the better half’s. I’m leery of tinkering with hers too much because the worst day of any life is the day her PC takes a dump. Been there, done that…even with her RAID Array 1 it can be troublesome. She works from home periodically and on weekends. That said….I may try it sooner than later.

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  5. Beldar, it means some strange human males will try to use her breasts to hang their guns from. It’s a strange mating ritual here on Earth.

  6. I take it from the photo and the conversations above that the woman depicted in the photo killed some human with a chainsaw. Is that the jist of the story? I showed the photo and the story to some international lawyers here in Den Haag and they each said “nice rack”. One was English and the other Dutch. What do they mean by that here on Planet Earth?

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    Thanks Darren and Chuck Stanley for your help and suggestions vis a vis the slow loads ( I will re-try some of them) and CryptoWall.

    1. Aridog,
      AFAIK, there is no decryption publicly available for any of the Cryptolocker variants. The latest iterations are far more sophisticated than the first ones I wrote about on this blog some time back. My personal method for protection is multilayer. I run a 1 terabyte external drive that only backs up periodically, not constantly. Second, I have a second, separate computer at a different location, and all the important files are periodically cross-backed between the two. That other computer is also running a large external drive that only backs up periodically. Back in the old days of tape backup at the office, we had two tapes, labeled #1 and #2. They were used alternately on odd and even numbered days, consistent with the label number. If we had a computer crash, the most we could lose was one day’s work. Those things took forever, so we shut down all computer operations an hour before we closed for the day so the files could be backed up.

  8. Obviously, I am procrastinating on the off chance there really is something out there that I have missed. Conflicting opinions don’t help me much…as I said, because paranoia.

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