Logan’s Run: Boston Man Falls Through Ceiling Of Women’s Airport Restroom and Then Allegedly Goes on Rampage

Naked-Man-arrestedCameron Shenk, 26, presents what can only be described as a tough defense case. A woman was in a bathroom stall in Terminal C of the Logan Airport in Boston when Shenk reportedly fell through the ceiling naked. It went from bad to worse from that point on.

Shenk allegedly was bleeding from cuts to his head and body when he ran from the bathroom naked and assaulted and seriously injured an 84-year-old man. He then allegedly resisted arrest and injured a police officer.

The current list of charges is pretty daunting: attempted murder, mayhem, assault and battery on a person over 60, assault and battery on a police officer, lewd and lascivious act, and malicious destruction of property over $250. It is clear that the police want Shenk in jail for a very very long time though the attempted murder charge is not fully explained in most articles. However, there is an account that he bite the old man on the ear and tried to strangle him with his cane.

Shenk is a student at Harvard University Extension School, which is independent of Harvard College.

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  1. Aridog: In the last sentence, the blog hastens to point out that the Harvard this individual attended was independent of the prestigious Harvard College. Haha why would that matter? He would be just as predisposed to commit crimes no matter which institution he attended. It would just be at a much larger level if he went to Harvard College.

  2. DBQ…we had a great horse with one quirk, otherwise he was well behaved. That quirk was to “squish you against the stall” if you had the audacity to use his stall to take a pee (a common practice in horse barns)…he was fussy about his stall…only pooped or peed in one corner…which made mucking it out very easy. Never a bite, he’d just lean on you with his shoulder. Good horse. Who knew they could also be fussy housekeepers?

  3. @ Karen

    “If a horse means it when he bites, you’ll know. That’s why you’ve got to be a benevolent leader, but you’d better maintain your alpha status. ”

    No kidding!

    My grandfather was a veterinarian and served in WWI Army as a large animal vet in charge of the horses that were used in WWI. It was horrible, the conditions and slaughter of the animals. Later he went to Mexico in the 40’s to help with the hoof and mouth disease rampant at that time. (very interesting stories about this time!) This is how my father’s family and younger siblings lived in and became legal residents of Mexico from the 40’s through the 70’s. They loved the country and lived and went to school and college.

    My Uncle (his son) served in the Air Force (Lt.Col) and was also a large animal veterinarian. Was in Europe at the end of WWII and shortly after in charge of inspecting the live animals (cattle and others) that were being bought for slaughter for the Air Force…..as well as taking care of other Air Force animals, horses and dogs (I think)

    After his retirement from the Air Force and moving to San Antonio, he opened up a small animal veterinary practice and said he never ever wanted to be near another horse. That some were just evil and took great delight in squishing you against the stalls or trying to step on you. Probably getting revenge for being mistreated. Little dogs and cats can only nip and scratch.

    Horses can be wonderful or horrible! And you are correct. You need to be the benevolent leader.

  4. Haha the elitism of the last sentence and all of the associated comments are hysterical.

  5. rsm…you may have a valid point there. Now about cold blooded critters, like what kinds do you mean?

  6. Aridog – so true about horse bites.

    Most “bites” are really hard pinches. If all you have is an ugly bruise, the horse was trying to “discipline” you or get over your head in the pecking order.

    I’ve known of a farrier who had his biceps muscle ripped off the bone by a stallion. My equine dentist was severely injured when he tried to rescue a woman green to horses who inexplicably bought a stallion for her first horse. He had grabbed her by the ponytail and was swinging her around, 360 degrees, until her scalp ripped off. He got in front of the horse when he went after her again, and the next thing he knew, it was 3 days later and he was in his truck, covered in blood, in another state with no memory of how he’d gotten there. The horse had stomped on his head.

    If a horse means it when he bites, you’ll know. That’s why you’ve got to be a benevolent leader, but you’d better maintain your alpha status.

    And I HATE to see anyone at a barn in tennis shoes or sandals. I literally cringe. One of the moms was washing her daughter’s warmblood for a show, in tennis, when he moved over slightly and stepped right on the edge of her foot. When she took her sock off, her big toe was still in the sock.

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