Nerdvana: Video Shows You How To Make Your Own “Sting” To Glow When There Is An Unsecured WiFi Signal Near

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 8.49.36 AMI just saw the new Hobbit movie with the kids in Chicago (which I liked) and was immediately intrigued by this story: a YouTube video on how to make your own ultimate nerdy “Sting.” Rather than detecting Orcs, this Sting detects unsecured WiFi. For the Hobbit nerd, it promises an elevation to nerdom that few single, middle-aged Hobbit wannabes still living with their parents in the basement could hope to achieve. I cannot say that the new sword will make you an Elf “chick-magnet” at the next Hobbit convention but it will get those other Hobbits pulling pens out of their pocket protectors to write down your every Bilboesque instruction.

The video below is actually fascinating and promises to not only detect unsecured WiFi but Sting will jump on the network, and publish a message: “{YOUR WI-FI NETWORK} has been vanquished!” (By the way, Sting would not be necessary if our government were to do what most enlightened countries have been on maintain a free WiFi resource rather than yield to lobbyists in this area. However, it is the ultimate victory against the scourge that is hotel WiFi charges or blocking).

The video below states that you need two things: a toy Sting, and a Spark Core . . . and of course no life.

Source: Reddit and Spark

11 thoughts on “Nerdvana: Video Shows You How To Make Your Own “Sting” To Glow When There Is An Unsecured WiFi Signal Near”

  1. Is this for when you are not at home but in a public place that has free WiFi?

    Do we need Sting for our own internet connection at our homes?

    Sting does sound worth looking into. It’s a very sad & sick day when We The People have to protect ourselves from our own government…


  2. BarkingDog …. I am new to “smart phones.” I’ve resisted them for years, but what the US Army could not entice/force me to do, my kid finally wore me out on it. I never intend to put anything on it, not email, not spurious downloads, nothing that it did not already come with out of the box, and half of those items I’ve “squished” in to a folder, of stuff I don’t need, but don’t know how to remove yet, as iPhone allows you to do. Telephone, texts, and voice mail, topical browser& maps as provided out of the box is all I will use.

    As for how “smart” the iPhone is? They seem to change their minds about what settings you select…and change them for you. Not to mention what once took one “click” now takes 3 to 5 to get the same result. Only text is an improvement. Day before yesterday my iPhone was on “Do Not Disturb” for the entire day…and I did not make the change, which I know how to do for going in to hospitals and such. I discovered it by accident when getting ready to do just that…”smart”, no, “uppity” yes.

  3. I should add that the wi-fi and WWAN connection software I use (not the Microsoft version, but Verizon’s) does the same thing as well…even when you are not connected to a secured Verizon hot spot (JetPack).

  4. Interesting. I will look in to it further. For one, I n-e-v-e-r utilize public wi-fi, rather I use a secured hot spot device when necessary. The guy I am trying to recover ghost traces of his photos used public wi-fi in eastern Europe and got hit by CryptoWall-2….a trojan/virus there is no “cure” for as of now. Even back up drives are no solution if plugged in to your system and registered as a letter designated drive. So far the A/V I use acts as the stinger for me.

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