When In Rome . . . : Almost 84 Percent Of Roman Police Skip Work On New Year’s Eve

300px-Sack_of_Rome_by_the_Visigoths_on_24_August_410_by_JN_Sylvestre_1890It appears that when in Rome, you should do as the Romans do on New Year’s Eve. For Roman police, that means calling in sick. The problem is that this year, the police left the city virtually undefended. Some 83.5 percent of Rome’s police scheduled to work on New Year’s Eve called in sick. Not since the sack of Rome in 410 by the Visigoths have the walls of Rome been so sparsely defended.

With 600,000 in the streets of Rome to celebrate the New Year, there was nary a cop to be seen. There were supposed to be 1000 municipal officers but 835 failed to show up. The Italian authorities are not investigating and even threatening disciplinary action.

Rome’s Mayor Ignazio Marino used Facebook that the officers’ actions intentionally tried to “ruin” the New Year celebrations.

220px-Carb1875The accusation has obvious parallels to New York. In Rome, the police have been at odds over salaries and working conditions. In New York, police are opposed to Mayor de Blasio for what they view as his support to protesters against police (that reached a flash point in the killing of two officers). Not only has the opposition to de Blasio led to police turning their backs on the Mayor during the two funerals but arrests plummeted some 66 percent in the aftermath.

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  1. Yesterday and today my information was blank and I had to fill it in. Is this a problem for anyone else? Who should I notify if this keeps happening? They send me the e-mail then claim I’m unknown.

  2. I’ve been told to avoid Alabama on a car tour of the country. If it’s an upscale car ((what is Alabama’s opinion?) you’ll get stopped for something. Don’t argue. Even to ask for a lawyer when asked to get out of the car. Actually, I think I’d ask for a lawyer anywhere if police asked me to get out of the car. Due to so much bad behavior by people and little support for the police, I think they start out angry.

  3. When in Roma, do as the Romas. But not the Gypsies. If you know what I mean jellybean.

  4. Is this like The Purge?

    This is why Reagan enacted a law (if I recall correctly) making it illegal for public service workers like police and fire to strike. Strikes cannot endanger public safety.

    Paul – that’s nonsense. The carabinieri don’t do nothing. They flirt with girls. Sometimes they escort those girls to their hostel when the “all night discoteque” turns out to close after all, and all the taxis have gone home, and coffee shops have all closed, and then wait with them on a freezing hillside with a team of female Swedish volleyball players until it unlocks its doors at dawn, acting like perfect gentlemen.

    I’m just saying . . . hypothetically.

  5. Careful Jonathan the porn police would give you 20 years for public displaying nude art that pre-date all porn laws. But then again there is no such thing as EX POST FACTO anymore in American Courts. Look at all the art destroyed because of nudity and display of pubic regions of the human body.
    “Burn them and let’s rid us of their firth.” Sounds like a jealous person who has no talent to appreciate the art world or their own body.
    At one time the Alabama public libraries had tons of art. Today it is all destroyed. Millions of dollars in art that one person deemed immoral.
    Here is a fact of law that no one will acknowledge. Because of the vagueness of the law any nude picture or even being a nudist is a Felony in Alabama.
    If a kid decides to take their clothes off and run around naked then that parent takes an innocent picture. Without knowing it that parent committed a Felony with a sentence of ten years minimum. Vagueness of the law citing pubic or breast nudity. Even if no picture was taken it is punishable up to one year as a misdemeanor. And her is the kicker. Sex Offender for the rest of your life.
    Look at what happen to this 15 year old. http://www.ryot.org/15-year-old-facing-sex-offender-status-streaking-commits-suicide/414417
    World wide attention was given to this case and Alabama still claim they did what the law said to do in this case.
    Twice a year. There are 100s of Hell week college boys who could face the same sex offender status and yet Alabama says it is a law to protect the public.
    The Olympics were held in the nude in the beginning. The first sport streakers would now be classified as sex offenders. The new law is EX POST FACTO to a tradition to celebrate the beauty of the human form and it ability to preform tasks of athletics. So why was he murdered by a law?

  6. Neither city was worse for it. It is the very revenue raising harassment regs that are causing all the resentment towards the police. Kill a man for loosies?

    I blame the politicians using the police as a source of revenue.

  7. If you watch the movie The Great Beauty, they don’t do anything anyway, so there was no loss.

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