Can You Guess What John Balmer Was Arrested For?

ByZihXKIf you said drugs, you are correct. John Balmer, 50, was arrested and charged with possession of meth at the Kmart in Hudson, Florida. The arresting officer clearly felt the need to snap a picture at the scene wearing his notably tee-shirt with its admission against interest (“Who Needs Drugs? No seriously, I have drugs”).

He did indeed have drugs and he was not any more subtle in his mannerism than his attire. When a deputy sheriff walked in, the deputy allegedly saw Balmer try to hand a “bag of green leafy substance” to the person behind him. Unsuccessful, he walked to the cash register and put the bag on the ground. When another deputy approached, store workers pointed out the bag. It contained both marijuana and methamphetamine.

Notably, he reportedly declined to give a statement to the police (well any more of a statement).

9 thoughts on “Can You Guess What John Balmer Was Arrested For?”

    1. Trooperyork – I was thinking that, but was not going to say it. Thanks for doing it for me. 🙂

  1. Think less, stupid more.

    Arresting guys such as this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  2. For newcomers w/ no sense of humor, JT has a great one. Most of us love these kind of lighthearted posts. You need to lighten up. Life’s too short and serendipitous to be serious all the time.

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