Florida Couple Booked For Shoplifting But Never Tells Police About Kids Locked In Car . . . For Seven Hours

walmartparentsTosheba Hope, 30, and Gerald Moultrie, 24, were arrested outside of a Walmart in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida for walk out of the retailer with $660 worth of tools and automotive accessories. Nothing unique there. Shoplifting is a continual problem for retailers. What makes this case notable is that the police took the couple away and they never mentioned that they had left their three children in a locked car in the parking lot. Indeed, for seven hours in lock up, police say that the parents said nothing about the kids. It was reportedly Walmart workers who spotted the unharmed but highly distressed kids in the car.

Moultrie is the father of the youngest of Hope’s children (ages two, five, and seven).

The children were not discovered under 2 am. They have been turned over to child welfare and the couple is now not only facing felony theft charges but likely child neglect charges. What is interesting is that these shoplifting charges can be treated lightly in some jurisdictions, but with the child neglect charges prosecutors are less likely to be lenient. An act of neglect that occurs in the course of a crime would seem an impossible barrier to regaining custody of these children. Adding to the usual character of the case is the statement of Hope to the judge at her arraignment that she is “probably pregnant” with her fourth child.

Source: Smoking Gun

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  1. We get these kind of people because of our stupid education system. Kids don’t graduate from HS and then co-parent four children. All children need a basic education. A lot can’t read, and that is essential. They aren’t taught the times tables like we were (I know that because my husband volunteered to help middle school children with math trouble and was shocked. They had them taking Algebra and the kids couldn’t multiply or divide!)

    I know of families that children couldn’t read but graduated from high school. Is that what Common Core is fixing? Those three kids now in Child Protective Services (a joke) are lost. Nobody is going to love them. That’s the worst part. How about getting that family back together and use the incredible amount of money wasted in foster care. Have a weekly visit, unscheduled, help them finish the education we didn’t give them, help them get jobs. There are going to be four children in a terrible system someone came up with and they will have a rotten life. Leaving them in the car was stupid, but don’t punish the kids for it. Don’t hurry up and break a family apart because they did something stupid, the children didn’t. And those kids will tell themselves for the rest of their lives it was their fault because they didn’t stay quiet.

    Those children love their parents and their parents love them. Children need that kind of love. Sterilize the parents. Sure I’m angry at the parents, but I know they didn’t get an education they should have. Ask a church to watch over them. Foster care is hell. Don’t do it to these kids!

    Help them not be idiots, as Issac said. There are potential six lives here. Find families of the parents to help. Grandmothers are incredible. But everyone needs help.

    1. @Sandy Hemming – I was told by someone who was in education in Kansas for 20 years that this is a cycle because they put all of the kids together to test them and because the Obama is in right now, we have the
      Common Core Math, In which they ask you questions like “If you roll a random cube and get a 2 what is the probability of that?” The answer is supposed to be likely or unlikely in Liberaleese and then if you are helping your Friend’s Grandchild out there as I was, you finally figure out the random cube is a dice (di)

      So, since Math is regressive right now, I have been told that the colleges will start complaining – (After the Obama is gone) and they will once again raise the standards. The reason I figure this is because he would not come right out and say it because it is not politically correct and we were not in a place where you could speak freely.

  2. When I was in my other life, I noticed 2 black children in the summer locked in a car with the windows up and there was and employment agency down there. They were in the car for 4 hours and I couldn’t stand it anymore and I called Child Services. 6 months down the road I was called in the office and cited for racism but I was let off because I had some people that stood up form my character……. ;(

    1. happypappies – you make a great point. The problem is as each person goes by they have no idea how long the kids have been in the car unless they saw them before, like they saw them when they went to get their latte, etc. Then the problem becomes “Are they in their long enough for it to be a problem?” In the summer in Arizona with the windows rolled up, the answer is always yes. But in the winter in Florida????

      1. @Paul C. Schulte – you know I love literary license to death. Everyone in my family was a Journalist, and this is why I didn’t do it. Too much integrity. Remember when I misunderstood the Baby in FL thing JT wrote about last summer where the mother was Vegan and not getting enough protein to the baby and it was underweight and she wouldn’t take it to the doctor and all and I agreed they should take the Baby away?. Fool me once, shame on them, fool me twice shame on me…. Perhaps these people tried to call relatives that were unavoidably detained to pick up the Children or there was no one to pick up the Children or they were just scared to death because they screwed up and got caught stealing when they should have been buying. I am sure they probably sold the stuff on the black market or even to friends for extra money. They did not look to savvy to me. I just know that unless those kids are being mistreated that putting them in the state system is not the answer to what ails them probably,,

  3. How come there are so many imbeciles in Florida? And maniacs? There are soooo many topics on the blog here which center on FL people. The people they elect to high office are a joke. Jeb actually stands out as the best man. That ain’t saying much though. I do not know from which state the case of Buck v. Bell originated. That is the sterilization case from 1927. I am going to go look it up.

  4. Paul

    My point and one that you probably share is that they are simply too stupid to have kids.

  5. Paul

    You think they thought they would be fast tracked through central booking and back on the street before the kids died of thirst? Or, you are being facetious and this reflects on the number of brain cells in the heads of these ‘parents’, simply not enough to function. Either way, the way to break the cycle is to take their kids from them and raise them with anyone, anywhere, that can do better. Anything is better than these two imbeciles. Regarding sterilization, unfortunately the simplest and most direct solutions to problems do not always end up providing the best results. I believed Hitler tried that. We need to focus compassion and attention on the kids and put the parents away long enough to break the giving birth cycle. Grand theft and child abandonment, endangerment, etc should be good enough to spare these kids the presence of their ‘parents’ long enough to get a jump on life. The certainly have no chance at all if they get together again.

    1. issac – I am thinking they were hoping for an appearance ticket and then get back to the kids. No sense getting CPS involved, it can take months to get your kids back.

  6. DBQ, Having worked in an inner city juvenile court I had an area that was ~70% black, the remaining 30% was poor white, Mexican and Asian. Neglect and abuse was a big problem in all demographics. I pointed out the cop issue because if you were to believe the Al Sharpton’s and white hand wringer enablers, bad cops are the #1 issue in black communities. Well, there are bad cops, and that is an issue. But it probably doesn’t make the top 10.

  7. Oh my God oh my God oh my God. What kind of selfishness does one have to sink to in order to fail to put your kids above yourself? I cannot imagine what those poor babies went through. And it is UNBELIEVABLE to me that no one noticed them from 7 PM to 2 AM in the parking lot. Did people just walk by kids pounding on the window for hours, no one wanting to “tell” on the parents???

    I recall a tragic case of neglect where a mother went out dancing and her small child cried itself to death in her crib. She got dehydrated and had respiratory distress from hours of crying and just died.

    I think they need to lose their parental rights over what can only be viewed as child abandonment. The worst of it is that the foster system is broken. Many foster parents do so for the money, and provide substandard care themselves. Being raised in the foster system is one of the risk factors for drugs and jail time as the kids grow up. That’s another reason why it’s so important to have a Court Appointed Rep for the kids. And someone with a brain and a heart raising them.

  8. Ooops. Parents are INcapable of raising children.

    Darn those old proofreading skills are diminishing as I age 🙂

  9. issac and I are in agreement on this one. These parents (if I can so loosely use that term) are capable of raising children into responsible functioning adults. In the best interest of the children other arrangement need to be made. I also agree that the current foster home system does not provide a good solution. In fact sometimes the foster home placement can be even worse than the original bad situation.

    The problem is systemic in the Black community and, to be completely fair, also in many segments of poor white communities. Multiple children from multiple fathers. Unmarried parents. Welfare and subsidies. The more kids you can pop out the more money you get. Entitlement mentality. No work. Idle people with nothing to do.

    Children being carelessly raised, at best, or horribly abused and neglected. The parents in this case were likely raised the same way and see nothing wrong with it. This is what they learned and how they live. In many ways, they can’t help it. As Nick said. These kids are already born with strikes against them.

    In order to fix this systemic problem, somehow the chain needs to be broken. Stable families encouraged and supported instead of encouraging the broken and dysfunctional society that exists now. Encouraging work, instead of paying for idleness.

  10. Poor kids were born w/ 2 strikes. I just said a prayer for them. This is the biggest problem in the black community, not cops.

  11. Damn. I didn’t know you could spend $660 at Walmart, much less carry that junk out.

  12. Wow. I would not have expected to see someone champion state imposed sterilization on John Turley’s blog.

    The times they are a changing.

  13. I think that Oliver Wendell Holmes on this blog would agree with Justice Holmes who back in 1927 declared in a Supreme Court decision that “three generations of imbeciles are enough” and sanctified sterilization in such cases. Now, the important thing for Child Services to do is do a lengthy interview of the parents of these two imbeciles to see if the imbecility goes to three generations. And interview and test the kids in the car. The method of sterilization should be left up to courts as well. Vasectomy for the male and removal of uterus for the woman.

  14. I have an alternative explanation. I think they were hoping to get out and back to the kids before CPS found out.

  15. Astonishing. The best we can hope for is that the “probably pregnant” thing is incorrect.

  16. There are the obligations and rights of the individual and there are the obligations and rights of the society. In this case the individuals have lost their rights to take care of their children. The only problem is that children continue to have children and idiots continue to have children.

    Perhaps, instead of using the existing institutions and methods of dealing with idiot parents through orphanages and foster care, society should develop better ways or at the very least focus more on the standard methods. It certainly is not in the children’s best interests nor that of society to allow these idiots to take part in the development of children into adults.

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