New York Principal at Struggling School Accused Of Building Private Gym

Principal Jazmine Santiago is under funding over school spending this week but it is not the usual tension between added teachers versus greater school supplies. Santiago is accused to effectively using school funds in the struggling PS 260 in Flatbush to build her own private gym with a bench press, pull-up bar, treadmill, elliptical machine and thigh exerciser. While Santiago says that she shares the equipment with older students, the oldest students at the school is only 11 years old since they top out at 5th grade.

Parents and teachers noted that at an average 4-foot-10, the students are not tall enough to reach some of the heavy-duty equipment.

Santiago converted a storage room into the workout space in June 2014. Teachers say that she comes in the morning and continues to work out while classes are in session.

Santiago earns $124,319 a year and has been principal for four years.

Parents think that there are other things that might be a priority in a school where only 16 percent of students passed state English tests and only 12 percent passed math exams last year.

The allegations are interesting from a legal perspective since the use of the equipment at the school would seem to nullify any criminal fraud allegation. If Santiago were to use school funds for private purposes, there might be criminal allegations. However, if she technically made the equipment open to students, it would make this a question of judgment. Incredibly, incredibly bad judgment.

30 thoughts on “New York Principal at Struggling School Accused Of Building Private Gym”

  1. PS Parent, Thanks for the personal perspective and sorry for having this albatross hurting your kid[s].

  2. I absolutely hate the fact that they claim she shares it with the students. Staff members are not allowed neither are students. It’s a crying shame that some of the students don’t even know who she is. As a new parent at that school I’ve seen her once which was yesterday greeting the kids at the door! Horrible situation and she should be held responsible for it!

    PS…it is a classroom converted to a gym.

  3. If she gives lessons and it helps with the schools funding, what’s the problem. They can do triathlons and weeellll stuff. 😉

  4. “Teachers say the room is always locked and not accessible to other staff, much less students.” Bohemian Princess Jasmine probably also has tenure.

  5. It seems that there are positions in our society where no one is minding the store…principal seems to be one of these, where they think they can get away with this horse play at the expense of children’s education. She is a complete waste of time and money. I would pull my kid out of that school in a heart beat.

    1. shelly wrote: “I would pull my kid out of that school in a heart beat.”

      Another reason why we need a school voucher system to have competition between schools. Let the bad schools fail and the good schools succeed.

  6. Yeah, Nick, I hadn’t looked that closely at her face. Not sure I would agree with your evaluation, but regardless, a good gym teacher can be horsey faced and still provide a good physical education to her kids. Seriously (for a change).

    1. Tyger – she is leading by example. She is not asking the kids to do anything she wouldn’t do.

  7. Tyger, A close look @ her face and she has that horsey face look of female steroid abusers. Or, maybe she went to the plastic surgeon and said, “Make me the Puerto Rican Sarah Jessica Parker.

  8. Oh, and since she is obviously in pretty good condition, make her double as the gym teacher as well as being principal. Good, economic budget move.

  9. Very creative use of funding. Just be sure all students, and faculty, get to use the exercise equipment. Schedule a health class there. Make it a required class. Then put her in charge of the rest of the budget, with priorities set by the board, and let her buy what will satisfy all the school’s needs with the funds available. She might surprise everyone with her ingenuity.

  10. The Education Industry is corrupt from top to bottom and needs to be dismantled.

  11. Hoochy Mama principal. I think the photo presented by JT is highly prejudicial, and should be stricken from the record!!

  12. She is right on the edge of being legal. And it is not like she closed a classroom to make it into the gym. She repurposed a storage room.

  13. Jazimine gives pop up quiz in locker room? DNA test under electron microscope. Do write up and submit to Jazimine and get A+ and GPA 4.0. Off to Harvard U for PHD. With Scholarship, Nice!

  14. Our former School Superintendent left a trail of corruption from Hartford, Connecticut to Rochester, Minnesota and then Macon, Georgia.

    In our town, he bought a $5000 desk and when people complained, he hid it off campus. He fired the whistlebolower.
    Amidst growing complaints, he accepted a job in Macon.
    In Macon, he ordered more than $26 million in technology equipment and services without required board approval. The school board bought out his contract to make him leave ($350,000 plus his COBRA payments for health insurance). There are currently 3 lawsuits involving his actions.
    He has since moved back to his native city, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but is angling for a job in Shreveport.

    US schools are great places to steal money from, as well as abuse children.
    This lady is just one fish in that sea of corruption.

  15. Superintendant of technical school bought 2 electron microscopes @ $500,000 a piece. Bankrupted school budget. Get private gym with trainer hottie.
    Nobody will study science. Why? The answer is blowing in the wind. Solution is open to public and charge membership fee. I need Jazmine to spot me in free weight room.
    We work on science, math and English later. Double as after hours Special needs tutor. I will pay cash or credit. Call sign is client #9.

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