$130K Raised To Support Indian Man Injured By Police

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

sureshbhai-patel-in-hospitalWe previously wrote HERE of the plight of Sureshbhai Patel who was left partially paralyzed after being thrown to the ground by Madison, Alabama police during an investigative detention. The officer accused in this matter has been charged with Third Degree Assault.

Thanks to a crowd sourced donation campaign seeking to help alleviate the financial costs of his injuries, in just over three days $130,000 dollars so far has been raised. The amounts continue to grow.

Madison Police Officer Eric Parker and others were dispatched to a report of a suspicious person reportedly trespassing on private property. During the contact, Patel, who does not speak English, attempted to leave the officers and was frisked and later thrown to the ground as he began walking away. He suffered a spinal injury that caused him partial paralysis.  The family has initiated a separate legal action against the city.

The family provided the following update of Patel’s condition:

Hank Sherrod, the family lawyer, has stated that Sureshbhai [Patel] is improving faster than expected. “His grip strength is improving, though he can’t yet handle small objects (like a spoon). His legs are improving, too, particularly his right leg. The doctors attribute the improvement to Mr. Patel’s hard work and motivation.” Sureshbhai is in the process of being transferred to a rehabilitation center.
Sureshbhai’s family is currently trying to determine the medical or medical related expenses they will incur due to this tragic incident. The family has yet to receive bills related to the hospitalization.

The link to the GoFundMe page is:


By Darren Smith

Source: gofundme.com

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