The White Powder Movement: Krispy Kreme Pulls Its Planned “KKK Wednesday” Events

DonutPowedered-768926150px-KKK.svgIt appears that White Power and White Powder do not mix. The UK Krispy Kreme branch has made a hasty retreat from its promotion for a new event: KKK Wednesday. No, the donut chain insists that it was not trying to get a neo-Nazi niche market. It was supposed to stand for Krispy Kreme Klub. The news will likely be a disappointed for all of those rotund Ku Klux Klan members seeking a donut with just the right white glaze and segregated flavors. A company spokeswoman has apologized “unreservedly for the inappropriate name of a customer promotion at one of our stores.”

The cancellation will at least avoid issues with those mixed donut types like the Chocolate Glazed donuts that would drive your average Klan member into a fit of racial disgust.

250px-Krispy_Kreme_logo.svgThe event was actually designed to draw kids into their stores during Britain’s half-term when students have a holiday the middle of each three terms. The other events seem less . . . well . . . divisive: Funday Monday, Coloring Tuesday, Face Painting Thursday, Balloon Madness and Board Games Galore.

Just as warning, the chain may want to cancel any plans for a Coffee Klux event.

24 thoughts on “The White Powder Movement: Krispy Kreme Pulls Its Planned “KKK Wednesday” Events”

  1. That is why the left is so quick to cover up for Islamic terrorism. To the point that they will not even call cutting off the heads of Christians terrorism. They are just folks who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like those Jewish folks who just happened to be at a Kosher Deli.

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  2. And, as we know, the left started hating on Jews about a decade ago, when Israel started saying enough to all the bombings and rockets.

  3. TY and Pogo, The socialist worker website had a piece a year or so ago on Madison being the most racist city in the US. Caused quite a stir. This wasn’t Fox or any MSM, it was a very liberal journal. I see all the lover of Negroes here, down w/ the struggle, fitting the profile of most liberals. They like their Negroes in the abstract, and about 30 miles away from where they live. Hypocrites!

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