Court Rules That New Jersey Man Cannot Sue Applebee’s For Being Burned By Plate of Fajitas

275px-Flickr_elisart_324248450--Beef_and_chicken_fajitass-APPLEBEES-largeIt is unlikely that despite the company’s slogan, Applebee’s will be seeing Hiram Jimenez tomorrow. An appellate court in New Jersey ruled that Jimenez cannot sue after he was burned by a sizzling plate of fajitas.

The court ruled that the risk of hot food is an “open and obvious” danger. Jimenez no doubt argued that he understood that the plate was hot but that he was burned by a splattering dish. He said that he heard a popping noise and was burned. He said that the restaurant failed to warn him that he could be burned by simply being in close proximity with the dish. However, the court said that there is no duty to warn of things that are open and obvious. The panel distinguished such dangers with hidden dangers that may make the premises unsafe and must be made safe by the owner.

One could quibble with the assumption that a splattering (as opposed to a hot) dish is “self-evident” since it is likely to become evident when a customer is splattered. Yet, most people (and likely jurors) would probably come to the same conclusion.

Kudos: Professor Professor Roger E. Schechter

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  1. Premise liability claims are getting more and more difficult because of the “open and obvious” defense and the elements you must prove to win your case. If the danger is something you did see or is so open that you should see it, you may lose your case. This Applebee’s case is a prime example.

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  3. Paul, There’s a Food City near me in San Diego. That’s where I go when I’m looking for something non mainstream.

  4. Splattering should be evident in sizzling fajitas. They make a sizzling noise, and are steaming.

    There’s no way you could convince a reasonable person that there is not a danger of splattering.

  5. DBQ, Rick Bayless has a couple great authentic Mexican restaurants in Chicago. I love his show on PBS. He’s a little too affected for my taste. But, I block out the affectations and focus on the food. I have cooked some recipes. The problem is finding the ingredients. It is much easier in San Diego than in Wisconsin. Well, duh!

    1. Nick – we have Food City, a chain of grocery stores that goes after the Mexican market. If you need anything Mexican or needed in Mexican recipes, they have it.

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  8. Seriously? An hour and half video? Why don’t you summarize what point it is you think you are making. At least then we will have some idea of what you are trying to say. NO one is going to waste and hour and half watching a video. Life is too short.

  9. @ Mespo

    You also know you are in a true taqueria when you can order tacos lengua. Or a mole sauce made with bitter chocolate and pepitas and not something from a can.

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