Happy Pi Day

pi-pieBy Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Today is historical, or horological if you prefer. It is a day in which the mathematical representation π aligns with our clock sequence, that is 3/14.

But, this year marks the only time within a hundred years when the month / day / two digit year format can result in the ability to observe π day to its greatest precision

In what is referred to as Sequential Time this day will represent π in its most precise measurement. It begins with 3/14/15 9:26:53.58979… and manifests in each time zone twice if a twelve hour clock is used.

One could wonder if at this date/time moment π is theoretically able to extend its precision possibly to the most basic level of time measurement, tP, the Planck Time unit.

Or, you may simply be irrational in your diet and celebrate with a slice of π. We recommend banana cream.

By Darren Smith

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19 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day”

  1. Very Cool.

    Nick – I loooooooooooove Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting, but only when it’s fresh with just the right amount of spice. Dry carrot cake just ruins it. My house smells wonderful when I bake it.

  2. “Cake Day” comes once a year, on your birthday, raff. I always request carrot cake. But, it is often made w/ too much cream cheese frosting for my likes. So, my bride gets it w/ half the thickness of frosting.

  3. The infinity of Pi is telling when we (humans) suggest that we can define our existence. In that sense, Pi day should be every day. OK, back to my corner.

  4. I plan to run around in circles today, and be diametrically opposed to everything …..

  5. Reblogged this on Robin A. D'Andrea and commented:
    Where were you, and what were you thinking today @9:26am? I was on the treadmill – literally and figuratively – and the moment was gleefully recognized by the hosts of a Saturday morning news show. Carpe diem! A once in a century moment, I felt privileged to been watching the moment unfold before me…and what was I going to use this moment for? Well, the Pi moment is a metaphor – for life. Here it is, the one and only life you’ll have. Live it. Stop and eat the pie!

  6. When you work in just about every town in a state, and love to eat, you learn the good places. In Osseo, Wi. is a diner called Norske Nook. The food is good, but it is famous for its pies. I have never seen a diner where such a high % of people have dessert. They sell many whole pies to go. You have to put a deposit down on the pie pan it comes in. When it’s blueberry season, their blueberry pie will make you slap your momma.

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