Obama Administration Celebrates National Freedom of Information Day By Deleting Federal Regulation On The Freedom of Information Act

President_Barack_ObamaIt has been years before anyone seriously in the Administration has claimed that it is “the most transparent Administration” ever — as President Barack Obama once pledged. The Obama Administration instead has set new lows for its pursuit and prosecution of whistleblowers and reporters as well as classifying and withholding information on potentially embarrassing actions or programs. For that reason, there was not much surprise that the White House chose this week — with the National Freedom of Information Day and the Sunshine Week — to remove a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act.

In fairness to the Administration, both President Bush and Obama have rejected requests for information from the office and they have some case support to refusing to share information with the public. However, particularly with the growing controversy over Hillary Clinton unilaterally using her personal server for emails and instructing subordinates to delete tens of thousands of “personal” emails, the timing and symbolism could not be worse.

The liberal Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) denounced President Obama’s broken promises on transparency as well as the specific move to remove the office from information access under the law. Of course, while it may not be required, the Administration could voluntarily make its self accountable to the public. That is, if it wanted to be the most transparent Administration ever.

Source: USA Today

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  1. And you can take your anti-Semite hogwash and shove it up the arse of the Bush’s – who are much more plausible as the conspirators (even if by stupidity) – than any other THEORY on who did what back then.

    It was the Bush family that owns the patent to Military grade Thermite

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    And those 2 issues alone – in ANY version of the word – CONFLICTED out the Bush’s from being the one to nominate WHO would conduct the investigations.

    IT was a BUSH who lied U.S. into war

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  2. Well – Patriot – If you would get the passage correctly, then you “might” have a valid argument. Bible’s (the plethora of versions/interpretations thereof) tend to bastardize the actual 10 “sayings” of Moses (which – because the tablets were destroyed – is arguable to begin with).

    This is why ALL versions of our Hebrew Torah’s are the same 304,805 – All over the world – EXACTLY the same. But the many versions of the Bible’s take liberties.

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    The TERM/saying is “Thou Shalt Not MURDER”

    It is not the word KILL

  3. The Great Hypocrisy of America
    The Truth about God and Jesus Christ

    God’s Commandment is “Thou shalt not kill.” Anything contrary to this is a lie. America sanctions killing and blasphemes God. Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” (Matt. 5:44), (Luke 6:27) Killing someone is not loving them. America sanctions killing its enemies which is Antichrist / Satanism. True Christianity is nonviolent.

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    Be at Peace with Great Joy, God is in control

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