Defendants Insists That He Did Not Hit Anyone But Police Arrest Him Anyway . . . Given The Human Torso Found In Car

26C761D500000578-3001060-image-a-1_1426710271196Jose Antonio Santiago, 33, had a difficult time convincing police that he did not hit anyone with his car last week. First, there was the heavily damaged car sitting outside. Second, there was what police thought was human remains on his clothes. Finally, even if those facts could be dismissed, there was the human torso left on the passenger side floor of the car. Santiago is now charged with killing Anna Lewis (left), 62, and then fleeing the scene of the accident. Unless there was another driver, it would seem that a plea request might be the first priority for counsel.

Lewis’ sister was also sent to the hospital after the crash. Lewis and Rosalie Carlo were walking along the street at 9 p.m. on Sunday when they were allegedly struck by a Saab sedan driven by Santiago. The force of the crash severed Lewis at the waist.

Santiago reportedly is being held on hit-and-run charges in Lehigh County Jail in lieu of $275,000 bail.

Court records say Santiago smelled of alcohol and had what looked like “body matter” on his pants leg at the time of his arrest, but insisted “I didn’t hit anyone. I would have stopped. I’m not a bad person.”

Lewis was close to retirement this year from her long-standing job at a nursing home.

Source: Lehigh Valley as first seen on ABA Journal.

17 thoughts on “Defendants Insists That He Did Not Hit Anyone But Police Arrest Him Anyway . . . Given The Human Torso Found In Car”

  1. I’ve never heard of a car severing a body into two different pieces, top and bottom. In the movies with stunt performers maybe. I’m not insistent about protecting those in prison, but this guy shouldn’t be near anyone!

  2. Music starts playing “When your Strange Faces come out of the Rain
    When your Strange no one remembers your name”

  3. I wonder if this man was one of those people who actually think they “drive better drunk.”

    I recall watching a video in drivers ed where they took a bunch of people who thought that, and had them drive an obstacle course sober. Then they had them drink enough alcohol to blow a 0.08, and drive that same course. Afterwards, they still claimed they drove better drunk. When they sobered up, they watched the video of them aimlessly crashing through cones, and slurring as they claimed they did “awesome.” Some of them cried when they realized this is what they looked like on the road.

  4. I’ve been drunk before. I’ve been very drunk once or twice in my life 😉

    What I don’t understand is how you can be THIS drunk to not even know that you have half of a dead body in the passenger seat beside you. Oblivious doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    Black out drunk and still able to function….sort of. Tells me this guy has had a LOT of practice and is a professional drinker and alcoholic. A menace on the roads and probably off of the road. Who knows what else he would be capable in a black out state.

  5. This belongs in the loop of what to do with the guy. If he doesn’t realize what he did and tries to defend himself, he belongs in prison. If he does realize what he did and doesn’t off himself, he belongs in prison. They guy is a menace, crazy, or whatever. He belongs in prison. Society deserves protection from this type.

  6. He plowed into her so fast she was cut in half.
    The head and upper body went through his windshield and landed in the front passenger seat, the lower half was left behind.

    But he’s not a bad guy.

    1. Pogo – he is not like the person who had the victim stuck in their windshield all night bleeding to death in the driveway. He is not ‘that guy.’

  7. Why was it in his car to begin with? Did he get out and put her torso in his car? The other woman with his victim was injured, good thing he didn’t put her in the car too.

  8. What is it with people driving around with body parts? I think I would stop and kick it out.

  9. Jose Antonio Santiago, the question is, is he a legal citizen or an illegal ? place your bets

  10. Oh my goodness! Jose certainly gets points for creativity. I wonder what else he could have said??? Hmmm, mebbe an Irish Poem would be helpful…

    Saab Story???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    The car and the guy were quite gory!
    But Jose, he had a good story. . .
    “I’m not one of those drunks!
    See, my Saab has TWO trunks!
    Sooo, you cops should go seek a new quarry!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. That poor lady. What a miracle that her sister survived, although the article didn’t state the extent of her injuries.

    If Lewis ended up in his car, she must have went completely through the windshield, which meant he was driving with (part of) a dead person next to him and broken glass in his face and lap.

    I particularly despise drunk drivers, because a teenager in my family was killed in a drunk driving accident. Driving drunk or high is like putting a missile on the street with a broken guidance system.

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