Motorcyclist Takes California Highway Patrol On Chase While Performing Stunts and Taking Selfies

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.20.04 PMWe have yet another motorcyclist who have gained Internet fame for his dangerous antics in a chase with police. The suspect even took selfies and slowed to taunt California highway patrol officers in pursuit.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.21.51 PMHe has been charged with reckless driving. I am sure the police were not amused. One rather large officer was shown with his knee on the back the suspect even after he had surrendered and was cuffed on the ground. I am not sure the kneeing was necessary given the surrender, particularly given the size of the officer who speaks with other officers with his full weight on the suspect.

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  1. Police are trained to handle specific actions with specific responses. They are taught to protect themselves. Police don’t stop in the middle of an arrest and think about how much knee weight to use. They use the knees the way they were trained.

    Let them do their jobs and quit criticizing every tiny thing. Their lives are on the line, not ours.

  2. No harm no foul. This guy was careful at all intersections and turns. But FAT COP… What an imbecile. No wonder cops are dissed.

  3. He should not have been abused in his arrest. The punishment is for the judge or jury to decide. But he should have due process and then a stiff punishment for this willful foolishness. If he would have wiped out and gone into a veg state, the taxpayers might be footing the bill for him for decades. Or his antics might have caused a multi car pileup and any number of deaths. This reminds me of a fool who tries to seduce another man’s girl and ends up complaining about getting thrashed as a result……. Message to all the self-righteous liberterians on here floating in a fog of Randian tropes: If you don’t live on a desert island, you have to be responsible for how your actions may affect others.

  4. They used to show accident videos in HS on rainy days so no PE. They left out no gore. It was horrible. Many, of course, left to throw up. Visuals are terrifying. I wish schools did that today. I was a very careful driver after that, still careful!

  5. Seriously, people must be obsessed with criticizing the police. I watched the video and I don’t see any problem. The policeman put his knee in his back for a few seconds, but he wasn’t putting his whole weight into it – and he gets off him the second his was under control.

  6. I think America is really becoming a Police state when a man can’t speed down the Freeway -recklessly endangering lives – without having a knee put in your back and having excessively tight handcuffs. I suppose they took a bad booking picture of him too. Fascists.

  7. @TJustice

    So I don’t have credibility to speak on any issue in which I don’t have real-world practical experience in dealing with?

    I didn’t say you shouldn’t speak. I said that the explanation of how a person is handcuffed and why they do it in a certain way, presented by Darren, who I believe was/is a police officer carries more credibility than the emotion laden observations of armchair quarterbacks.

    Statements from others who have no real world experience in this (dealing with criminals and law breakers) do not have the credibility or carry the weight that an expert can deliver.

    You are free to speak about anything you want and I am free to discount or accept and to evaluate what you say based on the current utterance and on your history of past postings.

    You’re welcome.

  8. He’s just a kid having fun…..wish I could do that. Too old, unfortunately.

  9. Since I live in CA, the land of High Speed Chases, I’ve heard the cost benefit analysis before, mainly that most chases stem from non violent crime.

    Police here will typically hang back, and let helicopters track the car if it gets really dangerous. If they just enacted a rule where if you run, police will not be allowed to chase you, that would essentially create an anarchist state. All you had to do was drive away from any crime. You could have someone bound and gagged in your trunk, and cops would be none the wiser. There’s no way to tell if someone’s running because he’s got a bloody knife in his car, and doesn’t want to go back to jail, or just has a lot of tickets.

    We are already seeing a crime explosion because of jails emptying due to overcrowding. In one city alone, car thefts (also nonviolent) went up 400%.

    Cause . . . Effect.

    Or in this oft repeated case, Cause . . . Unintended Effect that We All Pay For.

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  11. Dust Bunny Queen

    So I don’t have credibility to speak on any issue in which I don’t have real-world practical experience in dealing with? By that logic, you might want to check the Copernican theory. After all, he never went into outer-space.

    And the only emotion in this post can be seen with the police’s action. Clearly, that guy was pissed. Other than that, your claim is baseless.

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  13. High speed chases are often deadly to the police officers themselves. Has happened here in Wisconsin, was it worth he chase? No.

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