Why America Remains The World’s Greatest Hope

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.56.27 AMI only learned today that there is a whole series of YouTube videos on how to open a beer with a chainsaw. In watching this video, tears came to my eyes as I thought: “This is why America will remain the inspiration of the world.” I cannot imagine why everyone, in seeing a chainsaw, does not think “this would be great as a beer opener.”

Now for those who are already singing our national anthem, here is the ultimate video:

18 thoughts on “Why America Remains The World’s Greatest Hope”

  1. finally something that’s not illegal. Oops. Tho ppl who buy beer are probably tracked as welll as people who buy chainsaws. Many a house wife has made the list prior to boston bombing….for buying a pressure cooker. The tears….we won’t remain the ispiration…i am sure the dude’s kids have cps all after them just chomping at the bit for they day they drop grandkids off with him for an afternoon.

  2. Oh good lord, it’s like Tim Allen “improved” a can opener. Remember his “so I rewired it” bit?

    It seems like opening beer is a heck of a muse. Just take a look at any assortment of beer openers available. My husband’s friend just gave him one that was made out of a high caliber bullet. But ours is extra classy because it doubles as a wine opener, too.

  3. This is why the last words of so many men is, “Hey Y’all……watch this!”

  4. If he was a real man, really, he would use the chain saw to clip his toenails.

  5. Professor JT,

    You missed your calling! LMAO! @ Prof. JT’s statements (the videos, however, are not at all amusing: what are they thinking? Why? Why?).

  6. I don’t drink beer so I guess I don’t have an excuse to own a chainsaw. 😉

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