Texas Attorney Under Fire For Sticker Campaign Declaring Businesses Are “Exclusively For White People”

Austin-attorney-Adam-Reposa-claims-responsibility-for-White-People-Only-stickers-YouTube-800x430Today we have been discussing the call for disbarment against a California attorney for seeking an anti-Gay measure for the state ballot. In Texas, you have another attorney who has attracted controversy over stickers on local businesses reading “exclusively for white people.” The shirtless Adam Reposa is seen in a video defending the campaign. [Warning this story contains foul language]

26CE471500000578-3008334-Shocking_These_stickers_appeared_overnight_between_Tuesday_and_W-a-2_1427148053013The stickers read “Maximum of 5 colored customers, colored [back of house] staff accepted” and feature a copy of the city’s logo.

Reposta sayd that his motivation is “pretty obvious” “[b]ecause it would be obvious that even though people know the real problem — and the real problem is that people without money are getting fucked. They’re getting pushed out, and pretty quick. This area of town is turning into whites only.”

Reposta in the video below further taunted his critics: “I knew I could just bait all of y’all into being as stupid as you are. Just allowing the issue to be framed in the most simple way — ‘Oh, he said an offensive term. Let’s not worry about the actual condition of the way things are, let’s worry about an offensive term.’”

In another video he criticizes a local politician who called him racist and notes that “To her, the worst thing is to make a joke and use the word ‘colored,’ not the reality that all the black people and Mexican people are getting kicked out of East Austin.”

Reposa appears to prefer appearance in shorts than suits in his video appearances:

The question is when such political speech becomes a matter for the bar as they were in California in the other case discussed today. These attorneys are engaged in political speech, though Reposa might be accused of a minor property trespass in the placement of stickers on businesses. Again, the question is where to draw the line if the bar proceeds against such individuals. In Reposa’s favor, while McLaughlin in California was calling for the killing of gay people, Reposa was railing against what he viewed as economic displacement and racism. Yet, civil rights leaders like Austin NAACP president Nelson Linder have denounced Reposa’s actions as fueling race problems: “It’s repugnant and also alarming, and also indicative of a mentality that doesn’t understand race relations. So if you’re trying to help race relations, you just did the worst thing you could possibly do.”

What do you think?

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  1. I think that he attended Urjackinmee School of Law. Graduated with honors.

  2. That’s because he has “Gone to the mattresses” ala The Godfather.

  3. Is it just me or did anyone else notice that his bed has no sheets in the second video?

  4. The State Bar of CA website reports that McLaughlin went to George Mason Law School in Virginia. The State Bar of Texas has no listing for Adam Reposa. I doubt that he is an attorney. The former, Matt McLaughlin, is a nut, but at least he is using his legal skills and presenting his screwy arguments in a democratic fashion – through a ballot initiative. The state bar should stay away from censoring political views, but being CA, I doubt that it will….

  5. Gradual “gentrification” of an area has nothing to do with racism. As pointed out it is an economic issue and also one driven by governmental regulations and social policy. Also it is true that liberal enclaves tend to be more gentrified for some reason. San Francisco, Austin, etc.

    As people move into an area that seems desirable property values go up and so do property taxes. Laws and zoning regulations that limit or restrict building and hence restrict affordable housing are also a gentrification generator. Restricted building codes drive up the cost of new buildings and the lowered inventory of rentals also increases the costs.

    These laws and policies are mostly driven by liberals…..who always mean well and who are always surprised at the results of their actions.

    The bottom line is that poor and middle class working people are driven out of the areas by economic conditions.

    This lawyer and others can stop gentrification in its tracks by insisting that a block or two of Section 8 Housing be instituted in the area in question. THAT will drive down property values and stop the gentrification of the area. Of course, that will also increase crime and drive businesses as well as send liberals screaming away from the area. They talk the talk, but don’t want to walk the walk.


    Be careful what you wish for.

  6. rcocean, I think this guy has borderline personality disorder. Just sayn’.

  7. The man strikes me as mentally disturbed. Interesting that he does in physical way with his stickers what so many on the internet due in the comment sections, attack people motivations and attribute racist beliefs without any proof. Funny how people don’t get more upset when other lie about them and call them racist but whatever.

  8. Sooo, assume that Jane Doe is a really bad dope addict. . .She is hooked on downers like heroin and pain killers. She will do all sorts of vile and criminal stuff to get a fix, John Doe is her drug supplier. He commiserates with her when she draws heat from the cops. Sooo, who is responsible for Jane being an addict, and being in this situation???

    Well, I think the primary responsibility likes with Jane herself, but John also shares some of the blame for selling her the drugs and encouraging her to use them.

    The racial differences situation is like that. Blacks are primarily responsible for their own collectively lousy situation. They eschew marriage and have multiple illegitimate kids so that they can obtain government benefits and free stuff. But just like the pusher, guys like this lawyer, and liberals in general, also share some of the blame for encouraging the activity.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. He seems very naive to believe that gentrification is inherently racist. It’s economical. It’s like claiming that anyone who is white and successful MUST be racist. It’s an economical fact that as a neighborhood declines, those who can afford it move away, and as a neighborhood rises in property values, only those who can afford it move in.

    If you want to address minority poverty, do it in a way that actually focuses on the problems. The highest risk factor for poverty is having a single mother and an absentee father. That risk skyrockets if the mother is a teenager. It leads to a chain reaction of being more likely to be raised in a bad neighborhood, dropping out of school, becoming a teenage parent, getting into crime, and/or going to jail.

    In some areas, 75% of African American and 55% of Latino children are born to single mothers. That fact alone dooms the children to higher risks of poverty and getting into crime. But unless a very strange set of circumstances occurred, it is not racism that causes the surge of single motherhood in minority populations. Compare minority’s pressures to drop out and become a single mother with the Asian community, which puts so much pressure on their children to go to college and succeed in life that they could produce a diamond out of coal.

    But it is just so very easy and cache to blame white “rich” people for society’s problems. It’s so strange, blaming the successful. For instance, I am sure that Professor Turley is successful. And yet, I do not blame him for the high rate of single motherhood in minority communities. I do not think he “stole” his success from someone else. I think he earned it and works very hard.

  10. The First Amendment does not contain an exception for messages which lack maturity of expression. However, the bar could properly discipline Mr. Reposta for his admitted trespasses. And individual business owners might consider civil actions for trade defamation.

  11. Satire. But.
    [music- to the tune of The Jets, from Westside Story]

    He’s a Dork! He’s a Dork!
    He’s a Dork all the way!
    From his first tattoo..
    To his last dying day.

  12. “This area of town is turning into whites only.
    Typical for liberal enclaves, like Madison, WI or Berkeley, CA.
    Hence the discomfort of the business owners, whose self-perception is different.
    However, it’s not racism driving out minorities, but money.
    Regardless, the attorney here is using the ‘disparate impact’ argument liberals use to argue racism elsewhere, so why not?

    As an attorney, he seems like an argumentative dolt.
    And he’s using standard liberal thinking so I do not see how he can be stifled by the bar.

  13. Well, he got what he wanted which is publicity for the problem which is gentrification and no available housing for those black and Latino folks being displaced. So it is rather hard to call his actions racist, even though it uses some slogans from the past. He is right in that the real issue is not being addressed, but doing so in that manner almost assured that the message would be drowned out by the means used. Once again, the end does not justify the means in all cases. The means used must be compatible with the ends. He obviously has not learned that lesson.

  14. Messers McLaughlin and Reposta have First Amendment protections, but both of them seem to be unsavory individuals.

    On one hand, their antics distract from the messages, on the other hand, they got publicity for those messages.

    Still, neither of them got me to seriously consider their political agendas because of the “noise” in the message.

  15. He is fighting gentrification. The NAACP has already been paid off. Don’t worry about what they say.

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