Social Media Sites Lash Out At Disaster Selfies In New York

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 3.07.25 PM.JPGWe have previously discussed how the social media craze of posting selfies seem to leave any room for . . . well . . . decency. The latest controversy concerns the East Village gas explosion that injured 25 people and collapsed three building — causing extensive physical and property injuries. While emergency personnel were still digging through rubble to try to find survivors, people started to show up to take selfies.

Two people — Nicholas Figueroa, 23, of Harlem, and Moises Locon, 27, of Elmhurst, Queens — were still missing as the selfies were being posted. This image appears one of the last of Figueroa. Figueroa was on a date with Theresa Galarza, 22, at the Sushi Park restaurant on the ground floor and was going to pay the check when he disappeared with the blast.

Others on social media have been criticizing individuals like Christina Freundlich (above), who is reportedly a communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party. She posted a grinning photo of herself at the scene giving the peace sign. I confess that much about modern life (I prefer the 18th Century) confuses me, but what is the point of celebration in front of a tragic site of a disaster?

29.P1.Idiots.c.ta.jpgTwo selfie figures responded to critics. Jeanie Slade took this picture with a friend with hashtags “#beingtourists and “#weresocreepy.” She later insisted that it was “satire” and added “My heart goes out to the people of New York, and this satire post was in poor taste. My intention was to point out how many people post selfies in inappropriate times and it backfired.”

It sure did.

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  1. I get my facts from the same place y’all get yours. And mine are every bit as valid.

    And for the record, as much as I admire President Obama for all the sick, racist, annoying and disgusting BS he has been put through, I personally find him a little too centrist, and wish he had taken on the banks, Medicare for All, and issues like climate change with more determination.

    But with more filibusters than ever before in the history of the republic and all the Blue Dog Democrats showing their true colors (white, mostly), he probably did what he could.

  2. Obama cultists will never admit that the Jug Eared Jesus has ever done anything wrong. Ever.

    1. NickSpinelli and Trooper – I have to agree and I have no Idea what Philly T is referring to. He is making no sense at all.

  3. Insufferable prigs.

    That was the MEMORIAL, not the funeral, was a five hour celebration of his life filled with music and laughter and joy.

  4. happy, There are other photos of Michelle during this narcissistic selfie @ Mandela’s funeral and she is PISSED! It is probably a combo of her husband flirting w/ the voluptuous Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Prime Minister of Denmark, and the insensitivity of smiling and posing @ a funeral.

    1. Nick

      As you know, I have a self absorbed family, to the point where my Daughter I had not seen for 7 years by her request and will not associate with me, was taking pictures at her Grandfathers Military Burial as they were dropping the dirt for a “memory”

      I have never seen anything so disrespectful in my life. these kids were not raised that way and they have no Respect for anything. Taking Selfies at a Cemetery during a Burial and sitting when everyone else is standing at attention at a Memorial Service for a “Selfie” is rude and ill bred beyond contempt

  5. Paul, Cultists pull “facts” out of their butts when the cult figure is found to be stupid, clueless, unfeeling, etc. PhillyT’s “fact” is still moist and odiferous.

  6. Oh no! The President posed for a selfie! Oh my god! He plays golf! Look at all the time he spends on vacation!

    What? How is it that he has worked more days than George W. and Reagan combined?

    What a bunch of clowns here!

    1. Like I said, it’s a party for them. They are all a bunch of immature stooges from hell. Just look at them. It reminds me of the Moochers & Looters in Atlas Shrugged and understand, I never saw the movie. Just read the book several times as a child of 15. Some of us have a mature mind from the cradle I suppose

    1. Trooper

      Where is that? Are they all wasted? Even Michelle is giggling

  7. If Professor Turley likes the 18th century, perhaps he would enjoy the Master and Commander series by the late Patrick O’Brian, one of my favorite authors and, in my opinion, one of the greatest writers of modern times. It follows a captain in the British Royal Navy from his first ship of command over many years, just post the Napoleonic War.

  8. How much schadenfreude and narcissism does it take for people to take pictures that imply, “Woo hoo! People are injured, burned, and some might be dead! Check ME out!”

  9. Issac, I still refuse to get a cell phone. When people ask, “How am I supposed to get in touch with you?” I respond, “You aren’t, that’s the point”.

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