Second Blogger Murder In Broad Daylight By Islamic Extremists in Bangladesh

Washiqur_Rahman_MishuWe recently discussed the savage murder of Avijit Roy, a Bangladesh-born U.S. citizen, in Bangladesh by Islamic extremists. Now, another blogger who wrote about Islamic extremism has been hacked to death. Washiqur Rahman Mishu, 27, was hacked and stabbed to by the Islamists in broad day light in Tejgaon Industrial area of Dhaka.

The killing is the latest manifestation of the rising anger and intolerance over free speech in Islamic countries. This killing showed little concern of being caught. Two of the suspects were arrested at the scene. They are Jikul and Ariful Islam, students of Hathazari Madrasa in Chittagong and Darus Ulum Madrasa in the capital’s Mirpur area respectively. A third alleged attacker escaped.

21 thoughts on “Second Blogger Murder In Broad Daylight By Islamic Extremists in Bangladesh”

  1. happypappies

    Touche. And Thanks for the link. I just don’t understand how powerless citizens are often called evil, etc., but when we talk about anyone with a position of power, the rhetoric is lighter, not about ethics, but rather how the rule of law deals with ethics.

    It’s not a secret that most US presidents post WWII would face difficulties if prosecuted by the ICC for war crimes. But we are immune. That should be called evil in itself because it’s telling everyone that we need not follow the rule of law, and if we don’t it doesn’t matter, we cannot even be questioned.

    1. .TJustice

      I am glad you don’t mind me beating you up a little. You are so young still you wring my heart. Please stay passionate 😉

  2. What is the difference between a extremist that uses a knife to further their ideology locally versus an extremist that uses a hell fire missile to further their ideology from thousands of miles away?

    Aren’t they equally abhorrent?

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  4. Sandi Hemming

    I know this Progressive you can talk to about that if you want. She thinks she is very enlightened about those things. 😉

  5. Oh if we had stopped this in Syria. Or gotten more involved watching Christians beheaded and artifacts that belong to the world destroyed. Nope. We have people trying to get Iran to sign onto a deal they’ll ignore anyway. These attacks on people are going to spread. If their leadership is in Syria, blow it up!

  6. These hideous murders are why more decent peace seeking Muslims don’t speak up.

  7. “I’m sure the usual players will explain that everyone who complains is an Islamophobe, and the real problem are Christians.”

    No, not at all. The problem is JT is generally concerned with how the rule of law applies to ordinary citizens. No need to wave the flag or speculate on the types of punishments our political and military leaders should face if the rule of law actually existed for them.

  8. Extremist Islam can only be defeated from within, by moderate reformers and other Muslims who are just fed up.

    But this young man’s murder reminds us of how such a task is very dangerous.

  9. That’s just terrible.

    I’m sure the usual players will explain that everyone who complains is an Islamophobe, and the real problem are Christians.

  10. Those selling knives and machetes must do a bang up job in Islamic countries. Not too sure that the supply ever meets the demand. I’ll bet Abdullah’s House of Swords is jumping on the weekends. I hear that it’s a great place to pick up chicks.

  11. The religion of peace and love strikes again. I hope that more Muslims will become so disgusted with their extremist brethren that they will force a true reformation.

  12. The intelligence in this young person’s eyes shines forth like a beacon and will forever be stilled as he was savagely murdered by extremists that don’t like free speech that the progressives here like so much to practice among themselves

  13. Personally I am very glad the professor always gives his personal gloss to everything as it shows he is an individual and not merely another progressive pretending to be censored by his readers

  14. These Muslims need to learn how to intimidate and bully bloggers and talking heads the civilized way, like they do in the West. Just call the offenders names like “racists” and “homophobes” and if the writers and speakers there are as cowardly as your average American, they will just fold like a cheap suit.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. The two captured attackers were apprehended by bystanders, ordinary Muslim citizens, who gave chase and held the men until police arrived lest you imagine a blood thirsty crowd of crazed Islamic extremists cheered on the attack.

    I’m sure the gloss was just an oversight by the Professor. It’s clear he is an unbiased observer.

  16. One way to stop bloggers is to cut their hands off. I am sure that was the idea.

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