Good Grief: Indiana Woman Drives Less Than Mile To Lit Parking Lot When Pulled Over By Police . . . Officer Charges Her With Felony Resisting Arrest For Not Stopping Immediately

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIndiana resident DelRea Good probably thought she was doing what police often recommend. When she saw the lights of Porter County Sheriff’s Department Patrolman William Marshall, she opted not to stop on a dark country road at night but drove to a lit area less than a mile away. For that decision, Marshall charged her with a felony of resisting arrest.

Good, 52, said it was 11 pm, she was a female alone, and that there have been past cases of people impersonating officers to get women to pull over. She felt unsafe. She also said that she slowed down, put on her blinkers, and waved to show that she was going to pull over down the road.

The Sheriff’s Office however is standing by Marshall and saying that she got what she deserved because Marshall was driving a marked police car: “The sheriff’s office supports our officer’s decision in this matter.”

Good may now lose her job as a nurse if convicted.

I fail to see how this is even remotely resisting arrest. It sounds more like a ticked off officer. The use of a felony charge is also remarkably excessive in my view. This may not be a perfect stop but this appears a case of when “perfect is the enemy of the good.”

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  1. I doubt this charge will make it to trial. Lacking information on why she was initially stopped makes it even harder to understand. If it does make it to court, in this case she’s better served by being heard by 12 than carried by 6.

  2. I wonder if maybe the authorities are confident in the charges because they have a dashcam video or other evidence to spring at trial that is not part of the press accounts?

    I’d also note that by the time we read it here it’s already gone through at least three filters: Professor Turley is re-telling the story by linking back to “Opposing Views”, and “Opposing Views’ links back to NWITimes.

  3. When I lived in Indiana (40+ years) there were several cases of sexual predators using police-like lights to pull over and assault women in unpopulated areas late at night. As an attorney, I have advised my wife and daughter to NEVER pull over in such an instance until they can get to a well lit and populated area, preferably a residential area where they can pull into a driveway for the very purpose of drawing attention. This woman did EXACTLY the right thing, and this disgusting officer should have complimented her–even if she still deserved a traffic ticket.

    Any DA or prosecutor who would file such a case should be disbarred. Your job is to seek justice, not convictions. This is typical idiotic Republican-like thinking! Look at us, we’re “tough on crime.” No, you’re criminals with a badge and an oath that you’re too stupid to understand, much less uphold.

    Is there not one wise, honest police officer in this entire country anymore?!?

  4. Sounds like she flunked the “attitude test.” He expressed irritation and then she got argumentative, so felt his authority was being challenged and responded with an “I’ll show you who’s boss” felony arrest that will ultimately be tossed. Had she used a little common sense and apologized and explained her actions, it likely would have never escalated to this. Both were unnecessarily defensive, but I suppose everyone in Indiana is on edge these days. Time to switch to decaf!

  5. Nick

    Or Obama

    The cop and the police department should be pursued through legal avenues if they end up causing any damage to the nurse. The nurse should petition the government connected to have this ridiculous criminal charge dropped. There should be some surfacing of the incident in a public forum to realign the concept of police protection in the minds and actions of the police department.

    The police department was given the opportunity to make the appropriate adjustment from criminal to moving violation or what ever. By digging their heels in they are diminishing their value in society.

  6. She did what was prudent and wise. It’s better to be in a well lit area even if they are real cops.

  7. Bailers – you make a good point.

    I listened to a Colorado Springs police sergeant talking (a formal presentation in front of 25 people) about taking precautions such as pointing his gun at citizens during a traffic stop, or frisking anybody (Terry Stop) he talks with in the line of duty.

    He summed it up by saying: “You might be offended, but you will get over it; I go home safe.”.

    Somehow the Constitution, community relations and the concept of “public servant” have all disappeared from this cop’s thought process.

    Because of incidents like this one and the many things that I read in columns, my regard for cops has fallen over the years.

  8. Does anyone know why she was “pulled over” in the first place?

  9. I have driven a ways to find an appropriate spot to pull over. As a woman it is even more important. In fact, some literature suggests women drive to lighted police stations to be pulled over. I think this woman is in the right and the town is in the wrong.

  10. These are the kind of cases that turn middle class people that otherwise support police against them. How can I trust that I’m going to encounter Officer Friendly and not Sgt. Hardcore?
    This attitude that police have adopted in the past 10-15 years of instant compliance or you get what your deserve has to end. Eventually there won’t be anyone left to support police except themselves.

  11. A woman alone drives to a well-lit and less secluded area before stopping for a cop?
    I’m surprised he didn’t shoot and kill her.
    The gall!

  12. To resist arrest, you have to first be told you are under arrest. The only thing he could communicate to her, was to pull over.

    The officer should be arrested for abuse of power.

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