Study: 69 Percent Of People On Antidepressants Do Not Meet Criteria For Clinical Depression

Old_guitarist_chicagoThere is an interesting study out in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry that has concluded that the majority of people taking antidepressants may not actually have depression. The study found that more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of people taking antidepressants did not meet the criteria for major depressive disorder, or clinical depression.

Some 38 per cent of those taking the drugs did not meet the criteria for obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social phobia or generalised anxiety disorder either. More than two thirds of people taking antidepressants did not meet the criteria for clinical depression.

The researchers believe that doctors are prescribing the drugs without real “evidence-based indications.” Instead, it appears that people who are experiencing normal periods of blues or unhappiness are being put on these regimes. The official guidelines state that clinical depression should be diagnosed if a person has five or more depressive symptoms over a two week period. These periods are supposed to cover most of each day and nearly every day.

The United States is not the most medicated. That position belongs to Iceland with 106 doses a day for every 1,000 inhabitants — followed by Australia, Canada, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal. The lowest levels? Chile and South Korea.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Probably the reason this came up is because of the Plane crash and rumor of anti depressants of the Pilot

    It would be in keeping of the ploys of the MSM

  2. I am in Amsterdam and think I saw that painting in the Reicks Museum or however ya spull it. Maybe in the Van Gogh Museum– which is an exceptional museum.

  3. Wimper about all you want folks. It takes a doctor to write a scrip. If the doctor is wrong or bamboozled by phony stories and writes scrips for drugs to druggies then the doctor is not only wrong but evil. We need to identify these doctors and weed them out. The pharmacists know who they are.

    The other aspect of this is that a paranoid sczhophrenic person can pose a threat to others. Yet a suburban doctor may not wish to put a bad brand on the person and so the diagnosis is “bi-polar”. It used to be “manic depressive”. So these killers can be on the loose because doctor Who does not want to give JoeBob a bad diagnosis which will perhaps keep him from being a policeman. So there are a lot of wacko cops with badges and guns out there.

    It is time to reform the medical profession and perhaps do away with it.

  4. Paul C said …

    They were the ones who ended up in the principal’s office.

    Dang! I must have been one of them…as I spent a lot of time with various principals, in both public and private schools. 😀

    Back in my Jurassic period grammar and high school days the teachers found ways to engage the active kids, the ones who raised hell, and most succeeded and discovered kids who would buckle down and study a topic with intense focus just in the futile attempt to prove everyone else wrong. Good days. Most of those times I was wrong, but I learned how to accept being wrong.

    The again, by age 13 I was gone from the family home 11+ months a year and being in a strict boarding school, (co-ed no less…yum) I was highly challenged and fought back…e.g. studied hard to be on top. And still found time for varsity sports. A whole bunch of energy gets subdued that way. I missed Valedictorian by 3/10ths of one point below 4.0. The guy who got it deserved it…he was less troublesome, and just very bright. Good for him. I have been asked if I didn’t feel rejected by being sent away at 13 and the answer was always , oh heck no…I was cut free! Most of those years I didn’t even spend the 1 month I had for at home time there…I went places. Fascinating places. I loved my parents and figure they did better by me than most by letting me be me. I still love them, may they RIP today.

  5. Most of the big industries hedge their bets, giving some money to both parties. Having more parties than our dysfunctional duopoly would in the least, make these godless b@stards have to spend more money.

  6. Paul

    The sickness and perversion of our political system has metastasized through out from left to right to left to right.

  7. ” hilarious that someone, actually anyone, thinks that gender identity is related to discipline.

    My example was of someone who changed gender identity “as often as they changed their clothes.”

    There is no such disorder.

  8. OK let’s see:

    A. There are a lot of drug-free options for the treatment of ADD and ADHD. I would recommend learning to meditate and tracking the Reddit on tDCS–some of the reports coming in are quite impressive.

    B. Pretty hilarious that someone, actually anyone, thinks that gender identity is related to discipline. Actually not hilarious but piteously sad.

    C. The number of people ACTUALLY injured by doctors/nurses/drug errors is about 5-6 times the number of people who sue. A here’s an interesting bit of trivia for you: the best indicator of whether in injured patient will sue the doctor is whether or not that persons believes they have a relationship with that doctor. The more disconnected, the more likely to sue.

    D. There is always a risk of suicide with depressed patients and the use of antidepressants. A much higher risk in adolescents, but also in adults as they begin to feel a little better and suddenly have the energy to act on their bad feelings and distorted thought processes. This is why prescription-only treatment is almost always a terrible idea.

  9. Paul

    That’s what I said. And, when a SCOTUS that is right wing says it’s OK for big corporations, i.e. Big Pharma to spend as much money as they want buying up politicians then that’s SCOTUS interpreting the Constitution, or as you stated, tells you what it means. The Constitution is highly interpretive in some areas and has been ‘interpreted’ by SCOTUS to be on one side or the other of the line, many times. This can be seen when those in opposition to the determinations regularly fight to have SCOTUS reverse their decision. Roe v Wade being a prime example.

    My point is that in allowing corporations unfettered and ‘unaccountable to the public’ ability to fund or buy politicians it is definitely on the, as I believe, wrong side of the Constitutional line of interpretation. The proliferation of pharmaceuticals in our society is do to many factors. One substantial factor is that it is fast, easy, and very profitable for the industry. This can be seen, no interpretation needed, on TV in the evenings. It can also be seen in the statistics that others have posted regarding children and pharmaceuticals.

    I refer to my last point. What if the money, billions and billions, went to trained teachers and counsellors? Just sayin.

  10. Haz and Pogo, It helps when there is an ongoing EPA Superfund Toxic thread ongoing. Toxic attracts the toxic.

  11. The evidence is overwhelming, my fellow Badger fan. Wisconsin found out about NCAA basketball politics the hard way. Duke is a king, and the king will not be dethroned w/o help from it’s minions. I felt Bo’s rage.

  12. After a rocky start, this thread has recovered and been interesting and civil.

    It’s not unheard of the people self-medicate using their keyboards.

  13. After a rocky start, this thread has recovered and been interesting and civil.

  14. Few now remember the controversy when Prozac hit the market. It was the late 80’s and I had been in biz for a few years in Wisconsin. I was hired by a law firm that was defending some suicide lawsuits against Eli Lilly. Yes indeed, antidepressants can be a cause of suicide. There are still lawsuits, but they were big news back in the 80’s because Prozac was, I believe, the first of the SSRI’s to hit the market, and a really big deal and big moneymaker for Eli.

  15. Pogo, Bingo. I read a piece that boys who are borderline ADD, or not ADD, but are just being boys[active] are pushed into meds by female union teachers hounding parents. But, girls, who are ADD but compliant and well behaved, are not referred for testing by teachers. ADD does not mean hyper per se, just very distracted. ADHD is hyper. These girls struggle academically and could benefit from meds. As long as kids are not behavior problems, that’s all the union rat teachers care about. That is not all teachers, just the lazy, union rat ones. I worked w/ too damn many of that ilk.

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