Meet Bobbi Ann House: The “Military Mistress” On The Run

275FAB4100000578-0-image-a-2_1428499695165Police are searching for Bobbi Ann House, 39, dubbed the “Military Mistress” for what they allege is a pattern of fraudulent conduct, including marriages to 14 U.S. servicemen to steal their money. She is reportedly on the run with Zackerie House, 27, her new husband. They are reportedly driving a bright blue 2005 Cadillac Escalade purchased with a fraudulent down payment.

275FBCBF00000578-0-image-a-4_1428499724687House is accused for writing bad checks in Oregon, Colorado and Oklahoma as well as other fraudulent acts. House went by the name of Bobbi Ann Finley when she was sentenced in 2011 to three years in an Alabama prison for theft by deception.

One of her husbands now insists that she is a “domestic terrorist.”

The case is truly bizarre, including the notion that House could bewitch over a dozen soldiers to marry her. She is however looking at some serious jail time if these allegations are proven. Police have released photos of the Dallas couples in various locations as they enlist multiple state and federal departments in the search.


34 thoughts on “Meet Bobbi Ann House: The “Military Mistress” On The Run”

  1. Paul

    You’re running out of gas. That’s was next to nothing. Read the papers once in a while. Obama is kicking a** and his points are going up. The GOP and Libertarian bunch continue to make fools of themselves. Hopefully there will not be too many fools come election day.

    1. Issac – Obama or Hillary or Reid are always good for a freebie. And on slow days, Joe Biden can chip with the best of them.

  2. I hear that Hillary is already blaming her for deleting all the emails.

  3. Darren

    What’s the longest stay in the slammer for fraud and/or whatever else she will/should be charged with? After the humor dissipates, she caused a lot of harm. She is obvious the poster child for some sort of sociopath. Her actions can’t really be mitigated with the naivety of the guys. I suppose she could be selling stocks and bonds on Wall Street, but then it would all be reduced to a fine and perhaps a year with Bernie.

    In the court of common sense, perhaps 30 years with no parole. When she gets out, there will be no ‘pickens’ easy or otherwise.

    1. issac – I think the Obama administration has already made her an offer as their new spokesperson.

  4. Is she marrying and divorcing all of these soldiers to take them to the cleaners, or is she a polygamist who keeps marrying unsuspecting men?

    39 and on her 15th husband – she moves fast! She’s like a high-throughput bride.

    That’s a really rotten thing to do to our soldiers. They go through enough heartache leaving family behind to go on dangerous deployments. I hope they’ve posted her mug on all the military news sites.

    1. Nick Spinelli

      Self Depreciating Humor is a good sign……Is there any other kind 😉

  5. The question is how long before some sap marries her while she is in prison? She now has the potential of the greatest scam of all, ‘The religious conversion in the slammer.’

  6. Not all manical people that don’t get much sleep are mean either Nick!

  7. There is nothing about the Government or Obama in here to defend so you are safe I would think.

  8. These threads are always fun until the toxic trolls find them. Time for bed. The manic ones seem like they never sleep.

  9. HAZ, LOL. That smile is classic Winters. I wonder if she can do Maude Frickert.

  10. bam bam, Dudes get in trouble when they let the little head do the thinking. And I bet she knows how to take care of that little head, if I may be so bold.

  11. Nick

    These guys must’ve fallen in lust with the photo of the vixen in the cowboy hat and animal print top. What I don’t get is that 14 of them married her. I mean, they did MEET her, didn’t they? I wonder if they asked her what she did with the woman in the photo?

  12. bam bam, LOL! I would also put up her photo @ KFC’s and Krispy Kreme’s, Just a hunch,

  13. Dick Gregory always said that blacks would never be equal until they were convicted of white collar crimes. I guess woman have already have hit the mark.

  14. Just put out an APB for a wildebeest driving a bright blue 2005 Cadillac Escalade. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

  15. Starting in the mid to late 80’s an increasing number of the frauds I investigated were women, There were times most of my cases were women insurance fraud. I had a female PI who worked for me. Best PI I ever hired, I tried to give her all the female cases. but there were too damn many. So, myself and my other male employees had to take some of them. It’s good to have a female PI investigate a woman. It takes all the horseshit plaintiff attorneys like to throw out about the poor woman being investigated by a man. Juries saw that as horseshit, but it’s nice to not even have to deal w/ it.

  16. 14 servicemen married her? Say what?

    Just goes to show ya, there’s a lid for every pot. In her case, she’s a lid for over a dozen pots.

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