Stanford Holds Constitutional Conference On Executive Power

IMG_2143I am at Stanford to speak at a conference at the law school this week. I had the opportunity to walk around this truly magnificent campus today, a renewed pleasure that I would recommend to anyone.

I am speaking on Saturday as part of the law school’s conference “The Constitution and the Administrative State: Past, Present, and Future.” I will be speaking on a panel on Saturday at 1:30 moderated by Judge Consuelo Callahan of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and joined by Professor Eric Biber of UC Berkeley School of Law, Professor Zachary Price of UC Hastings College of the Law, and Professor Mark Tushnet of Harvard Law School.

This morning I broke away from litigation tasks in my hotel room (in a truly lovely Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park) to hike the “Disk Trail” and then walk around the campus. The trail has some wonderful wild flowers and a huge variety of song birds. You gain a wonderful view at the top of the hill of the bay and a nice 4 mile hike. You can then walk to the campus from the trail gate.

The thing I love most about Stanford is the smell of the trees and flowers and hit you as you walk through large campus. It is a truly breathtaking campus that reflects the outstanding scholarship that takes place here.

Here are few pictures from the trail and campus visit.









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  1. I went to a football game at Stanford stadium a few years back, after the new stadium was built, it was against the irish. Great stadium, great school, and great team. Gorgeous campus, finest university west of the mississippi.

  2. Issac … one area you and I disagree on is the negative impact of political parties on the economy. You insist it’s the Republicans and status quo. Being from Michigan I will say it’s both Democrats and Republicans who foster the status quo, and in terms of taxing the bejabbers out of citizens in Michigan, the Democrats like it, but the Republican love it…the Republicans are the worst here for creative taxation…and they lie like rugs equally with the Democrats. Just now they want to raise the sales tax to 7% from 6%, and the fuel excise tax from 18 cents to 45 cents per gallon….that’s Republicans grabbing for the savings Joe Sixpack has accrued at the gas pump lately. They claim literally that it, both sales and excise increases, is “all for the roads.” Nonsense of course for anyone who can read the propositions and bills…barely 2/3’s is for roads, if that. And, once MDOT has the funds in hand they ignore everyone else, Democrat or Republican and do with the funds as they please. Were it the previous Democratic administration it would be the same…Jenny the Dim just could not resist….in fact she endorsed and signed off on continuing our closeted VAT tax put in place by a Republican governor long ago. That’s Jennifer Granholm who solicited Obama, while she was still our governor, mightily for a position and even Obama took a pass on her. That was a smart avoidance by Obama…and she will now be grabbing at Hillary’s coat tails just in case. BTW…ole Jenny is a Canadian…perhaps her sole redeeming quality.

    What I am saying is that big money and status quo lovers are both rife in both parties. B-o-t-h parties. Period. Not seeing that is a log stuck in your eye, not a splinter. When you hear or read a pol say his/her proposal on budgetary matters is ” revenue neutral” that is your clue that one tax may come down, but another with replace it…the game is “can you find it?” I am sick and tired of voting for the least offensive candidates in elections, and I always split my tickets. Lately the results, either way, appear to be the same…more crap. I’ve not missed an election, save for my time in Asia in uniform, since 1964…but if 2016 turns out to be another choice of least worse, that may be the last time I vote on anything.

  3. Stanford is at the epicenter of the tech revolution, without which the US would today be in a much worse economic and social condition. The Republican fairy tale, the trickle down theory, or Reaganomics had crushed the US economy for seven years before the ‘new things’ began employing people and creating wealth. A market that, a few years earlier had not existed, was created. The grease on the skids was that technology had no adversaries. Technology was not vying for the same dollar as a status quo. It was and continues to be somewhat of an unobstructed highway forward.

    Not so with alternative energy; here the US lags far behind the leadership role it should have. The reason is the status quo, the Republicans, and those with misguided concepts of what it means to be American.

  4. I would like to see a Conference on the abuse of Legislative Authority. Start with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and go from there.

  5. Sounds like fun. Glad to see you in CA speaking about the abuses of executive authority.

    You probably saw the only California poppy around, although there’s more moisture by Stanford than down south. Last year we were absolutely carpeted in wildflowers, but this spring only a few brave poppies survived. Instead of El Nino we must have gotten El Primo (the cousin.)

  6. In my travels I like to stop and walk through college campuses. I spent a weekend visiting a friend who had a 1 year old child @ the Stanford Children’s Hospital for heart surgery. It was a stressful visit, but walks through the beautiful campus helped mitigate that stress. Stanford makes my top 3 most beautiful campuses. And, Palo Alto is a very nice town, w/ good mass transit into SF. Thanks for the photos.

  7. Well, here is you an Irish Poem that you can deliver to the audience! I can almost promise you the video of you saying it will go viral! 🙂

    Executive Disorder???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Sooo, now, “Whither the rule of the law???”
    It’s the darnedest thing I ever saw!
    ‘Cause, we used to have it—
    ‘Til Obama grabbed it—
    Now, we can’t get it out of his paw!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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