Baltimore Mayor: “We . . . Gave Those Who Wished To Destroy Space To Do That.”

mayorWith looting and rioting increasing in Baltimore, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake caused a bit of a stir in her press conference by explaining that she instructed police to not only give protesters room for the exercise of their free speech but “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.” The problem is that images of people being stripped of their bags and belongings in broad daylight seemed to confirm precisely that type of space. It is perhaps the most botched quote in the history of botched quotes.

The images have gotten worse today with fans being told that they had to remain in the Orioles Stadium even after the game was cancelled because it was not safe to walk on the streets of Baltimore.

The mayor insisted that the order to give space to the protesters was meant to “put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate.” It does not appear to have worked.

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  1. When she said “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”, perhaps she meant to finish with “…just to see how many ‘protesters’ actually and really are thugs.” And so it seems the empirical evidence now speaks for itself.

  2. Thorn, Interesting take on this. Thanks. There are indeed many cross currents and rip tides going on in these Democrat cities.

  3. The mayor says she “…gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”. And where was that space? It was in predominantly black communities since the police did little other than to contain the rioters to their own neighborhoods and then let them loot and burn at will. Its hard to not think about what the press would be writing today had the mayor been a white man who basically gave rioters permission to destroy black neighborhoods and did nothing to stop it. I am not saying that was her intention or the directions given to the police. I am sure it wasn’t. The police simply contained the rioting to where the rioters happened to be. But the press would likely be connecting very different dots today based on the mayor’s statement and the resulting destruction.

  4. hinky, Thanks for some comic relief from the archetypal Democrat Mayor, indeed “De Mayor” for showing us how Democrats have destroyed our once great US cities. Daley showed Democrats the formula. Dominate, destroy the opposition, and have complete control.

  5. Different city – different mayor – different riot:

    “The policeman isn’t there to create disorder; the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”

    Richard J. Daley, Mayor of Chicago, Democratic Convention Riots 1968

  6. “Orioles COO John Angelos offers eye-opening perspective on Baltimore protests”

    By Ted Berg

    “After protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray turned violent on Saturday, Baltimore sports-radio broadcaster Brett Hollander took to Twitter to argue that demonstrations that negatively impact the daily lives of fellow citizens are counter-productive. Orioles COO John Angelos, son of owner Peter Angelos, seized the opportunity to respond with a qualified and brilliant defense of those protesting.

    You can read the whole thing in Angelos’ Twitter replies, but it’s transcribed here for clarity. It’s all here because it’s all so good. Read the whole thing:

    Brett, speaking only for myself, I agree with your point that the principle of peaceful, non-violent protest and the observance of the rule of law is of utmost importance in any society. MLK, Gandhi, Mandela and all great opposition leaders throughout history have always preached this precept. Further, it is critical that in any democracy, investigation must be completed and due process must be honored before any government or police members are judged responsible.

    That said, my greater source of personal concern, outrage and sympathy beyond this particular case is focused neither upon one night’s property damage nor upon the acts, but is focused rather upon the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the U.S. to third-world dictatorships like China and others, plunged tens of millions of good, hard-working Americans into economic devastation, and then followed that action around the nation by diminishing every American’s civil rights protections in order to control an unfairly impoverished population living under an ever-declining standard of living and suffering at the butt end of an ever-more militarized and aggressive surveillance state.

    The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance, and other abuses of the Bill of Rights by government pay the true price, and ultimate price, and one that far exceeds the importances of any kids’ game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards. We need to keep in mind people are suffering and dying around the U.S., and while we are thankful no one was injured at Camden Yards, there is a far bigger picture for poor Americans in Baltimore and everywhere who don’t have jobs and are losing economic civil and legal rights, and this makes inconvenience at a ballgame irrelevant in light of the needless suffering government is inflicting upon ordinary Americans.

    Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore resident, suffered a spinal injury while in police custody after his arrest on April 12 and died seven days later. Six city police officers have been suspended pending an investigation into Gray’s death.”

  7. Strange. It was reported that most of the looters and rioters were high school students.
    Wonder if they got some kind of class assignment or were just out playing hooky?

  8. Watching the ‘thugs’ perform in Ferguson and Baltimore and reflecting on the riots in Vancouver BC after Stanley Cup Hockey game loses, I am reminded of the ‘mob’. In Roman times the mob was given its violence in the Coliseum or it took it out in the street. For much of the time Romans received cheap to free corn or the dole. There is a frustration that builds up in the ‘have nots’ that needs nothing more than this sort of spark. The ‘thugs’ rampaging, smashing cars, accosting people were venting pent up frustrations. If it wasn’t the Brown or Gray issue it would have been something else. As awkward and inappropriate as it sounded coming from the Mayor, there is some history to what she said. However, these things are best left unsaid.

    In Zurich in the early ’80s the society was so tight when it came to kids having fun that after a few ‘clubs’ in the industrial areas were closed for the typical petty drug busts, the youth rampaged on a regular basis. They were called ‘ice breakers’ and turned the once quaint downtown area that used to sport well lit shop windows, all night long, into a dismal area where the recently often broken windows were covered with steel shutters upon closing.

    The sad part is that Gray will become eclipsed by the mindless violence of ‘thugs’. In some part he will be associated with the black youth in hoodies simply destroying for the apparent need to destroy.

  9. I doubt that she truly wants B’more destroyed. I think it was a poor choice of words; that she meant to say something to the effect that the plan was to give the protestors time and space to blow off steam. Obviously that plan didn’t work; it turned into a full-fledged riot as the police were apparently ordered to stand by and do nothing. Or perhaps the cops were not acting because they figured, why bother…if they take action they will be criticized; why stick one’s neck out to protect a few liquor stores, and they probably live in the suburbs anyway, so who cares? Much like the Rodney King riots, the LAPD responded with a serious case of the “blue flu”, and stopped writing tickets, stopped making arrests, and just let the thugs run the streets while the politicians wrung their hands. It’s basically a passive-aggressive way for the police to reclaim some power. The liberal politicians love to criticize them, but when the cops stand back and let all hell break loose, the nervous politicians usually let up on the cops very quickly.

  10. These aren’t “protesters” per say… they’re opportunists to be violent.
    I can understand allowing peaceful protesters room to move about. What I don’t get is allowing the violent people a place to destroy their neighborhood. That part confuses me, the police and the rest of the neighborhood, itself. I guess this is what they mean when they say, it literally “spiraled out of control”. Time for the arrests and start the ball rolling all over again…

    Oh, and to the officer that got caught throwing rocks… I know it’s not when you throw rocks at people. Or, is this what they now call, “riot police”?

  11. The problem is not a botched quote but a completely incompetent mayor who not only condoned but facilitated if not aided, abetted and encouraged criminal conduct. If only the millions in damages she has caused could come out of her pocket rather than of the innocents she failed to protect. And then, of course, there are the irreparable personal injuries to the police. This is intolerable and so far beyond stupid in every way that it is incomprehensible.

  12. The mayor must have lost her mind. Looting and burning is not protesting. She has now failed those who voted for her and trusted her to make a difference as well as all of the residents of Baltimore. What a horrible tragedy for Baltimore.

  13. So assimilation isn’t exactly our strong suit.

    The American nostalgia of the 18th century when wage slavery need not exist because we have chattel slavery. What a beautiful time :).

  14. My goodness, but everybody is up late tonight. I am up practicing guitar, and watching Baltimore burn, live on FOXNews, and waiting here for the thunderstorms to hit.

    And yes, NickS, many of us here were slammed for calling thugs, thugs. And remember the furor over this:

    A Post-Trayvon Goodnight Prayer
    A Short Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
    And if my liberal friends get mugged,
    Please let it be a young Black thug!
    So when they get a busted snout,
    And all their brains are running out,
    They’ll gently go to those good nights
    As Champions of Civil Rights!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. Baltimore was a once beautiful city…quaint and colonial…now it is a cesspool turned into a sewer by the vermin that inhabit it’s more squalid corridors…

  16. It wasn’t a botched quote. The same mentality existed in Ferguson, Missouri, when Governor Jay Nixon failed to dispatch the National Guard and allowed the City of Ferguson to burn. The manpower was ready and able, standing by, waiting for orders to disperse, but the orders to do so never materialized from Nixon. Calls to Nixon went unanswered, as officials telephoned him seeking help. This story, now unfolding in Baltimore, is no different. The same marching orders, from our White House, to stand down and allow individuals to destroy their communities, is once again being used on one of our cities. This mayor, however, is not the brightest bulb in the pack and actually allowed the truth to slip out. If by botched quote, you mean she was quoting what the DOJ ordered her to do, then I guess it was botched. She was never supposed to let the American people know that an actual plan had been formulated to sit passively by as one of our cities is destroyed.

  17. And in a few years she will be at Baltimore or Maryland’s finest learning institutions as a professor of urban policy.

    These zones were clearly set-up in Ferguson too.

  18. You’re behind in the news cycle JT. Today she called looters, “thugs.” She appears to be a bit bipolar. Of course, she can call a thug a thug. You called Richard Sherman a thug and you were branded “RACIST” by the white guilt crowd here.

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