Baltimore Mayor: “We . . . Gave Those Who Wished To Destroy Space To Do That.”

mayorWith looting and rioting increasing in Baltimore, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake caused a bit of a stir in her press conference by explaining that she instructed police to not only give protesters room for the exercise of their free speech but “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.” The problem is that images of people being stripped of their bags and belongings in broad daylight seemed to confirm precisely that type of space. It is perhaps the most botched quote in the history of botched quotes.

The images have gotten worse today with fans being told that they had to remain in the Orioles Stadium even after the game was cancelled because it was not safe to walk on the streets of Baltimore.

The mayor insisted that the order to give space to the protesters was meant to “put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate.” It does not appear to have worked.

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  1. Karen S …. Detroit’s administration did exactly the same thing some 45 odd years ago…sat on their fingers until the fugits really hit the fan blades. Then it was too late (2 days late here once G. Romney, Vance, and LBJ got done dithering) and the city burned. At times I wonder if the liberal Democrats (who were in charge then) ever learn one dang thing from the past….I mean 45 years ago and nobody learned squat? I don’t fault LBJ…but I curse his advisors….who dragged their feet on petty issues. The F’ing city was already on fire! When “politics” surpass reason, everyone gets screwed.

  2. Well, her plan did not work out very well, did it?

    A strong mayer should have made an announcement that protestors were free to voice their opinions. But the moment someone picked up a rock to throw, broke a window, looted a store, fought, etc, they would be whisked into a waiting paddy wagon and taken to jail. Period. End stop. And she should have had thousands of police vans waiting.

    THAT would have “de-escalated” things. Passivity allowed lawlessness instead of putting a firm lid on things and protecting the citizens she was responsible for.

  3. Thorn … well said and reflects what Ive said on other threads. Self-esteem is paramount for anyone, and a job is part and parcel of that phenomena. Might we want to re-think the usual agency requirements that a man not be present in the home of mothers who struggle otherwise? Seems like we multiply the problem by demanding male removal? Yes or no? What on earth is wrong with a productive man in the household? Poor households are not unique and if a man can relieve even a bit of it, why not? Is it that hard to identify the lay abouts? I don’t think so.

    If I knew the answer, I ‘d be hollering. I don’t don’t know it, so I am just suggesting. We seem dedicated to counter productive schemes. I do not mean providing a hooch for layabout men, but for men who work and provide for a family. Are there really so few of them capable of this? How do we know with the “rules” we force adherence to these days?

    Or am I just an idiot fool who has lost contact with reality?

  4. Have to disagree that there is nothing that can be done to fix some of these cities. I grew up in NYC in the 60’s and 70’s. There were parts of the city you couldn’t go to at night and even in the day it was risky. Mid-town/Times Square was a cesspool. Mayor Guilliani changed it in his 2 terms and Mayor Bloomberg, before he went off the deep end on things like soda, continued the trend. I felt safe pretty much anywhere in the city at any time of the day (still wouldn’t have wanted my wife to go for a walk in Morningside Park at night). That appears set to change thanks to the new guy in town. The experiment continues. If NY goes back to where it was under Dinkins we will have (more) incontrovertible evidence it is the progressive Democrats that destroy cities.

    That said, NY had to go pretty low before voters called for and accepted change. Maybe Baltimore has hit that bottom, probably not. I do agree that for change to occur, a generation of liberal “its all our fault” whites and “blame the whites” blacks need to move on. Today, even the hint that the blame lies in liberal policies and fatherless families gets shouted down as racist ideology, even when it comes from a black man. Alcoholics have to hit bottom before they will admit they have a problem. So too with failed government policies and the people they hurt most. Its hard to admit that giving more to people who have little is a bad solution. You see someone who is having trouble making ends meet, whose kids go to a failing school, who has little in the way of job prospects and it seems logical that giving them (and their schools) more money is the answer. But when 50 years of this approach does nothing but make the situation worse, you need to look around for new approaches. Men and women need to work (running a household and raising kids counts as work) to feel good about themselves. A paycheck does far more than provide money for groceries. It gives self esteem and a feeling that you earned something. A handout does neither. Instead it breeds a sense of entitlement. If a rich uncle gives you some money, you soon start to wonder why he won’t give you more since he can afford it and you need it more than he does. Never mind he didn’t have to give you anything in the first place. He owes it to you and you resent him for not giving you more. That good feeling of having some money in your pocket only lasts as long as it takes to spend it.

    On the other hand, if you get a job and start to earn a paycheck, you start to feel good about yourself, and you feel that money is yours because you earned it. You watch what you (and the rest of your family) spend it on more carefully because you know how hard you worked to earn it. Its been this way since the beginning of time. Yes there are people who are unable to work and society has a responsibility to help them. But the vast majority can work and must work if they are to become responsible for their own lives and those of their children. Handouts are insidious. They breed a sense of resentment, entitlement, and a feeling that you are not responsible for your own life and decisions, much less those of your family. It is this last point, that your family is dependent on the government and not you that leads to fatherless families. Speaking only monetarily, your kids are better off without a father than with one if the family depends solely on the government for support. I can’t imagine how it would feel if I believed my kids were better off without me. Yet that is what progressive policies lead many to believe – or at least lets them rationalize. Of course kids depend on their fathers for much more than money but its easy to convince yourself that they don’t need you around if your self-worth is low and the government says they will take care of things if you simply walk away. And when things don’t work out well, as they usually don’t, you can simply blame the government and others instead of yourself for not doing enough.

    This is not rocket science.

  5. Squeeky

    I’m an unabashed purist when it comes to Lara Fabian. It’s gotta be Lara singing Je t’aime or go home! Lol! 🙂

  6. Squeeky

    Lol! You got me. Your Kumbaya trumps my What the World Needs Now. Great Video! Am I racist for not playing the Diane Warrick version?

    Don’t make me open up a can of whoop ass and break out some Lara Fabian! 🙂

  7. @PaulCS

    Smart white folks will figure a way around the criminal history thing. They can ask the black applicant for their favorite color, or put “gang affiliation” on the employment form, or just verbally ask them, “And do you need to take off to see your parole officer???” Plus, you can go online and get a lot of this stuff. Or, pay a private investigator to sneak the info for you by paying him cash under the table.

    I imagine most of them will “out” themselves when it comes to the line on the form that reads, “Street Name” —-and they put “Pimp Daddy” or “Eight Ball” or “Little Timmy” on it instead of Elm Street. 🙂

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Squeeky, Having a poor, or no work ethic; and thinking being smart is “being white” are two of the most self destructive traits one can have. I don’t see a way out of this for inner cities w/o some real tough love.

  9. @NickS

    I don’t see how anybody, Democratic or Republican is going to get those cities out of the mess they are in anytime soon. “Jobs” are great, but exactly what is that bunch of looting, rioting crap going to do for a living??? Can you see them working in an office where they have to read, and write, and speak decent English??? Heck, they can barely function in your average fast food place. The inner city schools are a zoo. Manual labor is about all they are fit for, but their attitudes of racial entitlement won’t let them. Plus, now you have millions of unskilled Mexicans, Chinese, Indians, and Central Americans coming into the workforce. Not only do they get the jobs that American Blacks should be getting, but they will start off at lower paying jobs, and work their ways up in more significant numbers than Blacks. Sooo, guess who is getting hired, the Mexican or the Black guy??? Intelligent employers will opt for the Chinese and Mexicans, etc.

    I don’t see this problem even starting to go away until the whole slew of stupid, pretentious, liberal baby boomers die off of old age, AIDS, or drug overdoses.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky – you are no longer going to be able to ask for the criminal history of a perspective employee. It is going to be just like NOLA.

  10. hinky, I’m not sure if you are historically/politically challenged, intellectually dishonest, or some hybrid. Virtually ALL major US cities, for the past 40-50 years, have been run almost TOTALLY by Dems. Virtually all of those cities are dying. They are to varying degrees, petri dishes of corruption and depravity. For the past 20-30 years, most of those cities have black mayors, city councils, police chiefs, etc. This is on Dems. You are pretty much the cheese standing alone here on this thread, in case you haven’t noticed. You chose to speak of the cesspool of Illinois. Yes, there have been ample felonious Dems and Republicans. But, Chicago has been run lock, stock and barrel by Dems for generations. The voters of Illinois finally said “BASTA” to Chicago controlling the governorship. As you may be aware, ALL counties except Cook voted for the Republican governor. That is remarkable. Now, since dead people in Chicago vote..two and three times, it was still a close gubernatorial election. But, good triumphed over evil..barely!! Rafflaw still grumbles that Pat Quinn lost. LOL!

  11. Well, poor Freddy Gray’s family is aghast at all this crap, and none of these looting idiots and thugs give a hoot, sooo maybe Baltimore needs an Irish Poem, about “mores”. (Pronounced ” ˈmȯr-ˌāz ) which is defined as, “the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of a community.”

    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Oh, what are those Balti-mores,
    That we’re watching on TV these days???
    It’s that one should choose
    To get free shoes and booze,
    And to heck with that family of Gray’s!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  12. What the mayor thought she was saying is less important than how it was perceived by the rioters, and by the police and city leaders who had to plan for it and provide direction to those who had to implement those plans. If people think they can riot with impunity, some of them will. And once others see there are no repercussions, many more will join. If you think the mayor is only interested in containing the violence rather than avoiding it, you plan accordingly. Clearly there was no plan in place to stop a large crowd from becoming violent. At best there was a containment plan. More likely the plan was to ‘cross-your-fingers and hope it doesn’t happen’. I would hope she didn’t really mean her plan was to sit back and let them burn parts of the city. However, the most obvious interpretation of her words was exactly what transpired, regardless of what she meant.

    1. Thorn – there seems to be a habit in some cities of rioting after winning national championships, whether professional or college. This seems over the top. I think the mayor gave permission to the rioters to destroy property within certain boundaries. I am not sure how the owners or their insurance carriers are going to handle this.

  13. Here we do not elect people by political party. We have a weak council, strong manager government.

  14. I have only been to the East once, for a quick trip to NYC. So, I do not know about these East Coast sayings. Is the mayor saying they blocked off space for them to destroy? And if so, how does the mayor decide this?

    Where I live we have never had a riot, so we are unfamiliar with the procedures.

  15. Nick – I really think you take the Democrat vs Republican thing too far. Certainly, the Democrats have no monopoly on corrupt mayors. A Daley predecessor was Big Bill Thompson, a Republican, who was Chicago mayor during much of Prohibition and was a corrupt as they come. Of course, you may be right about some old Southern Democrats who now call themselves Tea Party Republicans.

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