Facebooked: Montana Man Arrested After “Liking” His Own Online Wanted Poster

9960786-largeLevi Charles Reardon facebooked himself into jail after “liking” his own most wanted poster on a Crimestoppers Facebook page. The moment of vanity was not missed by police who arrested Reardon on April 24th.

Reardon, 23, who is accused of felony forgery involving a stolen wallet and forged checks.

Not exactly the Dr. James Moriarty of the criminal set.

21 thoughts on “Facebooked: Montana Man Arrested After “Liking” His Own Online Wanted Poster”

  1. We call Facebook : uttBayBook and are of the opinion you put anything on there you are a chump.

  2. Hey, cut the guy some slack. Obviously, he considered it a very flattering mug shot. I feel the same way about the photo on my Greek resident alien card but can’t figure out how to “like it”.

  3. Lol… Stupid is as stupid does.

    On a side note
    Darren let me know what was up with yesterday’s thread.
    Junk mail… Umm. Yea.

  4. Tonybot3 — there is IMHO a high likely hood that he was located because of forensic computer information, such as the IP address from which the page was “liked”

    1. Wouldn’t you have to get a search warrant for FB, deliver it and then wait for them to deliver the results? Great Falls is relatively small and finding him would not be that big a deal as long as he stayed in the community. Or as someone mentioned, by liking the picture, his attorney made arrangements to turn him in.

  5. i don’t get it? Was he using the police headquarter’s computer? How does liking a post allows it to be easier to arrest you? Why didn’t they arrest him prior to him liking it?

  6. The article doesn’t mention that “liking” the FB mugshot had anything to do with his arrest.

    ” The Facebook page managed to capture a screenshot before Reardon evidently revoked the like.

    Officers did not reveal how they found Reardon, who was arrested without incident.

    Did FB reveal IP data?
    Or, since the police had questioned him earlier, so maybe he came in because his lawyer advised it.

  7. You don’t have to prove they’re smart, just that they’re guilty.

  8. Well, Mr. Reardon earns an Irish Poem!

    All Thumbs???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a really smart thug. Not!
    Who put a “thumbs up” on his mug. Shot.
    Indicating, of course,
    That he had no remorse!
    Bad for him, when the cops this big lug. Got.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. You have to understand Great Falls, MT to understand this.

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