“It Felt Good”: Police Disclose That They Have An Alleged Confession By Woman In Kayak Murder Case

2835E7A600000578-3064520-image-a-21_1430503553009We have been discussing the strange murder mystery of Vincent Viafore and his fiance Angelika Graswald. The case appeared disturbingly circumstantial according to initial reports, particularly without a body. Now they have found the body and more importantly, the prosecutors revealed in court that they have what they are calling a confession. They quoted her as saying “It felt good knowing he would die” and that she admitted to tampering with his kayak to bring about his death. It was also revealed that she was the beneficiary of insurance policies for Viafore and had discussed after his death how she would spend the money.

Graswald is accused of killing Viafore on a kayaking trip on the Hudson River. The police accused Graswald, who regularly posted touching pictures and comments after Viafore’s disappearance, of killing Viafore in a faked boating accident. Graswald, 35, said that the two were kayaking in the river off Cornwall-On-Hudson, near West Point, when Viafore ran into trouble and fell into the river. Even though both are experienced water enthusiasts, he wasn’t wearing a life vest. She said that she tried to help him but that she then fell in the river and was separated from him. She was rescued later and called 911.

Graswald, a Latvian national of Russian descent, was was working as a bartender when she met Viafore a couple years earlier. She was divorced from her first husband in 2009 and, according to news reports, Viafore (a successful project manager) had been supporting her. Viafore was 11 years older.

The couple left Plum Point in separate kayaks at around 4:15 p.m. on April 19 and paddled to Bannerman’s Island and stayed about two hours. When the couple was about two-thirds of the way back, “the victim’s kayak filled with water, causing it to capsize.” The prosecutor said that Graswald was holding onto the kayak … he went under water and drowned,” around 7:15 p.m.

When Graswald called for help until 7:40 p.m. she said she had visual contact with Viafore, but her call was cut off when her kayak tipped.

2835EC6800000578-3064520-image-m-19_1430503341278Graswald initially said “I saw him struggling a little bit. He was trying to figure out how to paddle the waves. And then I just saw him flip, right in front of me.”

What is interesting is that this is still being charged as second-degree murder if she admitted to a premeditated act of murder. At the bail hearing, her lawyer was described as surprised by the disclosure of a confession, suggesting that Richard Portale was not told by this client. At the hearing, it was also disclosed that Graswald, 35, knew she was the beneficiary in two life insurance policies belonging to Viafore, 46. That gave her a $250,000 motivation in addition to diary entries that she wrote stating that she wished he was dead. Police also say that they have witnesses who say they saw Graswald intentionally overturn her own kayak.

282E274000000578-3063244-image-a-15_1430429966742The prosecutor said that she further stated that “she tampered with the victim’s kayak” and “knew it would contribute to his death.” Police say that she told them that she “felt happiness and relief” as she watched him go into the water, and that “it felt good knowing he was going to die.” Those alleged statements will no doubt be played against her postings after the death of Viafore. About four days after Viafore’s disappearance, Graswald posted a image of her kayaking with the caption: “If only I could have paddled harder, dammit…” That was followed with romantic pictures with captions like “I miss you, my love…” She even posted a cellphone video of herself driving with a friend to the Cornwall Yacht Club where she remarks “What a beautiful day: and then noted that the dashboard clock read 9.22 a.m. and said “Nine-Twenty Two is the date that we met.”

It does not get much stronger than that for a murder case absent a videotape. The question is why going through such trouble and premeditation, Graswald would allegedly confess — knowing that it would guarantee life in prison.

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  1. sociopathy does not brake for Latvians or Russians, it’s an equal opportunity “personality disorder”…I assume you were joking about the woman’s ethnicity, being a determining factor in her intelligence, and how it relates to her probable criminal activity…

  2. TinEar, Ego consumes intelligence almost every time. There were some pretty smart people in Leavenworth when I worked there. The best criminals have good self esteem and never talk about what they did or are going to do, w/ ANYONE. The ability to keep your mouth shut is lost on young people.

  3. She looks like a Latvian, not a Russian. I had a Latvian friend in school. Smart as hell. She earned an engineering degree from Stanford before females did that. I’m skeptical of the confession. Latvians are too smart to confess and Russians are too tough to be broken down by the good-cop and the bad-cop. Yes, she probably did it. Most likely a gold-digger who thought the old guy was a fool. “Americans and their money are soon parted.”

  4. There was a busload of retired Russian tourists @ the Glenwood Hot Springs when I was there. They were so stereotypical people were laughing uncontrollably. I remembered the Wendy’s commercial back in the 80’s of a Russian fashion show and laughed even harder. Wendy’s had a good ad company back then.

  5. I meant to write Poor Viafore a song the last time this topic was up, but I got lazy. Sooo, now I am re-energized!

    A Parody Song by Squeeky Fromm
    To The Sound of Volare

    Viafore, oh no!
    Viafore, go, go, go slow!
    Watch out with whom you consort!
    Stay away from watery sport!
    ‘Cause you have no assurance that your life insurance
    Is not more appealing than you!
    And you know it’s not funny
    What whole lots of money can do!
    And this Latvian girl friend???
    Oh My! She will be your end, too!!!

    Viafore, oh no!
    Viafore, don’t go with the ho!
    Don’t go out in your kayak,
    It’s doubtful you’ll ever come back!
    Now she might make it easy, but My God she’s sleazy,
    And no one knows what she might do!
    Oh, she might be real sneaky,
    And create a leaky canoe?
    Or spread Super Glue on thick,
    Sooo that when it flips you’ll stick, too,

    Viafore, Oh Beau!
    Viafore, I told you sooo!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    For people who don’t know the melody:

  6. Nick Spinelli: True! Who mugs like that for the camera when they are being booked for murder?

  7. As a wise prosecutor I worked for would often say w/ defendants like this, “You don’t have to prove they’re smart, you only have to prove they’re guilty.” Ego trumps whatever intelligence a person has most times. And, that booking photo should be an exhibit @ trial. It says, “I killed the SOB and loved it.”

  8. The Confession is presumably on videotape. No doubt it will be played in court if it comes to that. At which time, some here will claim the Tape was doctored because she wouldn’t be stupid enough to…..

    1. Rcocean – when I say jailhouse confession I am speaking of one of those where the defendant decides to spill their guts to their cellmate and the cellmate gets a deal on their sentence.

  9. Gary T wrote: “There is a death penalty in NYS.”

    nope. there is no death penalty in new york state, and there hasn’t been one for more than 30 years.

    in 1977, the new york state court of appeals (highest court in the state) effectively struck down the death penalty for murder of a police officer, and in 1984 struck down whatever was left of the death penalty (for inmates already serving life sentences). although the legislature has passed several bills which would have reinstated the death penalty, they have all been vetoed by the sitting governors.

  10. Confused as to why she will only be charged with second degree murder and not first degree murder. Seems like all of the elements exist for a charge of first degree murder.

    She’s going to be an old babushka by the time she gets out. I hear the borscht in prison sucks.

  11. Jailhouse confessions are too very convenient. The only thing that Texas may have correct is that such confessions are only admissible if in writing and signed by the accused. If there is an audio and video of the confession however that could be very, very convincing.even to us skeptics. -30-

  12. I had an encounter with a female black widow spider on a camping trip. It went into the camp fire.

  13. The woman is steeped in sociopathy…the eyes…the eyes never lie chico…

    1. Justice Holmes – this sounds like one of those suspicious jailhouse confessions to me.

  14. There is a death penalty in NYS.
    If they charge her with what looks like VERY premeditated murder, it might feel good to the victim’s relatives to see that happen.

  15. The answer to this question:

    “The question is why going through such trouble and premeditation, Graswald would allegedly confess — knowing that it would guarantee life in prison. ”

    Could be that she is only 50% of an evil genius.

  16. May I utilize a few old proverbs? “There is no fool like an old fool.” It is a truism that young attractive females prefer young attractive males. If there is a large discrepancy in age, looks and income. “Don’t rush in where angels fear to tread.” The man pictured looks like a really nice fellow, snookered by a beautiful, (but sorta creepy looking) younger Russian woman. A terrible fate befell him. I do believe in the death sentence. Hmm, it might feel good to see that happen with her.

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