Made Man: Sepp Blatter Reelected FIFA President Despite Expanding Corruption Scandal and Arrests

Flag_of_FIFA.svgSepp_Blatter_Nov_2013_ZurichIn the ultimate signal from the FIFA leadership that it cares little about corruption or public opinion or even criminal prosecution, Sepp Blatter, 79, was reelected as FIFA’s president for a fifth term by the world governing body’s 209 member associations. FIFA officials are still be processed as arrestees in the corruption investigation in the United States, but that was not a barrier to Blatter who has been accused for years of ignoring and even encouraging corruption in the organization.

In perhaps the greatest indictment, Vladimir Putin (who is widely viewed as running an equally corrupt and authoritarian country) denounced the U.S. investigation as meddling in FIFA. The successful Russian bid for a future World Cup is being criticized as a highly suspect effort by anti-corruption advocates.

Swiss authorities swooped into a hotel Wednesday and arrested some of the top soccer officers on corruption charges in the United States. The police notably went to one of the most expensive hotels in the world where these officials were treating themselves to another gold-plated over-the-top meeting with views of the Alps and Lake Zurich. They were led from the five-star hotel in an early morning raid, but many will be disappointed that one official remained in his luxury hotel room untouched: Sepp Blatter.

Live Sepp Blatter re-elected as Fifa president after Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein conceded defeat. Blatter secured 133 votes to Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein’s 73 in the first round of voting. That’s right, 133 members wanted Blatter to continue his corruption-laden tenure. Why? The answer is even more troubling than the scandal. He was reelected precisely because he represents the status quo corruption. He is the ultimate made man being maintained by other made men in FIFA.

This vote and FIFA is an utter disgrace.

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  1. Putin was right. This is the USA trying to extend its sovereign activity into nooks and crannies not before seen. Now perhaps FIFA is self enriching. What American cor;poration isn’t? Is the NFL not self enriching or the NBA? Or how about our antitrust-exempt national game, baseball? You’s a bunch of hypocrites!

    Even American “NONPROFIT” universities are corruptly milking the hell out of their college players who risk serious injury so that the “nonprofits” can rake in the billions! Why can’t these guys be unionized? What a joke! And the universities are great at posing as liberals– outside their own adminstrations! They would never eat their own medicine willingly.

    People who think that the good ole USA is a shining beacon on a hill, etc, Camelot, are just today’s version of the Puritans who thought they were founding a new Israel. PUHLEAZE!

    Sure, Putin’s a strongman! IS it better to have a weak head of state, who has to do what all the plutocrats tell him to do? Better to have a recognizable face to “tyranny” then the subtle yet phony two party façade we have in the USA, which keeps the parties both enslaved to banks & Wall Street. Sure fire way into fooling people into thinking that the government elections are really authentic, have TWO government approved parties to vote for! So much wiser than the old Soviet style elections, aren’t they? But never will we even have so much as a parliamentary system, no sir not under this Constitution.

    And if the elections actually malfunction and actually really do elect real change, you can count on the blackrobed oligarchs in the US Supreme Court to strike down whatever the plutocracy doesn’t like.

    Democracy? Was it democratic change that started the Civil Rights era, was it democracy that started abortion legalization nationwide, was it democracy that legalized sodomy or just rammed gay marriage down the throats of the recalcitrant states? Nah, but the USA is willing to start belligerent wars of conquest and justify them in the name of…. “Democracy”

    AS for FIFA, maybe its mismanaged, maybe they aren’t doing this or that properly, maybe they need some prosecutions. But this publicized and orchestrated transnational offensive is patently recognizable outside the USA as politically motivated way to bring the non-American world masses that play and love soccer and support Sepp Blatter, under US indirect control.

    PS Yes I love Soccer. So do millions of Americans. Get over it!

  2. “the justice system and plain decency have all failed.”

    It’s a colossal joke for JT not to discuss the (again) unequal application of the laws. IF we the US are actually doing something about FIFA, why hasn’t this guy been indicted and arrested???

    And shouldn’t our law enforcement be concerned with our own pro sports leagues (and college) which are rife with corruption.

    FIFA is a disgrace.

    And so is calling the NFL a thuggish corporation, but not calling for any legal action to be taken against them.

    Anyone can see the corruption of major, powerful institutions. That’s not public interest, but observation.

  3. Jim22 … you said “who cares” … reminds me of the brief time I watched any soccer and cared just a bit…e.g., I was a fan of Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain. Today, huh?

  4. sarc. This I all on purpose….they know I hate soccer and would rather be water boarded….twice on anybodies sabbath. End sarc. But ironically in millbrook they decided to build a soccer stadium in my back door. My property value just tanked. And on this same day made the plan public. The realotor violated ethics. The council man violates ethics….but it is
    for soccer. I hate soccer.
    hello anyone have a 12 gauge with ammo I can stix in my mouth? Alabama broke all the rules for soccer….the ymca apparently is building the stadim in my back yard thanks to the insiders……but I won’t shoot myself…..we is going to court….sure my jury of my peers are gonna be ‘soccer’…..?

  5. I think this elitist, corrupt, cabal should be litigated unofficially. Hire the thugs in Naples and Sicily to get rid of this group of sissy criminals.

  6. One who has septocockus should not be in charge of those who kick balls around.

  7. Jim22-

    Normally, I share your view of soccer, but there is a heartbreaking cost to FIFA’s corruption:

    “Human rights advocates’ worst fears about Qatar seemed to be confirmed as Qatar began building the infrastructure to host the Cup, and reports of migrant worker deaths started to pile up. The numbers, to the extent that we know them, appear startling: A Guardian investigation last year revealed that Nepalese migrant workers were dying at a rate of one every two days. In sum, the Guardian put the total Qatar death toll of workers from Nepal, India and Bangladesh at 964 in 2012 and 2013.”

  8. Well, this deserves an Irish Poem! Because it seems to me like quantum mechanics and time paradoxes are occurring . . .

    A Sepp-tic Tank???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    In the normal progression of time,
    Things occur with some reason and rhyme.
    But in soccer world cliques,
    The kick-backs precede kicks???
    A strange and bizarre paradigm!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. I’m surprised JT (or anyone) is surprised or shocked. Corrupt: “cause to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.” So, the FIFA leadership votes to keep a corrupt official in charge of a corrupt organization. Where do you think all the money goes that Blatter and his running buddies rake in? After drugs, gambling, cars and women, they pass it down to the minions in the 209 member associations who, in turn, vote to keep the corruption at the top and the money flowing down.

    Geez. Has JT never watched The Sopranos? Or heard of a guy named Putin? Or the AFL-CIO?

  10. FIFA’s constitution supposedly has a “$1 million = one vote” provision. Looks like that will have to go as well.

  11. Another question is, by whom the hell Prince Ali-Bin from a country that knows nothing about soccer being supported? Oh yeah, by the most corrupt bunch, some of whom have been arrested. Perhaps it’s just the lesser of the evils, kind of like US politics.

  12. They once banned Hungarian fans from the game between the jews and Hungary because they had a Palestine flag

  13. The fans, the governing bodies, the justice system and plain decency have all failed.

    Now it is in the hands of the sponsors – only they can force change.

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