Last post.

by Chuck Stanley

I am advising Professor Turley that I am out of here. There have been profound changes in my life this past week, and I no longer wish to play.

I will not be reading, nor responding, to any comments. If any are addressed to me, you will be talking to yourself. If this does not make sense to you, you can find my writings on Daily Kos (as Otteray Scribe) and Flowers for Socrates.

Have a nice day.

28 thoughts on “Last post.”

  1. Although I’ve been on this blog a long time, I confess that this is the first time I’ve heard of this person. It’s so sad to read of anyone’s loss of a loved one, but that is the greatest of all reasons for making life changes.

    Unlike religious people who hold onto a baseless belief that they will one day see their lost loved ones again, I know that I will never again see any those I’ve lost. This life is all we have. And that makes it and each of us so much more precious.

  2. The comments here are very kind and show that being active in a blog has its rewards.

  3. Since two posts by Mr Stanley have been cited here, it should be noted that the words are essentially the same on both, but the Daily Kos post has a series of photographs that tell the story in a most poignant way. The photographs are worth the visit to Kos, even for those who might otherwise not visit. The affection for Brandi Nicole is revealed in ways words cannot replicate.

  4. Just noticed that Ramesh posted a similar link to FFS, versus Kos, early on this thread. None-the-less, it bears repeating. Man I am getting old and apparently memory is no longer a strong point šŸ™

  5. Mr Stanley,
    Please accept my heart felt condolences over the loss of your daughter. May you heart heal and your memories be so loving and happy ones.
    You have brought profound comments to this blog and have helped us all to think and consider another viewpoint. God Bless and be with you.

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