Texas Police Officer Suspended After Release of Videotape Of Response To Disturbance At Pool Party

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 8.48.04 AMA McKinney, Texas police officer has been suspended pending review after the posting of a videotape where he draws his gun and manhandles a group of teenagers outside of a pool party. The officer has been identified as Cpl. Eric Casebolt and he is shown being verbally and physically abusive toward young people who are not clearly doing anything unlawful.

The pulling out of the gun is a rapid escalation in a call over a dispute between a mother and a girl at the party. The McKinney Police Department’s Facebook page states that officers responded to a “disturbance” at the Craig Ranch North community pool at 7:15 p.m. It added that the juveniles at the scene “do not live in the area or have permission to be there.” It further says that people failed to respond to orders and officers struggled to “gain control of the situation.”

ericcasebolt-e1433704705104caseboltparty3-e1433735471752Casebolt,40, is a 10-year-veteran and serves as a vice president of McKinney’s police union. He received an award for “Patrolman of the Year” in 2008. The Washington Post reports that he is an instructor at Executive Self-Defense and Fitness and has a website that heralds his “ strong working knowledge of human behavior” and “experience in the use of all levels of force.” As is often the case, people have collected various pictures of Casebolt though the one dressed as an Indian chief at a party seems to be the favorite. That is part of the reality of the world of social media today.

Do you consider this level of force to be justified?

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  1. Wadewilliams
    1, June 12, 2015 at 12:30 am
    “ ‘Nancy Drew’. Very nice.
    “She almost seems heartbroken that there are no riots, no mobs, no burning buildings, no stolen “pampers.
    “She Sees Dead People!”


  2. “TACOMA, Washington — A picture snapped of two Washington State police officers has been shared thousands of times on Facebook this week.

    “But this photo doesn’t show the officers doing something wrong, in fact the woman behind the photo told Q13 FOX News it highlights something very right about police in her hometown of Tacoma.Tara Scheidt posted the photo of the officers to to her Facebook page Monday night. The picture shows in-uniform police playing basketball with two young males in a neighborhood just south of the Tacoma Dome.

    “Scheidt explains:

    “ ‘Yep, this just happened on my street tonight! There was a domestic violence call in the area and afterward these officers played a little basketball with the kids in the neighborhood. This is why I love Tacoma and this is why we are worlds apart from other police departments. Tacoma Police get the concept of community policing. It actually happens in neighborhoods like yours and mine.’ [emphasis added]

    “Scheidt tagged Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, city council members and others. The post was quickly shared more than 50 times. Scheidt said it was amazing to see police play basketball with the kids, who were worried and nervous from the earlier disturbance in the neighborhood.

    “ ‘They broke down that wall,’ Scheidt told Q13 FOX News. ‘All the kids were asking if they would come back and ride bikes.’

    “Other residents chimed in on the comments section, saying the photo was just another example of one of the Pacific Northwest’s most community oriented police forces in action.

    “ ‘Love our TPD,’ Nona R. Carmichael said.”


  3. @ bam bam

    “Continue hallucinating that I called anyone a liar or a coward; I claimed, and I still do, that an investigation was never completed and that the chief folded to avoid a disastrous outcome.”
    [emphasis added]

    “The police chief, in an effort to calm the situation [that your febrile imagination has conjured up] declared the behavior as INDEFENSIBLE. This would’ve been believable [emphasis added] had there been sufficient time to conduct a full [bam-bam-grade investigation] and interview all possible witnesses. [But as there was no bam-bam-grade investigation, what the chief said is not believable].

    “Given the short amount of time between the incident and the announcement, I am confident that neither of those occurred. The officer is dispensable. {So contemptibly cowardly Chief Conley threw this hapless human sacrifice to the howling wolves, right?]. The chief, in his wisdom, wanted to save his city from the same fate witnessed in Baltimore and Ferguson. I can’t say that I blame him. It is a shame, however, to see a police chief cower and yield to the fear of mob violence. [which mob violence you have all but actually hallucinated]. [emphasis added].

    Suffice it to say that McKinney’s LEOs and other citizens are fortunate to have as the chief of police someone with Chief Conley’s cognitive capacity and ethical integrity, rather than someone who refuses to recognize police misconduct, even when it is documented in a full-color seven-minute video, shot in broad daylight, with crystal-clear audio, from a few yards away.

  4. Ken

    “Nancy Drew”. Very nice.

    She almost seems heartbroken that there are no riots, no mobs, no burning buildings, no stolen pampers.


    She Sees Dead People!

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