FIFA Flob: Soccer Organization’s $29 Million Film Makes $609 In Debut

imagesWe have previously discussed the disastrous reign of FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who made himself and the soccer organization notorious for mismanagement and corruption. Yet, like any organization of “made men,” Blatter was immune from virtually universal contempt until recently when a criminal investigation put him directly into harm’s way.

Sepp_Blatter_Nov_2013_ZurichThe latest Blatter bomb is the $29 million testament to Blatter’s unparalleled ego: the film “United Passions” made by the FIFA. The movie has grossed $609 after being released to 10 theaters in the United States. That is $319 for Friday night moviegoers.

Nothing quite sums up the disgrace that is Sepp Blatter like this movie with Tim Roth playing Blatter. He wisely did not show up at the premiere. Indeed, the two leads were as hard to find as an ethics expert at a FIFA conference.

The Times’ Michael Rechtshaffen put it simply in reporting that the movie “comes across as a squirm-inducing heap of propaganda at its most self-congratulatory.”

6 thoughts on “FIFA Flob: Soccer Organization’s $29 Million Film Makes $609 In Debut”

  1. FIFA is turning into isis for this blog. There are so few issues to talk about with things we know some about in our own country that we must talk about the “real” threats in this world. Haha you work in DC JT, no rational person accepts this nonsense.

  2. “That is $319 for Friday night moviegoers. ”

    $319 in revenue? With adult ticket prices approaching $10 it seems reasonable to believe about 30 adults and maybe a child or two found this interesting. Couldn’t be the word of mouth on the first night – Maybe it was the marketing.

    Well, maybe they will make it up when they release the CD, and there is always foreign distribution – soccer is much bigger in other countries.

  3. When you get Sepp in the bladder then things go to hell in a handbasket.

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