Texas Police Shutdown Girls’ Lemonade Stand As Unlawful “Peddlers”

lemonade-shut-down-leadThe police in Overton Texas have scored another victory over neighborhood lemonade stands. We have periodically seen these cases where police swoop down on stands run by kids in one of the oldest traditions of American life. I do not blame the police as much as the City of Overton for failing to have a code that can accommodate such kid lemonade stands or a modicum of discretion afforded to police in the enforcement of city permit regulations. In the meantime, Andria and Zoey Green’s business is closed by order of the city.

A video shows the police questioning the mother and instructing her that a permit is required. When a friend went down to city hall to obtain a permit, the family was told that the city was willing to waive the $150 fee for the city’s Peddler’s Permit but would need to contact the health department for permission to operate the stand. This in turn would require an inspection that must be conducted and a permit must be issued in order to sell anything that must be temperature-regulated to prevent bacterial growth, including lemonade. In case you missed the gist of the story, this is a child’s lemonade stand that would require a variety of adults inspecting, permitting, and approving the operation before they can sell their first cup.

Source: KLTV

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  1. I only skimmed this thread… but I didn’t see the link I will now provide:


    My dad emailed it to me a few days ago, and I had this response:

    “Interesting… I like that. I thought it might be one of those ‘one day only, we will not bring the force of government down on young entrepreneurs, letting them see how benevolent their god-government is to grant them this small window of self reliance and accomplishment’.”

  2. Squeek, This Republican governor was invited to the southside black church shortly AFTER the election. Black folk are starting to wise up. They are hearing the words of the great Malcolm X, “You been had, you been hoodwinked, you been bambooled.” Another great black hero, Jackie Robinson warned blacks about becoming enslaved to the Dem party. He met w/ JFK and could smell the condescension from the limo liberal.

  3. Oh I do mock your dismay of finding yourself spiraling out of the middle class because of increased health care premiums. And I mock you saying that AIDS treatments are a “total failure”.

    But to say I mock the AIDS crisis is a flat out lie.

    Here’s my comment @ 11:22 on Montana post 6/11


    I was mocking you for calling AIDS treatment a total failure. You called it a total failure. That’s simply crazy talk.

    I call the long term survival of hundreds of thousands of victims something of a success. I call the saving of all those HIV children a success. I’ve a couple of friends who are living today, that would have been dead twenty years ago. They’re pretty damn happy about that. And you never even mentioned another apparent ‘failure’ in fighting this disease – the pre-exposure prophylaxis. You were too busy being shocked by anecdotes of gay conversion parties.

    Color me unimpressed with your scientific assessment


  4. “No need to accept the dirty federal money that will enslave all your children”

    1 – did you read the examples to which I linked actual examples of CC math problems? Because otherwise your snide remark sounds like are not educated about CC.
    2 – The schools want the money, the politicians want the money, and the parents do not want CC. We have no voice in the matter. All we can do is complain and hear dismissive remarks from people who have clearly no experience in CC math.

    So the schools and politicians will get their money, the DOE gets their hand in CC, and the students loose out.

    But since you mock the AIDS crisis as well as health insurance premiums doubling for the middle class in a recession, you probably don’t care about kids either.

  5. Karen

    States can say yes to Common Core. States can say no to Common Core. Nobody is forcing them. Free to choose. Just like you want it.

    States fund their own schools. States want more money to run their schools? Raise the property taxes. Increase class size. Don’t want to do that? Okay. Maybe you can decide not to clean the schools – or kids can bring their own toilet paper – eliminate sports teams – eliminate air conditioning. Be creative. Close all the land grant colleges and give the money to K-12 education. Be a laboratory and experiment. That’s what states can do.

    No need to accept the dirty federal money that will enslave all your children

  6. @NickS

    I am still waiting for some candidate to point out all the security bars in poor black neighborhoods. On windows, doors, porches, basement entrances, air conditioners. . .

    Who are those bars supposed to keep out??? The KKK??? White Republicans??? Or maybe black Democrats???

    Your choice!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. Republican candidates have been visiting white churches, black churches, Hispanic churches every election cycle for years. Nobody gets the vapors. It’s just what all candidates do. Some church members like the guy. Some do not. Some pastors like the guy. Some do not. They still invite the candidates to visit. .

  8. Karen, At some point the chickens are going to come home to roost. I’m seeing some black, inner city ministers making the point that they have elected black politicians for generations now, and the pols get rich and the cities get poorer. There’s an eloquent minister from the southside of Chicago who had the temerity to invite the Republican Governor of Illinois to speak @ his church. The black Dems pols had the vapors.

  9. Wade:

    You are incorrect about Common Core.

    In order to receive billions of dollars in RTTT funding, or waivers from No Child Left Behind, states had to adopt CC standards. There is also a review board on the Department of Education for CC. They used a backdoor technique common for politicians to circumvent the law – make something “voluntary” but restrict desperately needed funding if states do not adopt your criteria. CC was developed by the Board of Governors, and state education systems (which one can assume were influenced by the Teachers Unions), but it was financed by the federal government, and reviewed by the DOE.


    I do not have any problem with there being minimum proficiency requirements to graduate from high school. But anyone who supports CC (of any political party) should be encouraged to look at these actual examples of CC math problems:


    You have to diagram number bonds to do addition, visually represent numbers to do subtraction.

    On the one hand, studies show that kids that don’t get help from their parents on homework fare worse in school. On the other hand, parents cannot help their children with simple addition and subtraction problems. We already know what the outcome will be for effectively removing parents from providing help, and for making simple arithmetic a complicated logic problem.

    The left hand is working at odds with the right hand.

  10. Wade is getting hysterical.

    The most bombed out wrecks of neighborhoods have been under Liberal rule for decades. They were given every chance and a lot of taxpayer money to prove the superiority of their paradigm, and failed. Where are people the least likely to climb out of poverty? Liberal Baltimore.

    Anyone who proclaims the superiority of the Liberal social paradigm in 2015 has either not studied the statistics, or inexplicably thinks he will suddenly observe a different result.

    Many Liberal citizens mean well, but they are clearly not researching the cause and effect of their votes to determine future adjustments. I believe many Liberal politicians are just employing the old gimmick of throwing money and benefit promises out of the campaign van to buy people’s votes.

    Oh, and speaking of Unions, were you aware that after campaigning so strongly in CA for the minimum wage to go up to $15, pounding any business who asked for a waiver, unions . . . wait for it . . . asked for a waiver for any business who unionized. So, if they get what they ask for, they have effectively put in place a system to encourage unionization of businesses.

    Aren’t unions grand? I especially enjoy articles about their defending bad teachers against being fired. They really love the kids, those unions.

  11. @ Richard Faust
    1, June 12, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    “As the vice-chairman of the Chicago Bar Association, I co-penned with Martin Moltz, an opinion that the Senate Omnibus Bill 1, under the shepherdship of Ted Kennedy would destroy the independence of Federal Judges. The very conservative CBA accepted our plea to the Senate, but it didn’t matter. Fast forward, in an era when serious felonies have decreased by 100%, incarceration has increased threefold.” [emphasis added]

    Here’s a better link to the article on Bastiat’s The Law that I cited up-thread:


  12. jim bob 22

    OMG! Do you think some states are corruptible and want to accept money from the feds willy-nilly? That doesn’t seem possible!

    I found this…

    To get grants from Race to the Top — Obama’s signature education program — or waivers from the mandates of No Child Left Behind — an education reform law adopted under President George W. Bush — states have to prove they have standards to prepare students for college and work. They don’t have to adopt the Common Core Standards, but that works as one way to qualify for grants or waivers.

    There was a rush by states to adopt Common Core by August 2010 because establishing standards won them points in the competition for a share of the billions in Race to the Top grants.

    Tom McCarthy, a spokesman for Pope, acknowledged “there really wasn’t a credible alternative to Common Core” at the time.

    So, the federal government didn’t force Common Core on the states, but it did create incentives for states to adopt the standards.


    So there you are. Those nasty feds cleverly offered incentives. Despicable! And the states, craven cowards that they are, had no choice but to take the handouts. We would all be in favor of them handing out those billions without the states having to meet any standards, right?. Isn’t that what we want? I think we call it accountability.

  13. On the topic of lemonade stands. For people who are generous, there is a great charity called Alex’s Lemonade Stand. It is a very personal cause for me. Unlike some “charities” like the Clinton Slush Fund, virtually all the money goes to childhood cancer causes. Consider this cause when feeling charitable.

  14. If you think about people who whine about hard working people, they are almost always unsuccessful people. Life did not turn out they way they hoped and they resent people who have worked hard and achieved success. They will call achieving friends and family greedy. Now, they’ll be happy to sit in their beach house or lake house, they will always ride on their boat, but behind the backs, they will critique their lifestyle. For anyone to assert successful people want to put kids into coal mines, picking cotton, is on its face absurd. We successful people know what it takes to achieve a goal and we know it starts @ a young age. We don’t want this generation to be worse off than we are, a sad possibility. We know it takes focus, hard work, and goals. I grew up in a blue collar, ethnic home. You studied hard and worked hard if you were going to be a Spinelli. And, the work started @ age 12. All 4 of my grandparents were immigrants and came to this country w/o a pot to piss in. Hard work made them successful. Hard work made their kids successful. That’s the way it works. Envy and resentment are poison. Only the people you’re envious don’t get poisoned, you do. There’s a lotta resentment poison on this thread.

    1. As the vice-chairman of the Chicago Bar Association, I co-penned with Martin Moltz, an opinion that the Senate Omnibus Bill 1, under the shepherdship of Ted Kennedy would destroy the independence of Federal Judges. The very conservative CBA accepted our plea to the Senate, but it didn’t matter. Fast forward, in an era when serious felonies have decreased by 100%, incarceration has increased threefold. Hey, Jonathan, look up People v. Alejos. That’s me. More prisoners were released as a result than any case in the 199 year history of Illinois. Just sayin’. Over and out.

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