Coolest Cubs Dad Ever

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 5.43.00 AMKeith Hartley may have accomplished the ultimate. First, he caught a foul ball at a major league game. Second, he did it with one hand while bottle feeding 7-month-old son, Isaac. Finally, he caught a ball that was hit by a Cub (Jason Hammel) and about to be caught by Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. That is the stuff of legend.

Of course, the Dodgers had good reason to object. It was fan interference and he should have yielded when he saw Gonzalez go for the ball. We have had painful experiences with fans catching balls at Wrigley.

A replay showed Hartley clearly reached over the tarp and the inning was called against the Cubs for fan interference. It does look like Gonzalez would have easily caught the ball.

Hartley had a great line afterwards: “[Gonzalez] didn’t say anything [to me]. I think I turned around too quickly for him to interact with me. Hopefully he’s not too angry. He is on my fantasy team. I want to keep him happy.”

Gonzalez matched it with an equally good line. After first saying that he did not think Hartley should have been removed from the game, he noted “It would have been more impressive if the baby would have caught it.”

Hartley even got a shout out from Cubs manager Joe Maddon who said “That was outstanding. You worry about the baby, of course, but he looked like he had it under control. It looked like he did it before. That was really a great play, a great play. There was some levity involved for the entire audience.”

Ok, as a lifelong Cubs fan and a new Maddon fan, I am now very very jealous.

By the way, Cubs fans this season have made news in multitasking catches.

In addition, the Cubs are now 39-30 and virtually tied for second in the NL Central (though the Cardinals in first appear unstoppable).

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  1. Nick Spinelli

    I was being sarcastic. It’s certainly a big deal. I think it’s the only noted instance of corporate espionage in professional sports in the U.S. I love the Cards and Cardinal Nation, but like the bias on here when it involves the United States and another country, organization or group, they (Cardinal Nation) will not rest until it is spun there way – facts be damned. The emotion and loyalty will override thought and an incisive understanding.

  2. Juris, Since 4 people lawyered up, it’s not simply a lone wolf prank like fat Bernie is trying to spin.

  3. Juris, I read a piece by fat Bernie on this in the Post-Dispatch. He is being a lapdog for the Cards and trying to make it a funny Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight story. Having worked for a prosecutors office, I KNOW most criminals are stupid. But their stupidity doesn’t mitigate the seriousness of the offense. I believe the Federal Sentencing Guidelines have a 35-80 month sentence. My bride is a retired Federal PO, but she’s asleep so I can’t verify that.

  4. Nick, as a Cards fan and fellow St. Louisan, I think I can speak for all of Cardinal Nation in saying the “hacking” allegations are very serious and disturbing. If the Cardinals execs are smart, they will swiftly remove any and all personnel involved.

  5. I always like to point out when we agree, Isaac. I have a lotta respect for the A’s and Beane. I’m currently loving seeing teams like the Astros and Twins winning. Small market teams always have a place in my heart. I just read 4 Cardinal front office people have hired criminal defense attorneys. I hope they do some time.

  6. If the A’s can get two good relievers, they win the World Series. Or if the starters Bean has put in the bull pen can adapt. Pommeranz might make a good reliever. Clippard might make a good closer. The, pigs might fly.

  7. Successful and hackers. It’s just a question as to what Cardinal people were hacking. This is a big deal, TJustice. Someone could do time. It’s not corking a bat or even PED’s. It’s corporate espionage and I could see a judge making an example of the perps to nip this horseshit in the bud. I think it’s a carryover from the cheating LaRussa regime.

  8. Nick Spinelli

    Or just a wildly successful baseball franchise #Hater

  9. That photo belongs in the Wrigley Hall of Fame.

    Wrigley Field is the best stadium in baseball. They put up a huge ugly TV screen in the bleachers which is a sin.

    1. BarkinDog – putting the TV screen in the bleachers may be in poor taste or violate your sensibilities, but it is not a sin. 😉

  10. Good observation. The kids got game! I found over decades of coaching baseball that many kids have abandoned the greatest game because of fear. One of the fears is of getting hit by a fastball. Another, getting a line drive in the teeth. The other fear is that of failure. When you strike out, all eyes are on you and it is a long walk back to the bench. Baseball, more than any other game, is psychological. It cannot be played w/o a positive attitude and an understanding of fear. Everyone has some level of fear when they go up to the plate and face a pitcher who can bring it. Good players can deal w/ that fear.

  11. Looking at the photo, the baby seems to have his eyes on the ball. If dad had miffed it, the kid was there for him. 🙂

  12. I bet some of the nanny moms here don’t approve. I watched the Cubs v Twins last weekend. If Castro ever gets his head out of his ass they might be going somewhere. The guy needs a good shrink. Maddon has been the best manager in baseball for the last decade. Epstein is one of the best GM’s. Maybe?

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