Georgia Teen Allegedly Leads Violent Flash Mob But Is Then Arrested After Returning To Trashed Store To Retrieve Cellphone

DJR8X.AuSt.71We have been following the growing menace of flash mob attacks on stores where teenagers descend on a store, trash its interior, and steal merchandise — only to vanish with the arrival of police. However, in the case of a trashed Macon Wal-Mart, police say that they not only have videotapes of the mob but one of its leaders, Kharron Nathan Green, 17, who made the mistake of returning to retrieve his cellphone.

In a flash mob case, the cellphone is critical evidence of course. In this case, the mob hit the Wal-Mart late at night with four dozen people, including people flashing gang signs. Teens attacked a man on a motorized shopping cart and did $2000 damage.

Green is identified in the surveillance video as leading a mob of teens in the planned attack. However, he denied any knowledge at the police station until his parents arrived and were shown the videotape. He then admitted his involvement but refused to name anyone else. However, with the phone and the identification of the leader, police have much more than they usually have in such cases. The question is how hard the Macon police will push to prosecute the other teenagers. This is a crime that is growing due to the lack of deterrence through prosecutions.

As for Green, his lack of cooperation on naming other culprits could seriously undermine an effort to plead guilty for a lower sentence. The phone itself is now likely to be introduced as evidence of a premeditated act of rioting.

The choice of a second degree charge on property damage is interesting. Here is the code provision:

1st Degree Criminal Damage to Property

You could be charged with criminal damage to property in the 1st degree if the prosecution has probable cause to believe you did one of the following:

1. Knowingly and without authority interfered with property in a way to endanger human life, or

2. Knowingly and without authority and by use of force or violence interfered with the operation of any public communication or transportation system, sewer, drainage, water supply, gas, or other public utility.

First degree criminal damage to property is a felony and carries a potential sentence of 1 to 10 years in prison.

Ref: O.C.G.A. §16-7-22

Given the attack on the shopper, it is possible to claim the first criteria, but police may have concluded that Green was not directly involved in that attack and the second criteria does not appear relevant.

Green is now charged with inciting a riot and second-degree damage to property.

49 thoughts on “Georgia Teen Allegedly Leads Violent Flash Mob But Is Then Arrested After Returning To Trashed Store To Retrieve Cellphone”

  1. Clearly a product of the public education system. Doesn’t this kid understand that if you do bad stuff you use a “burner” phone and don’t go back to get it? Cheez!, public ed can’t even produce marginally competent criminals.

    1. Rick Arllen – I have gone to both public and parochial schools. This kind of stupidity happened at both schools.

  2. First thing I noticed was the What you gonna do about it bleep bleep look on his face.

  3. All of my personalities concur: your take on this episode is the typical liberal dribble. Criminals need to be held accountable for their actions. Period. That accountability often takes the form of imprisonment. Deal with it.

  4. That’s right. How could we be so vindictive? How dare society demand accountability? How dare society demand personal responsibility? Punishment? How bourgeois! Pin a medal on his ass! Celebrate him! Pity him! Coddle him! He’s the victim, not the poor schlub attacked in the motorized scooter! His ancestors, forced to come to this land, in chains, caused him, hundreds of years later, to steal, destroy and assault a helpless man. Wal-Mart caused this! No! The Twinkies in his poor and indulgent American diet are at the root of his disobedience! Wait, his life, filled with lack of parental concern, instigated this!

    Keep making excuses. It should comfort you when, eventually, these mobs set their sights on you or a loved one.

    1. bam bam You don’t seem to read my posts…. It seems as though you are reading the posts of someone else …… and responding to them. ( Perhaps one of your other personalities )

  5. Here are some jingoisms …..

    “he broke the law, so he must pay”
    #1 The majority of U.S. laws fail to be ethical , effective and understandable.
    #2 the consequences of conviction are largely random or based on wealth or prejudice.
    I have been on juries and the members have failed to impress me.
    The judges I have have encountered are marionettes.

    “they don’t attend school regularly”
    #1 Public schools are designed to turn out robotic citizens.
    #2 Schools hold out no path for long term success

    “his parent’s must be sooo proud……”
    #1 the correct form is ” his parents must be sooo proud….”
    #2 why hold parents responsible for “their” kids ? Kids should be raised by the
    entire community. How do parents get any education about raising kids ?
    It is a fantasy to expect parents to do a good job without massive support.

    Prison does not work… Incarceration does not work …. it creates more bad than good …. why continue promoting a non-viable idea ? Offer training …offer support …. offer opportunities ….. demand restitution …. if you are too busy or tired to do so …. then just kill the perps.

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