362px-Fourth_of_July_fireworks_behind_the_Washington_Monument,_1986I wanted to wish everyone as wonderful and safe Fourth of July. Despite our economic and political woes, we remain as a people united by a common article of faith in our representative democracy. Indeed, the disgusting abuses of extremists in other part of the world like ISIS should remind us of the enduring symbol of freedom celebrated today. It is the very rights that we celebrate that are under attack by such groups who wish to replace free thought with rigid orthodoxy.

I spent the first half of the day as a timing official at a swim meet for one of the kids in the pouring rain. It looks like this will continue to be a rainy day. Since we bought an arsenal of fireworks, it could be tricky to find a clear period to set them off tonight.

The rain will not get us down. We have a house full of family and are planning to grill ribs.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Independence Day!

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  1. @ omanuel
    1, July 5, 2015 at 12:57 am

    Thank you for your information.

    My mantra is simple, “Everything in this world is a deception (a lie, error, etc.) in varying degrees.”.

    The world couldn’t exist without this deception.

  2. Donald Trump left out an egregious violation by Mexicans. In their barrios in small towns, they violate every firework law known to man. The Mexican sections blast off fireworks that would make many purveyors of fireworks shows jealous. Watching the formal fireworks show from a distance, the closer private Mexican fireworks activities were more formidable and impressive.

    If these Mexican-section fireworks show were anything to go by, the Mexicans are breaking every fireworks law on the books.

    I wonder if one of us was in China or Mexico, would we feel compelled to celebrate their nation’s birthday and break the law?

    I guess a party is just a party. Is a flag a flag? Mexican or Confederate? A flag’s just a flag, right?

    It’s kind of a confused world, huh?

    P.S. An innocent girl was murdered by a Mexican illegal alien 5-time felon just up the street in San Francisco yesterday. Does that make Donald Trump right?

  3. Along your trying to educate the uneducable on the 2nd Amendment. Bernie Sanders was challenged by Tapper why he voted against a law allowing suits against gun manufacturers. Sanders said the law would allow someone to sue a manufacturer if a legal owner sold or gave a gun to a person not eligible to possess a gun, like a convicted felon. Sanders pointed out how ludicrous the law was. A person w/ my background knows a proposed law like that is lobbied for by plaintiff’s attorneys, looking for a deep pocket. Dems are owned lock, stock, and barrel by plaintiff’s attorneys. It was impressive to see Sanders is not a whore for them.

    1. Nick,

      Bernie may be the proverbial stopped clock: right two times a day to Hillary’s digital clock that got hit with an EMP.

      There’s also no reason for Bernie not to run to the right a ways. This could be shaking out to him being George HW Bush to Hillary’s Reagan.

  4. Ari, LOL! There is a silly, but funny flick called, The Other Guys, starring Will Ferrell and Marky Mark. Ferrell plays a dork cop who is the butt of all jokes. A few cops convince him if he wants to become one of the guys he has to do a “Desk Pop” which entails firing his service revolver into the ceiling while seated @ his desk. His weapon was immediately taken by his captain, played well by Michael Keaton.

    On a serious note, I saw Bernie Sanders interviewed on Jake Tapper’s show this morning. He made some very reasonable comments on guns.

  5. Nick … if you stayed indoors but fired pistols at New Year’s Eve midnight, there must have been a lot of bullet holes in your ceilings 🙂

    Issac … the 2nd Amendment does NOT protect anyone from careless use of any firearm. Plenty of case histories to that effect. Even in combat you have “rules of engagement” and they try to protect innocent lives, even if they also protect the enemy hiding among women and children. It also happens to be manifestly against the law in most localities to discharge any firearm with out dire cause inside of urban limits.

  6. Nick Spinelli

    Thanks, Nick, hope all is well with you and yours.

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.” – Abraham Lincoln

    1. Regretfully, Neo, our very own NAS (National Academy of Sciences) betrayed the public and joined Stalin’s plan to save the world from nuclear annihilation at the end of WWII by uniting nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) worldwide into an “Orwellian Ministry of Scientific (UN)Truths” on 24 Oct 1945.

      Post-1945 Scientific (UN)Truths:

      AGW – Anthropogenic Global Warming
      SNM – Standard Nuclear Model
      SSM – Standard Solar Model
      BBC – Big Bang Cosmology

      The common error: The source of energy in cores of uranium and plutonium atoms that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 is the source of energy in the cores of the Sun, galaxies and the universe that sustains life on Earth and causes the whole universe to expand – NEUTRON REPULSION !

  7. Fire your guns. If anybody gets hit they are protected by the 2nd amendment.

    -Wayne the Peter

  8. @Ari and NickS

    I hear they are having an “Outrun the Bullets Contest” in South Chicago, tonight. Well, every night, now that I think about it. I guess they just stay in Holiday mode all the time.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. Ari, Firing off pistols @ midnight on New Years Eve was popular when we lived in KC back in the 70’s. We stayed inside!

  10. Nick said …

    As long as you cease fireworks by 10-10:30pm, …

    Not crazy about fireworks…have heard enough explosions over the years. However, I do have one peeve, a big one, vis a vis safety, and that is the people who insist on firing off pistols in the air. We have one in my neighborhood, firing sub-sonic 9mm or .45 ACP rounds….distinct due to the sub-sonic aspect…there is a slight echo after the blast sound…quite unlike the “boom” of other explosives. I shoot a lot of sub-sonic 9mm and especially .45 ACP at the range regularly, and have been for over 50 years, and I do KNOW the sound. Do these folks not know that what goes up must come down?

    I am going to say and do nothing about the local idiot, since today is my day without anger. I only hope no one, whether I know them or not, pays a price for his or her folly. The “right” to have firearms includes “responsibility” and somehow I suspect this guy misses that part. It’s just one of my peeves. Celebrate the holiday wisely and don’t risk harm to others. Simple.

    1. Shooting tracers would make much more sense than sub-sonic rounds.

      When I was a kid my dad would shoot flares off out by a municipal pond. That was fine then although with the new wetlands rules the coast guard would probably respond now.

  11. The biggest threat to our rights is USGinc. and the corporations to whom it caters. This govt. created ISIS and we are now working with al qaeda “against” them–go figure.

    However, we are number one in spying on the world!! USA, USA! See the latest in world spying today at wikileaks. At least in Germany, the clandestine services still have to spy on the press. In the US, they are the press!

    “Revelations from WikiLeaks published this week show how boundlessly and comprehensively American intelligence services spied on the German government. It has now emerged that the US also conducted surveillance against SPIEGEL.”


  12. The weather is beautiful here, fortunately. I’m having family over and come nightfall we plan to express our first amendment rights in a very big way.

  13. Frank, One of the best parts of Holidays here is seeing comments from you, paisan. Hope all is well.

  14. JT, I hope you put a good rub on those ribs last night. I’m sure you know that low and slow is the way to go w/ ribs. A little fruit wood is nice. And, I hope your fireworks get soaked. Wait, you are a respectful man. As long as you cease fireworks by 10-10:30pm, I will abide them, for your kids. You best stop w/ that nonsense when they leave the nest.

    I hope all enjoy the 4th. I worked every July 4th for 30 years or so, doing surveillance. Always a productive day and very active day for all those subjects of mine who are permanently and totally disabled. I don’t have any surveillances currently ongoing so it’s grill a marinated flank steak[olive oil, garlic, lemon, fresh rosemary], some Saluki sweet corn and a crusty baguette.

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