Morocco Prosecutes Two Women For Indecency . . . For Wearing Skirts

8._MFF_Pražský_jarmark_3919125px-flag_of_moroccosvgMorocco has added itself to the list of farcical counties in the Middle East with two women prosecuted for wearing skirts. Morocco has a significant population of modern and secular Muslims but also has a growing influence of Islamic advocates demanding greater criminalization of immoral and anti-Islamic conduct. In this case, a market trader told police that there were two women wearing skirts and a crowd formed calling for their arrest in Inezgane last month.

Secular activists have launched a petition to call for the charges to be dropped against the two women, 23 and 29. Indeed, some women have taken to mini-skirts in a unique form of protests.

Prosecutors however insist that wearing a skirt is an act of “public obscenity” that can result in up to two years in jail. The court will rule on July 13th.

It is ironic that Muslim countries often portray the United States as obsessed with sex but these actions suggest the inverse. Sharia courts and morality codes in these countries show a preoccupation with women and sexual relations — as well as a palpable fear over the impact of women being allowed to dress and move freely in their society. It is particularly distressing to see such prosecutions in Morocco, which has a significant modern, educated, and secular population. I continue to believe that the natural progression of humanity is toward more freedom and equality. Countries like Morocco hold the greatest promise for such advancement — as did Turkey before the takeover by Islamic parties.

On the other end of the bizarre spectrum is a French school telling a Muslim student that her shirt was too long. I find both efforts to control the fashion choices of women to be ridiculous and an infringement of individual expression.

Source: BBC

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  1. It’s just very sad to see a revival of the extremist Muslim Expansion that swept the Middle East and conquered part of Europe before the Crusades fought them off. Without the Crusades, that would be all of us American women in the shoes of those poor women in the news for suffering under extremist Islam.

    So many cosmopolitan areas of the Middle East are falling under the latest way of extremist Expansion. I wonder if Dubai has held out . . .

  2. Oh, but wait, aren’t women treasured and treated with more respect and dignity under Sharia Law than in the West?

  3. blhlls

    Check out the comments at 9:39 am and 11:13 am, where specific comments addressed clothing requirements in parochial schools.

  4. bambam, not sure where your comment comes in. The school referenced was not a parochial school.

  5. If parents choose to send their children to parochial schools, they do so for a variety of reasons: religious instruction, the emphasis on the importance of education, an atmosphere where discipline is demanded and required, etc.

    It always amazes me when parents revolt against the very discipline, rules and climate found in parochial schools, which attracted them in the first place. Don’t like dress code? Fine. Send your kid to a place where clothing restrictions are not an issue. Bear in mind that other parents have specifically chosen that particular school because of its insistence on maintaining a very specific dress code.

  6. The topic reminds me of the stories about the hooker in Amsterdam who dresses up like a nun and carries a ruler. Her stage name is Sister Allywishus. She has blond hair, blue eyes, large breasts, nice rear, and is all dolled up. The habit hides some of her attributes. Most of her customers are Catholics.

  7. When I was hanging out in Ferguson at the bar there were some old guys there who went to a local grade school called St. John and James. They sang a song. I wrote down the lyrics:

    Glory, Glory Halleluya! Sister hit me with a ruler.
    I beaned her in the bean with a rotten tangerine and..
    School kept marching on!

    Glory, Glory etc

    I think that Ferguson can teach us many things in life. I wonder why people think it wrong for black residents of Ferguson to vote into office their duly elected white mayor when the blacks have a 70% majority of the vote. Maybe they are not prejudiced and he was a good person to be mayor. Al Sharpton does not agree. Al needs to go to Morocco.

  8. At Chief Consort: I assume your comments are pure sarcasm. If not, I would worry about your sanity.

  9. Nick Spinelli……the nuns at my high school did the same thing….would make the girls kneel to be sure their skirts touched the floor.
    I think that practice, and some other practices, stopped when about 50% of the girls from one class transferred out to the public school.

  10. Are these women encountering problems simply because they were wearing skirts or are they encountering problems because the skirts that they were wearing were deemed to be too short? I never heard of a prohibition in Islam regarding skirts.

  11. The nuns in my high school used to walk up to the girls and make them kneel, on the spot. If there skirts did not touch the floor in a kneeling position, they got a weeks detention.

  12. Sexual lust and violence seem to be instinctive among many men. Those men who are best able to adapt and survive have learned to control both. Relying on religion, laws, or submissive victims have failed since the beginning of time, only resulting in war, death, suffering, and poverty, for all those who fail to constrain their own highly destructive instincts. Clothing or no clothing is irrelevant.

  13. The miracle that is multiculturalism means that the Internet needs to be a positive environment where readers are respectful of diverse backgrounds, acknowledges different perspectives, and crushes those who disagree, without mercy.

    Islam, as we know, is a religion of peace, and mandatory skirt length is only one means of ensuring that.
    Avoid the error of white privilege, which is the only true evil on Earth, which patriarchy intrudes on ‘The Other’ with its Cracker Cultural Hegemony on Skirts.

    The patriarchy of Islam is not evil like the Cracker Patriarchy of the Ultimate Evil USA, which invented evil.

  14. In ugly countries I think it provident to have women wear veils over the face. Morocco is one of those places where they hang live dogs by the feet in the farmers market. When they eat dogs you know that when you are in the Pirate Territories. One cannot reform such places. One will never make the world safe for Democracy or women for that matter. Or dogs. It is not America’s duty to police the world. If the world had a police agency perhaps America could join. The world does not have one as yet. Oh, there is the UN where pirates put on sheeps clothing and claim to have gone to Oxford and speak out on their feet at the UN Headquarters in New York City and live like pigs in their embassies. Dogs leave urdTays on the sidewalk in front of embassies in New York and DC. A hundred and one years ago we had some Southern President here in America who re-segregated completely Washington DC and the armed forces and got on a pedestal and told us that we Americans had to make the world safe for Democracy. With that we were in World War I. Now a hundred years later we have been in Afghanistan at war for ten years and sending fighters in there to throw out the Soviets back in 1980. Better to have the Soviets in Afghanistan than al Qaeda. Oh, yeah, I forgot. We created al Qaeda to go fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. So it is a dumb world that we live in folks and we in America have been dumb as toast for a hundred years. We need to grow out of this syndrome and stop sending in drones. The most we should do is fly over and flush–twice over that dog eating Pirate Territory called Morocco.

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