Professor Criticized Over Racist Postings Is Hired By Rhodes College


Rhodes College
Rhodes College
There is a new debate over impact of social media on academics. We previously debated the status of Boston University sociology professor Saida Grundy after a series of racist postings on social media. Boston University retained Grundy while many asked what would have happened if a white professor had posted the inverse comments about the “problem” of black males on campuses. Now a Memphis professor, Zandria Robinson, has triggered the same debate after denouncing whites and insisting that “whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror.” However, in Robinson’s case, she was rehired by Rhodes College, which seemed to view her controversial comments as a positive element supporting her appointment. Some have criticized the decision and asked again if a white professor had called blackness a “terror,” if those comments would have been deemed a positive intellectual perspective.

Robinson taught sociology at University of Memphis until resigning on June 11th after her social media postings were made public. She said that she did not want her daughter attending school with “snotty privileged whites” and that “whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror.” She added that there was a need for “thinkpieces about how more mental health services could prevent white people from acting how they are conditioned to act.”

Rhodes College heralded Robinson last week “As a leading scholar and author in the areas of race, class, gender, culture, and the South, Dr. Zandria Robinson’s comments are sometimes provocative, controversial, and debatable.”

In the meantime, University of Memphis spokeswoman Gabrielle Maxey insisted that Robinson was not fired and that the university did not force her out over her racist comments. Rather, she decided to resign.

The debate continues over free speech and academic status. I tend to oppose discipline or terminations over public comments so long as these academics do not show racism or intolerance in the treatment of students. I am particularly concerned when these comments are tied to the academic work of faculty on race issues and politics. My primary concern is that there should not be a double standard. When a white professor is targeted for such comments in the future, will Professors Robinson and Grundy be the first to step forward in defense of their free speech? I would hope so.

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  1. Sad to see that society has taken this turn. We are so afraid of the thugs that we cave to them and their ilk like bobbleheads and accept the crap they spew like venom. Damn shame about Rhodes. They used to be a good school.

  2. Unbelievable. She really could be the anatomy dummy for mental health classes! What a perfect example of a truly sick, sick person. Earlier posters are right, she really should be on a watch list.

  3. I do not know or cannot fathom the relevance of some course of study called sociology.

  4. Is affirmative action racism? Let’s see. The “playing field” was level and you lost. So “leveling the playing field,” after the translation of newspeak means “tilt the field in my direction,” because I want to win by any and all means, including artifice and cheating and the totalitarian dictatorship of communism, right?

    You have the “haves” and the “have nots” but minorities cannot be in the “have nots” category. What? Why not? Individuals or groups cannot lose? Why not? Any individual or group can lose in a free country but not under the Communist Manifesto’s “social engineering” principles. Oops. Just look at that border -we’re not in Cuba or China, we’re in America under the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights (ignore the antithetical, subsequent, unconstitutional amendments).

    Can colored people use the “W”-Word? Can Americans use the n-word? That ain’t gonna happen, right?

    What’s the percentage of colored people on your block?

    When will Americans move out, at 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 90%?

    Only the other guy is racist, huh?

    Americans have no right to have a country in America.

    Racism, to be sure. Wait a minute. Isn’t racism discrimination and isn’t discrimination a thought and don’t Americans have the Freedom of Speech and before that the Freedom of Thought and don’t we discriminate when we walk out the door in the morning (shall I go right or left today?) and when we choose a wife and isn’t choosing or perceiving a race racism and isn’t that discrimination and isn’t discrimination the first step of freedom?

    Freedom. I wonder what that means. “…Congress shall make no law…or the free exercise thereof…” Could mean that, huh? Freedom could me freedom and it’s none of the government’s business. Could mean that, huh?

    The dogma and indoctrination are getting “thick” around here. Scary.

    The inmates have taken over the asylum.

  5. The woman is a fraud…she “resigns” from a school with reasonable diversity to go get hired at one with far less. She got her 15 minutes…principle had nothing to do with it. 15, 14, 13, 12, …… 0 [Spit!]

  6. will the white snots get credit for attnding her curse? So much for the melting pot. How much heat to melt chips on the shoulder? That school should not get any federal money….that is federal money supporting hate speech…it can’t be tolerated. Who is paying the bills?

  7. Off topic but I would like a topic posted on the Greek exit from the Euro currency and Euro boundary zone.

  8. Dust Bunny Queen: I am going to ask the Saint Louis question. Where did you go to high school?
    I appreciate your comments on the blog and am curious as to where you came from.

  9. this woman’s mom was probably a black panther from “oaktown”

  10. this woman is a total racist…not only that, she looks masculine and revolting…bet she loves doin’ the brothers in the hood, all smelly, boxers hangin out, with a forty in each dirty hand…teeth all grilled up with fake gold…she looks like she spends time around the glory hole

  11. Gigi

    Yes. Redlands. 🙂 Great school. Good community. Great weather. Near the beach and skiing in the mountains. Graduated Phi Beta Kappa 🙂 And immediately stepped into a 6 figure career, in which she is still occupied.

  12. I returned to college in my 50’s. As I sat in class after class, especially those on various social issues, I observed young adults soaking in whatever the instructor said and taking as truthful gospel. That’s what concerns me about what is being taught in colleges today.

    Professor Turley ended his opinion article with, “When a white professor is targeted for such comments in the future, will Professors Robinson and Grundy be the first to step forward in defense of their free speech? I would hope so.”
    No sir, they will sit in their comfy chairs in their college office with their feet on the desk, laughing and probably say, “He/she is a racist and got what he/she deserved.”

  13. Dust Bunny,
    YOU LEFT US HANGING! What college did your daughter choose?
    You said, “Eventually, she settled on the one that not only offered her good academic and sports scholarships, but also had a record of most students graduating within a 4 to 5 year period, which had a high percentage who went on to graduate school, which also had a good record of students going on to lucrative careers and which had some very interesting and famous alumni. The community was also a plus. Nice laid back town with families and close to a lot of great recreational opportunities.”
    I’m guessing by your description, it had to be Redlands University. Am I right? All the others are quite snotty. I love Redlands, CA, it is a great community with a great college.

  14. @Chief Consort – perfect summation of events. I hope she feels as terrorized working with whites as we felt terrorized by her comments of whites.

    The fact that she resigned her former post was a foot stomping toddler response to getting caught by her racist comment.

    Effing b1tch needs to have her azz whooped! Tired of these black educated elitists tantrums, when their caught with their big mouths in the racist cookie jar.

  15. I wonder Zandria if has the same mindset towards Mexican illegal imagrants?

  16. In a better world this creature would truly be subject to the terror that it manufactures for it’s own gain. In a much better world it wouldn’t have ever been allowed to foul the atmosphere of its betters.

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