La Chutzpah: Orthodox Jewish Group Dresses Up Mexican Laborers To Protest For Them At Gay Parade

There are times when New York seems like a giant set for the next Woody Allen movie. A New York Times reporter recently saw something a tad odd in the protest against the gay pride parade. The Orthodox Jewish protesters appeared to be Mexican laborers wearing ritual fringes, or tzitzit and carrying protest signs. It turns out that the Orthodox group hired Mexican laborers to be surrogate protesters so that young Orthodox boys and men would not see gay people in the parade and corrupt them. I guess the tip off for the reporter was the men saying Hoy Gavalt.

There were some older Orthodox men. We know that because one got into an actual physical fight with a gay man in the parade.

However, Heshie Freed, a member of the Jewish Political Action Committee, explained that the laborers were hired to fill in for “yeshiva boys” who would normally protest but were kept away because of “what they would see at the parade.” So the solution was to hire Mexican laborers to dress up as Orthodox men and protest to uphold “their” ancient Jewish values. You cannot make this stuff up. Just like Orthodox men being allowed to hold up flights to get women to move to other seats or Orthodox men gathering in a stadium to protest the Internet (while allowing segregated women to watch on the Internet) or barring women from speaking at a gynecological conference.

The picture is pretty hilarious of these faux-Orthodox laborers holding signs that read “Judaism prohibits homosexuality.”

Oy Gevalt.

15 thoughts on “La Chutzpah: Orthodox Jewish Group Dresses Up Mexican Laborers To Protest For Them At Gay Parade”

  1. After cheatin’ G*D (mit a drei!) it is not so difficult and remote to cheat at large…

  2. So what else is new.? The Jews gave the Mexican laborers their days wages, so they were happy. Meanwhile, we see this type of thing happening all the time–even in the gay community.

  3. Italians used to hire wailers to cry and scream in agony @ wakes. But, they were always Italians.

    1. Nick – actors used to hire ‘clackers’ who would only clap or cheer when they were performing. Made them more popular. 🙂

  4. Even though special interests have been paying others to stage protests or support candidates, more persuasive are the thousands of people who have been attending Bernie Sanders campaign stops, the thousands who advocate for addressing man-made climate change, the thousands who worked for decades for marriage equality. Try paying thousands of people again and again and again to protest or advocate for something. It’s not that easy to obstruct real people who work hard to advance humanity.

  5. Our bread and circus era in America needs clowns and there is a never ending supply of them.

  6. Great example of a cross dressing protest. Now, what would happen if Mexican laborers hired Hasidic Jews to dress up as laborers, in ponchos and sombreros, to protest at at labor rally? This could be the start of a new industry. In Japan old people who have been neglected by their children can hire like aged kids to wish them off at the train station. It’s only business.

    1. issac – for the week long holidays, you can rent a boyfriend to take home to the parents in China. They come with a list of charges for extras.

  7. A couple of labor unions have hired day laborers as picketers, so what is the big deal?

  8. Ich mochter ein double zimmer fur ein nacht. Yeah at Auschwitz. Stand ins would have been helpful– except for the stand-ins.

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