Past Disaster Scene Selfie Raises Controversy Over New DNC Spokesperson

Freundlich_selfieA couple months ago, we discussed the uproar in New York over people posting smiling selfies at the site of the deadly East Village fire. Many people were appalled by the insensitivity and part of the backlash was directed at Christina Freundlich, who worked at the Iowa Democratic Party. While some would suggest that a penchant for disaster scenes is not exactly a good omen for the upcoming elections, Freundlich has now been hired to be the face of the Democratic National Committee. As DNC spokespersons, we will be commenting on Republican excesses and mistakes.

The last the public saw of Freundlich was her smiling and given the peace sign in front of a scene where two people died and over two dozen people were injured. Her first press release as “DNC spokesperson” blasted Jeb Bush for a posting on President Obama’s economic policies.

We have been discussing how social media postings are haunting people who are seeking new jobs. This is an interesting situation where the posting showed incredibly poor taste and judgment on social media but was not a barrier for someone who will be working in social media in a high-visibility position. However, after the hoopla, Freundlich apologized profusely and said that she was “deeply sorry for my careless and distasteful post” and “What happened last week in the East Village is not to be taken lightly and I regret my course of action.”

Many have said that that is not enough and that Freundlich should not be put into a position as a spokesperson. Yet, it was two stupid acts (taking the selfie and then posting it) down presumably in an impulsive and thoughtless moment. Should a person be barred for life from a political position due to one incident of this kind? She was not celebrating the deaths. Selfies have become an addiction for some people. They go on autopilot in rushing every image to social media. This seems to be such a case.

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  1. It’s just sad that while two people burned to death and others were injured, our society is so callous and narcissistic that anyone would post a grinning selfie at the scene. It must be very painful for the family of the victims to see this viral image.

  2. What I find interesting is that this sort of thing can only be found on the liberal side. There has never been an instance of stupidity, narcissism, unbridled vanity, poor judgement, ignorance, golden turds, etc in the Republican or Libertarian camps. What I also find interesting is how many of those who post on this blog agree with me.

    1. ” There has never been an instance of stupidity, narcissism, unbridled vanity, poor judgement, ignorance, golden turds, etc in the Republican or Libertarian camps.”

      Really!? For sure?

  3. Heartless, shows poor judgment, narcissistic, and toes the party line obediently; her employers must have found a kindred spirit.

  4. And what does a “spokesperson” actually seek to accomplish for the politician? Here are a few good quotes from a very good article.

    “It is simply a question of organizing and manipulating collective feelings in the proper way. If one can isolate the mass, allow no free thinking, no free exchange, no outside correction and can hypnotize the group daily with noises, with press and radio and television, with fear and pseudo-enthusiasms, any delusion can be instilled.”

    “The totalitarian potentate, in order to break down the minds of men, first needs widespread mental chaos and verbal confusion, because both paralyze his opposition and cause the morale of the enemy to deteriorate – unless his adversaries are aware of the dictator’s real aim.”

    “The techniques of propaganda and salesmanship have been refined and systematized; there is scarcely any hiding place from the constant visual and verbal assault on the mind. The pressures of daily life impel more and more people to seek an easy escape from responsibility and maturity.”

    “Many victims of totalitarianism have told me in interviews that the most upsetting experience they faced in the concentration camps was the feeling of loss of logic, the state of confusion in which they had been brought – the state in which nothing had any validity.”

    “We must learn to treat the demagogue and aspirant dictator in our midst just as we should treat our external enemies in a cold war – with the weapon of ridicule. The demagogue himself is almost incapable of humor of any sort, and if we treat him with humor, he will begin to collapse. Humor is, after all, related to a sense of perspective. If we can see how things should be, we can see how askew they can get, and we can recognize distortion when we are confronted with it.”

    “In the future, as our psychological understanding grows, leading politicians will have to be better educated in the principles of modern psychology. Just as a soldier must know how to handle his physical weapons, so the politicians must know how to face and handle the mental strategy of human relationships and diplomacy. He will have to become aware of the pitfalls in all human communication and the frailties of his own mind.”

  5. Interesting. Some of Hillary Clinton’s emails are made public. Some from NY, EX Senator Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin. Arguments about fax machine.
    Is it online or broke? Fax machine use, is a security violation for critical communication.

  6. While politicians are mostly worthless, political operatives who do not @ least have to get votes, I find to often be the some most despicable people on this planet. Being mid level in the Dem food chain, she has a get out of jail free card.

  7. Social media is poison. Example: 16 year old Jaylen Fryberg’s Twitter account is still active. He shot 5 friends dead, then blew his brains out in high school 2014, state of Washington.

  8. Seriously, who is stupid enough to actually pay attention to anyone hired to polish manure into gold for a living? The fact she is beginning her buffing career working on her own image is a sign the Peter Principle is alive and well within the Democratic Party.

  9. Proof positive she has the ability to smile and put a positive spin on most anything – definitely a plus for the job.

    Other candidates for that job are probably fuming, thinking they too could have made a similar selfie if only they had been in NYC at the right time. Sometimes the wold just is not fair.

  10. I don’t take “selfies” on principle–forget the blazing narcissism of making oneself the center of one’s own photos, and the glaring egotism of then expecting said photos are even remotely interesting to the rest of the world (who, clearly, would rather look themselves in their own selfies) the word itself is stupid and embarrassing to use, the sort of thing one would expect from small children and middle-aged people who treat their dogs like children. On the other hand, if it is someone’s job to comment on either party’s excesses and mistakes, a background in siren-chasing obsession with mayhem, tragedy, and disaster might just make for the perfect resume.

  11. JT – it does appear that YOU will also be a spokesperson for the DNC? Is this true?

  12. The Democrats have a candidate who is controlling the press, so what difference does it make who their spokesperson is. The press is never going to question her.

  13. When I was in the fourth grade, I skipped out of school and roamed the neighborhood with a couple of pals. There was a fire near the railway yards and we went down to investigate. We stood in awe of the damage to the building and watched the firemen lay torrents of water on the blaze. The next morning, my Dad was reading the newspaper and remarked, “Isn’t that you?”. I was included in one of the photos of the incident as a gawking bystander, mouth open, eyes wider open, playing hooky from school.

    I’ve since kept a low profile in public. This Ms. Fruendlich should do the same. That stupid grin and even more ridiculous peace sign will be popping up in the GOP’s arsenal from time to time as they become more and more desperate. There is a category of stupid which includes all those of us who seeking a little attention pose for the camera at a tragic event. She’s in the same category as the man with an IQ of 6 who smiles into the camera at a lynching.

  14. That was the NYC gas explosion scene. 2 dead and 22 injured. Posting that selfie reminds me of ISIS posting those beheading selfies.

  15. It’s when they are not scripting their moments that their real character is exposed. She is essentially apologizing for being her true self.

  16. I think Ms. Fruendlich taking a selfie and flashing a peace sign in front of Donald Trump speaking about Mexicans would be a great political advertisement. Another disaster scene.

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